IT’S OFFICIAL via #BBCNews: Thousands of #Children #ForciblyAdopted

15 02 08 BBC NewsFirst it was BBC Inside Out South East on 02 February 2015, then it was the BBC News:

Adoption: Thousands of children forcibly taken into care

2 February 2015 Last updated at 10:31 GMT

Every year about 11,000 children are taken into local authority care without the consent of their parents.

Last year, more than 2,400 of them were forcibly adopted.

It is a controversial practice and one that is facing criticism not just in the UK, but from politicians in Europe where forced adoption is rare.

Rachel Royce reports.

BBC Inside Out is broadcast on BBC One South East on Monday, 2 February at 19:30 GMT and nationwide on the iPlayer for 30 days.

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MOBILISING Bulgaria in the #EP_Petitions Committee of EU Parliament

Help Megan Return are eight slides that fit her particular experience into the Systemic Pattern of child snatching and forced adoptions in the UK. The slides formed the background while mother, grandmother and I contributed to the debate around the story of a little girl who was taken away from her mother when she was a little over a year.

The reasons:

  • future emotional harm
  • mother’s assessment where she was labelled to have “maladaptive sexual scripts” by a non PHD expert of behavioural analysis.

Ellie’s Bulgarian petition has gathered over 5,500 signatures so far!

You can’t make it up, but you can follow how this third mention of our petition will have repercussions across the UK. After all, there were quite a few ‘remedies’ that MEPs have been proposing:

  1. Emil Radev MEP for Bulgaria points out that Brussels II has been violated
  2. Mariya Gabriel MEP for Bulgaria “is it fair to deny a mother custody? What can we do that EU legislation is respected to the letter? Is it possible to fast track proceedings in Strasbourg?”
  3. Svetoslav Hristov Malinov MEP for Bulgaria quotes the UN Convention of Child Rights: “The British authorities have behaved in an unacceptable fashion. We must now seek the advice of the Legal Affairs Committee. This is a clear case of discrimination.”
  4. Mairead McGuinness MEP, Vice-President of Parliament and Children’s Rights Mediator: “Are member states taking full account of the best interests of the child? I thought that adoptions without parental consent were a thing of the past!”
  5. Pal Csaky MEP for Slovakia, “There is something rotten in the state of the UK.”
  6. Peter Jahr MEP for Germany: “One of the conditions of Brussels II is the duty to co-operate.”
  7. Kostadinka Kuneva MEP for Greece: “There is something wrong with European Child Protection Policy.”
  8. Julia Pitera MEP for Poland: “Maybe we would check how the proceedings run in the courts in the UK!? Are they treated as full blown citizens of democratic countries?”

Chair Cecilia Wikstrom MEP for Sweden: “No MEP from the UK is here. They were all aware of it. — Let’s sit together with the Commission and find a way forward. Let’s take stock of the instruments we have and try to elaborate a way forward.”

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BULGARIAN Petition with over 5,500 signatures to stop #ForcedAdoption

15 01 24 Help Megan returnThis petition “Help Megan return to her mother” does not even have an English text and yet gathered over 5,500 signatures online since February 2014!

Megan was born on 11 April 2012. But Peterborough City Council wanted to make money with her. Remember:

  • £400 per week for the foster carer from the national government.
  • Social Services “only follow policy”. Austin Mitchell MP told me he has it in writing.
  • I don’t know the current bonus for adoptions, but I know that Local Authorities get paid for making adoptions happen, thus destroying families systematically. No wonder has been set up – so far only in Russian though…

She was adopted on 13 March 2014. The reasons:

future emotional harm and mother’s assessment from Risk Solutions where she was labelled to have “maladaptive sexual scripts” by a non PHD expert of behavioural analysis.

The Bulgarian mother asked me to assist her next Tuesday after she saw my 6 minutes of passion in March 2014. She had sent this to the Petitions Committee in Brussels in February last year:

Dear members of the Committee, Continue reading

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Originally posted on No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!:

From an international perspective, England is seen to be failing. English courts don’t care about grandparents, siblings and international treaties.

