Dear Police, Please support Investigations into Crimes alleged by #WhistleblowerKids

Belinda McKenzie and Neelu Berry, the activist who was arrested three times with her house broken into and all electronic equipment seized, did in London what EVERYBODY could do at any local Police Station anywhere.

Here are copies of:

  1. one-page Executive Summary of Crime Report – for anybody to print, reuse and distribute;
  2. a Petition leaflet for ‘Police Against Child Abuse‘;
  3. the full 29-page Crime Report.

The Crime Report can also be taken to local BBC stations, for I am told they have the resources to make their own investigations with their public funds. Hence this Press ReleaseContinue reading

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A Redress to #Parliament: on behalf of Children’s and #HumanRights #CSA #Cameron

Originally posted on Victims Unite!:

Deborah Mahmoudieh is one of our McKenzie Friends with a particular gift of grasping legal and political contexts, while being deeply rooted in spirituality.

The above video is a perfect example, as she asks for a Redress.

Below, she asks the questions that Mrs Justice Pauffley ought to answer since her judgement and its publication – on behalf of the internet community that the judge called ‘evil and / or foolish’.

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COLLUSION with #BarnetCouncil and FAVOURITISM of Accused Father where Impartiality, Integrity and Propriety should reign?

Mrs Belinda McKenzie
McKenzie Friend, ‘Public Interest Advocate’ (voluntary)


via her Clerk, Barry Clark, 16 February 2015

Your Ladyship

LB Barnet v. Draper and Dearman and Child A & Child G
Case No. ZC14c00315

Following the hearing of 26 January at which I acted as McKenzie Friend to the 1st Respondent, the mother in this case, I informed her that my initial trust that she would get a fair hearing of her issues before your Ladyship had evaporated and that, being unable to redress the situation as a McKenzie Friend, I was standing down from this role.

My reasons for withdrawing were

a) what we in the Association had perceived as collusion between the Local Authority and you, the judge

b) your endorsement of the Local Authority’s favouritism towards the father over the mother regarding frequency of contact.

In view of the fact that there are very serious allegations of abuse against the father which have not yet been properly investigated yet none such against the mother, it seemed to me/us grossly unfair and indeed wrong that the father has been granted weekly contact-time with the children while the mother may only see them fortnightly. There should at the very least be a level-playing field between the 1st and 2nd Respondents at this stage and the mother and I looked to you to iron out at least this anomaly on 26 January. However you chose to leave everything that Barnet Council have arranged in place, the only explanation being that the father has been more ‘cooperative’.

In withdrawing from the case I suggested to the mother, therefore, that she should reconsider seeking a more professional level of assistance than I and the Association of McKenzie Friends is able to provide. She agreed, so we began searching for a suitable solicitor/barrister, however so far we have been unsuccessful. Continue reading

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BRUSSELS News – A mi manera – I did it my way: From Abolishing #ForcedAdoptions to #HampsteadWhistleblower in Exile

The Panel with Mr TimmermansTrying to make sense of my experiences and meetings, I was in a Tapas bar, where I heard ‘a mi manera’ – I did it my way. Hence the title.

First there was the phone call from Latvian Tatjana Zdanoka MEP’s office to alert me to the agenda of the next meeting of the Petitions Committee on 05.05.15:

  • the German Jugendamt (Social Services) with members of the German Bundestag (Parliament) and
  • Mr Timmermans, the Vice-President of the EU Commission, i.e. the permanent non-elected organisation of ‘democratic bureaucrats’, the equivalent of Whitehall.

Then I booked a ticket and discussed with ‘legal eagle’ Debbie what is worth doing. In excellent legally narrative flow, as usual, she appealed to the EU Commission rather than the Petitions Committee. After all, I had already submitted

Continue reading

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#Disruption of #Corruption; #Exposing #Deception; Taking #Heart from #Virtual and #Online #Realities

Moore's Law, The Fifth Paradigm.

