Our ‘McKenzie Crusade': winning the war AND winning one battle at a time? #WhistleblowerKids #Hampstead #SatanicRitualAbuse #SRA #CSA

A dear supporter from the Netherlands introduced me to these daily Spiritual Prophecies who feed my spirit and fit my life situation most uncannily. So I subscribed and regret that they don’t arrive over the weekend, as I look forward to them every day. Here’s today’s message:

Righteousness triumphs over evil.  Do what it takes to win every battle and in so doing you will win the war.  I have given you the authority to defeat the powers of darkness regardless of how they manifest, but you must exercise your legal right to overcome.  Discern your spiritual environment to know when and what to fight, says the Lord.  Luke 10:19  “Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

After marvellous Deborah Mahmoudieh produced this video yesterday, in which she refers to our ‘McKenzie Crusade’, I feel particularly fuelled to “do what it takes to win” – one battle at a time…

Please note Belinda’s daily blog posts in her ‘massive opportunity call’ and my Witness Statement relating to the Whistleblower Kids.

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DESPERATELY SEEKING: @NYorksPolice Against #ChildAbuse instead of Criminal Cover-Ups @PeterHofschroer #CSA

Originally posted on Victims Unite!:

Morning Len – the remarkable pilot victim of chemical poisoning turned starfighter par excellence:

Once again grateful thanks for keeping me in the loop regarding Peter Hofschroer case.

The more I read about the ‘mystery’ about the case and it going to court etc. the more I can see that it is possibly a copy cat of my whistle blowing on abuse towards vulnerable individuals via NYCC, NYP, York Foundation Trust Hospital + other senior officers who all sit in each other’s company.

I now strongly believe that the  people / organisations where these emails are coming from need to look at the archives of the judicial case of – it is within the same timescale as Peter H:

  • Roundstone Residential Care Home, 18-19 Brooklands, Filey, North Yorkshire YO14 9BA
  • Registered Providers: Mr Ray Koralewski, Mrs Margaret Koralewski

They need to look up the national media coverage on the case.

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Discourse beyond Disbelief: #SatanicCult baseless? You can’t believe it for you can’t imagine it? Academic support for #WhistleblowerKids #HampsteadScandal

After I received a link to the above account of a UK born Canadian psychotherapist, I was again the recipient of another load of libel from the mainstream media. Hence I HAD to publish what I had been sent earlier: 80 slides about

I had in fact met a lovely Irish friend who was not allowed to finish her training as a therapist because she started to get in touch with memories of her being abused by her family – already some 8 years ago.

Here I publish the email from Dr Rainer Kurz, an Occupational Psychologist who has helped an abuse survivor and thus has first hand knowledge of a case remarkably similar to the Hampstead Scandal – also in the hands of the Royal Courts of ‘Justice’.    Continue reading

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Dear Clerk of the Judge, Watch out for the Debate in EU Parliament and EU Council: Protect Best Interest of Children (across borders)

The development of Petitioning EU Parliament since 2013 made me write this email to the clerk of Mrs Justice Pauffley, the High Court judge who had ordered me to appear before her after a private meeting with Barnet Council – behind the back of the mother of the two whistleblower kids. Please sign the Petition! It’s THE chance – not only for children in the UK!

Dear Mr Clark

Mrs Justice Pauffley had asked me not to write to her. This therefore comes to you to illustrate the level of debate that has emerged from submissions to the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament. Ours is only one of 21 from the UK and covers:

Due to the list of potential CRIMINAL charges emanating from the Gareev-Dearman children’s allegations we added:

I have suffered serious stress, inconvenience and hardship, having to live in exile due to Barnet Council’s threat of prosecution in their Position Statement and Mrs Justice Pauffley’s Penal Notice with threat of imprisonment of 10 February 2015. Would you please confirm that she always signs her Orders without wet ink and as JJ? Continue reading

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Towards a Debate on Protecting the Child’s Best Interest on 07 Sep in #EUParliament and 15 Oct Heads of State in #EUCouncil

Dear Parents, Grandparents, Supporters, Activists, Campaigners and All Conscious Human Beings with a Heart, Morals, Ethics and a Conscience,

I can’t stress strongly enough how important it is to sign this petition that is targeted at Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). We just changed the title to illustrate the progress:


  1. There is a unique window until the beginning of September, during which we as the electorate and internet community need to ensure that the topic will be scheduled for the whole of Parliament, i.e. 751 MEPs and the Council, i.e. Heads of State and Government of the 28 member countries!
  2. Scheduling requires the support of other political groups in addition to the largest European People’s Party that took the initiative with 5 MEPs.
  3. The email addresses of the leaders of these groups are among the recipients of the petition Protecting the Best Interest of the child (across borders) in Europe.
  4. Ever since I presented the issue for the first time, I have been met with shock and disbelief. But after many trips, three personal contributions and a number of written submissions, Vice-President Mairead McGuiness MEP said “the issue is above the radar” and it is! She is one of the 5 MEPs who signed the Seven Questions to the Commission and Five Questions for the Council that are to be debated!
  5. There are 6,500 non-UK kids taken into UK ‘care’ with blatant violations of international treaties. If we don’t rectify this now, who will?
  6. The worst of all child snatching cases is still being covered up and the pattern is expected to be continued: the children are going to be given to the father whom they accuse of horrendous crimes.
  7. A recent ‘expert’ report was commissioned by the EU Parliament on Adoption without Consent where former MP John Hemming explains injustice from the numbers.
  8. I’ve got the confirmation from Tatjana Zdanoka MEP to host the launch of my book Forced Adoptions – the European Dimension which includes my own case.
  9. Twenty-one petitions from the UK have led to this development. Let’s keep going!!! Together thanks to the internet!!!
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SAVE THE HAMPSTEAD CHILDREN (17) ‘the beast at the back of the world’ #WhistleblowerKids #HampsteadScandal