Moore’s Law, The Fifth Paradigm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This story made my Sunday so far: Global Disruption of Corruption

Contrary to recent media reports, Moore’s Law is thriving with
mobile smartphone computers that promise unprecedented
potential for linking the light of truth, disrupting deception
that is corrupting emerging global social conscience.
Here’s how.

by Christopher Rudy / Heartcom Network

Faster, smaller and cheaper is the nature of Moore’s Law, the doubling of transistors on computer chips every year or two for 50 years. New smart-phones now utilize 2 billion transistors.

NPR Story, April 21, 2015:
At 50 Years Old, the Challenge to Keep Up with Moore’s Law
Listen to this ‘All Things Considered’ Story HERE.

Next, I take my encouragement from wherever I can: this infinite source of online supporters who help – each in their own way – by Skype, email, commenting, blogging, reblogging, copying, pasting, producing videos – the sky is the limit, and nobody will ever know everything everybody has done.

Except Mrs Justice Anna Pauffley. In her judgement over the fate of the whistleblower kids and their father and his allies, she believes that 4 million ‘netizens’ have viewed the videos and have taken a sexual interest in watching them!

I will respond to all her beliefs, speculations and assertions in the book I am putting together after my experiences in the UK and abroad.

Please note that I have ‘consolidated’ the case already in this blog post.

Since then, another unlawful arrest has taken place, with a break-in and stealing of laptops and other electronic equipment. They call themselves Police. But they use their private mobile phones to share the ‘victory’ of ‘securing’ the victim… You can’t make it up!

Waking up to the reality of evil people in public office is clearly difficult for a lot of people. But we have to ‘battle on’!…

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#McKenzieFriend observes: #secret #familycourt system is out of control; we remain victims of callous abuses of power

Subject: Re: F (A child) B4/2015/0711 URGENT

14 11 15 snatch artworkSent: 23 Apr 2015 13:22 by a very experienced McKenzie Friend:

It appears clear from this order and from other orders I have seen produced by Lord Justice Ryder that he has now taken on the mantle previously adopted by Lord Justice Thorpe in his capacity as senior Lord Justice in Family Court Appeals in blocking and obstructing meritorious appeals which are of embarrassment to the judicial system.

Once anyone has made a number of applications in the same matter, however justified and meritorious, the senior Courts are quick to declare the applicant to be a vexatious litigant and to allege, generally dishonestly, that subsequent applications submitted are ‘wholly’ or as in this case ‘totally without merit’ thereby ‘justifying’ the determination that ‘the applicant may not request the decision to be reconsidered at an oral hearing’.

Since April 99 with Lord Justice Thorpe at the helm the Civil Procedure Rules were amended to ensure that any application which is refused Permission to Appeal in the Court of Appeal could not thereafter be progressed to Appeal in the House of Lords now the Supreme Court. The additional refusing of permission to receive an oral hearing came into effect in I believe April 10 allowing hugely meritorious subsequent applications to be summarily determined and dismissed on paper, without an oral hearing as we see here.

As is the normal modus operandi in the lower and the more senior courts in the UK, plainly wrong, unjust and often fraudulently achieved determinations made in the early stages of a court process cannot be re-evaluated and are accepted as tablets of stone, condemning the litigant to become the next in a long line of victims of miscarriages of justice at the hands of the Family ‘Justice’ System. If you really threaten them or upset them you will become the subject Civil Restraint Orders or Extended Civil Restraint Orders as I did.

As for the arguments Lord Justice Ryder provides, and bearing in mind that he has provided arguments in your case however insubstantial to ‘justify’ the decisions he has made – I have had applications dismissed without judges ever being provided with the evidence and offering no reference therefore to any reasons or grounds for declaring the total lack of merit in an application – it is clear that he is accepting only evidence of change of circumstances Since the abusive and draconian decisions were put in place.

This means that evidence which the lower court judges had failed to properly consider, like the significance of the children’s respective conditions, in particular the younger child’s diagnosis of autism/autistic spectrum disorder, which was entirely relevant to the initial decisions being made, cannot now be considered as fresh evidence, even though it was entirely relevant to the wrongful removal of the children.

Regrettably whatever changes of circumstances you were able to provide they were unlikely to have been accepted at this stage as grounds for overturning the adoption order.

The intransigence of the senior Courts in this country and their unwillingness to go behind wrong, cruel and abusive determinations of the lower Courts, driven by local authorities, is a large part of the reason why those same authorities up and down the UK are getting away with achieving the fraudulent and permanent removal of tens of thousands of children into long term foster and adoptive placements.

It is clear that in this case Lord Justice Ryder‘s failure to entertain consideration of the second and third arguments, namely the relevance of the failure to take into account the pre-existing conditions of the children resulting in the wrongful permanent removal of the children was crucial and fundamental to his dismissal of this application.

Until such time as the ambivalence of senior Lord Justices like Lord Justice Ryder to the long term human suffering that enforced separation and the destruction of family life causes can be challenged and the courts and local authorities and other contributory organisations like CAFCASS can be prosecuted and held accountable for their actions then this traffic in human suffering will continue.

Sorry to be the bearer of such unhelpful and such unwelcome advice but the system is out of control and until this system is brought under control and forced to behave justly, fairly and appropriately we all remain its victims and subject to its total, gross and callous abuses of power.


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#HAMPSTEAD: The Probability Factor of #WhistleblowerKids being Right and #Abusers being Wrong – after #BBC interview

Deborah Mahmoudieh has a gift of making videos as a ‘visual commentary online’. Her initial one was called ‘Save the Children’ and was deleted by YouTube as many others in the Internet Cover-Ups.

The Children have spoken and we have to follow their lead. Please help and do whatever you can – especially after this phoney interview!

A Voice for Choice: Ubuntu or a society of contributionism! People are free to develop and give as much as they give and take as much as they take – without judgement…

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FIRST #Police then #Courts and #MainStreamMedia #MSM – and #Parliament?

Originally posted on 'Whistleblower Kids' in the Court of Public Interest:

15 03 25 daily-fail15 03 25 daily-moron15 03 25 psychopath15 03 25 the-sinNo, the general public can’t know, guess and imagine what we have learned over many years and what Ella Draper has experienced first hand: even if she had done anything wrong, nothing can be compared with the damage and irreparable trauma that all the people in institutions have done to her children “in their best interest”:

  1. The Police, in this case Barnet and the Metropolitan are essential components of a system of institutions used to snatch children for financial or other gains, and certainly not in their best interest.
  2. County Courts, in this case Barnet as well as the High Court (and the Court of Protection) are used to legitimise the snatching that may lead to forced adoptions, but only in about 4% of the 1,000 children taken a month.
  3. The secrecy of UK family courts is used to cover-up criminal activities.
  4. The mainstream media are an essential…

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QUESTIONS for Mrs Justice #Pauffley #HampsteadScandal #WhistleblowerKids

Originally posted on 'Whistleblower Kids' in the Court of Public Interest:

Deborah Mahmoudieh mentions our submission

It refers to

Among Deborah’s questions:

  1. On what grounds do you claim that the children’s allegations are ‘baseless’?
  2. Do you have evidence from a police investigation?
  3. How can you judge this case until the Met’s “Operation Hydrant” is completed?

From a commentator:

So many questions remain unanswered.
How come haven’t they examined the other children who were mentioned that were abused too?!. Why would the mother and partner include physical abuse of other children in the story they “made up” when they “brainwashed” A…

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For the EU Fact Finding Mission into UK #ChildAbuse visiting the UK

From ardent blogger, researcher and historic journalist William Shepherd:

Jersey, Britain’s greatest centre for tax dodging and money laundering…second only to the City of London…also enforces a culture of denial about child abuse and punishes reporters and public officials who investigate it.
In 2012 American journalist Leah McGrath Goodman of Newsweek got a short-term visa so she could investigate Jersey’s notoriousHaut de la Garenne children’s home. Her punishment was swift. UK Border Agency staff arrested her and banned her from Jersey and the rest of Britain too. A journalist with no criminal record, working for a respected US news magazine was treated as if she were a member of Islamic State.

Continue reading

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