Originally posted on A Battle for Britain's Children and others' Human Rights:

day 17 of Belinda’s ‘massive national opportunity’ blog, July 2015 – copied from here @ The Knight Foundation

We will never have the peaceful, orderly and sane world we all desire, fit for our children and all children to grow up in unless we deal with the main problem in it or ‘The Problem’ as I call it, namely, the perennial assault on each new generation of children perpetrated by the power-elite of this planet. Whatever culture or civilisation is dominant these types that have overall power over us and their vile and sadistic secret ritual culture will be at the helm or the back of that, steering humanity inexorably ‘forwards’ towards one highly-unpleasant future outcome; TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION BY THEM.

By now the final stage of this agenda is no longer so far in the future, in fact it is coming on-stream very fast by now. Called the New…

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WRITE TO YOUR MEP: for a Parliamentary Debate on Protecting the Best Interest of the Child across Europe – in September and October!

Originally posted on No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!:

15 07 17 PetitionDear Parents, Grandparents, Supporters, Campaigners and All Conscious Human Beings with a Heart, Morals, Ethics and a Conscience,

This is a ‘clarion call’ of a different kind: you have the chance to support a Debate in the European Parliament (on 7 Septemberof questions regarding the legal, political and administrative procedures

  • Protecting the best interest of the child (across borders) in Europe – in September or October!
  • Hence we changed the title of the Petition and added MEPs as recipients.
  • Your signature will trigger an email to them!!!

In the wake of some 21 petitions to the EU Parliament, these Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) of the European People’s Party have taken the initiative – for every day in a child’s life with the wrong parent or in ‘care’ is TOO LONG:

  1. Peter Jahr MEP
  2. Tadeusz Zwiefka MEP
  3. Mairead McGuinness MEP
  4. Roberta Metsola MEP
  5. Anna-Maria Corazzo-Bildt MEP

They formulated 

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CRITICAL NATIONAL OPPORTUNITY for a better course for the country’s #children #WhistleblowerKids #Pauffley

Originally posted on A Battle for Britain's Children and others' Human Rights:

Dear All

As you may be aware the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) case has many similarities with the Hollie Greig case, including that Mrs Justice Pauffley is presiding over it.

This month 2 important things are happening:

1) Mrs JP is going to come to a DECISION re. the children’s future care. It is feared that she will hand them to their abuser father which is top of LB Barnet’s list of options. Second on the list is to keep them in long-term foster-care and third is to hand them to their Russian grandparents. Returning them to their entirely innocent mother is nowhere on the list apparently.

This is all wrong and we must register our disapproval before care proceedings resume on 15th July. We need HUNDREDS more signatures on this PETITION IMMEDIATELY so please sign and share it as widely as you can.


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BATTLEFIELD BRUSSELS: #Adoption without Consent – Our Recommendations for #EUInstitutions and #UKGovernment as Solutions

This is the document that you can send to your MEP – as the basis of complaining about your case. It is a response to the 72-page report commissioned in response of petitions from the UK. And here is a 2-page nutshell version.

Adoption without Consent

Critique of the Study[1] requested by the Committee on Petitions for the EU Parliament
In the Context of Petition 1707/2013 to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent[2]


Summary. 1

The Fundamental Charter of Human Rights of the European Union. 2

EU Politics. 2

Child Snatching as the Prerequisite Necessary for Forced Adoptions. 3

EU Directive 2011/92 on combating Child Sexual Abuse. 3

The Right to Petition. 4

The UK Judiciary. 5

UK Policy. 5

The Real Lives of Victims, Survivors, Whistleblowers and Advocates. 5

Institutional Abuse Victims and the National Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. 7

The Study’s Recommendations. 8

Our Recommendations. 8

Continue reading

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EMAIL to UK MEPs in the #EP_Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament #ForcedAdoption #WhistleblowerKids

Dear Daniel Hannan MEP

The agenda of the next PETI makes me write again, since the situation ‘on the ground’ is distinctly different from what Dr Fenton-Glynn’s report says.

Hence I published this post on Punishment without Crime:

I encourage parents to contact you and do hope that you can stop the trend that I’ve observed in the Commission.

Since I’m still in exile in Berlin after having exposed the worst of all child snatching cases, I’m not sure whether it’s worth making the effort of travelling again. If yes, might you be available for a 10-minute conversation?

I put my experiences into this book that I plan to launch at the EU Parliament:

It includes a page

My questions are:

  • How can the gap be explained between “everything is in the children’s best interest” and the nearly 9,000 people who have signed petitions?
  • Why do people go to demos, share their grievances and are victimised like myself due to the Secrecy of UK Family Courts?
  • If even Channel IV publishes that a child is taken every 20 minutes, who benefits really???

Might you be able to ask the Committee?

With many thanks in advance,

Sabine K McNeill


Whistleblower of the Hampstead Scandal
Regarding my own Case

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