11,000 children a year, 1,000 adopted a year – for the wrong reasons, i.e. forced adoption or punishment without crime.

Local authorities take children from poor families to give them to middle class families. After all they make £400 a week for ‘fostering’ a child. Why not give the money to the poor parents, I wonder???

An 8-minute video that addresses serious nuggets:

  • parents get imprisoned when they complain – like the Musas, like Melissa Laird and 200 a year, as admitted in 2006 by Harriet Harman MP in Parliament
  • the number of children taken into care is rising
  • the number of children forcibly adopted is rising
  • the number of babies taken shortly after birth is rising
  • and the number of children who are being murdered by their…

View original 137 more words

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WHAT do Courts 44 and 32 have in common? #Gagging #mothers of #AbusedKids and #McKenzieFriends!

It ain’t easy to make sense of non-sensical experiences. In fact, that’s why people become schizophrenic: when they are told one thing, but experience the opposite: e.g. “I love you” when you get hurt, or “in the children’s best interest” when it’s blatantly not true.

For me, this gap between what my senses heard and saw and what my mind was asked to process was very wide so far this week:

  • on Monday I was before Justice Roderic Wood in Court 44, because the father of this case published on the judgements of the Isle of Man wanted to get the mother, me and another mother behind bars, for I had used the other mother’s website to publish the story of the little boy who made it quite explicit:

“You got it wrong mummy, Daddy didn’t put his winky on my bum, it was in my bum”. [Para 14]

  • the surprise was that mother’s and father’s barrister joined forces to draw up a ‘Consent Order’ that reinforced a ‘Reporting Restriction Order’ from 2012 and the father’s barrister withdrew the Committal for Prison proceedings against all three of us – plus Google actually since they had found the file that I had forgotten to delete in 2011;
  • the hearing was in PUBLIC – I imagine due to the same blog post that made the father’s barrister decide to withdraw the application: I had published “WHO WILL BE SENT to #prison in #SecretFamilyCourt? Will the #paedo applicant win? in which I asked “Why secrecy?” But I had set the post to PRIVATE by the time of the hearing. I am now waiting for the Consent Order and wonder whether it will be published on BAILII – the British and Irish Legal Information Information Institute.
  • on Tuesday, I was in Court 32, before Mrs Justice Pauffley who was asked to take over from Judge Vera Mayer in Barnet Court as published here. However, in the last hearing that was jumped on this mother by an ‘application without notice’ Her Ladyship had asked my colleague Belinda McKenzie to undertake the commitment for the Association of McKenzie Friends not to publish anything about the case which I didn’t do, i.e. McKenzie Friends were gagged – one of the five points that make the UK unique.
  • Only the opponent’s barrister didn’t like to discover that I had already published something before Belinda made that promise. The senior solicitor of the Council involved emailed me “the order made on 13 January should have led to you immediately withdrawing this article from the web.”  Well, my inner logic doesn’t work like hers and I emailed the judge instead.
  • However, I forgot to remind her of Publicity is the very Soul of Justice – published on my most popular blog Victims Unite in May 2011:

Continue reading

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WHY IAN JOSEPHS advises mothers NOT to report the crimes of abusive fathers: you lose your children!

Ian Josephs is the veteran of all McKenzie Friends, as he has observed an estimated 50,000 cases in over 50 years.

From another one of our super-committed McKenzie Friends:

Hampstead & Highgate Child Abuse Happening Now

The most harrowing case I have been made aware of recently is now heading to the Royal Courts of Justice. It involves a girl 9 and a boy 8, who, while in the care of their mother, (the father having contact every 2 weeks), told their mother that they (and other children) were being sexually abused in their school by their father and many other members of both the school and people in the vicinity, daily. Children who found the abuse painful were injected with drugs by a member of the school staff. Both stories taken by the children separately had the same facts and they came across as very credible witnesses. Video evidence of this is available.

The mother immediately took the children (5th September 2014) to report these crimes. Barnet police took the details and within 6 days the children were removed from their mother and put into foster care. The case was subsequently dropped on the 22nd September 2014, the police saying that the children withdrew their allegations on the 17th September. Regarding the removal of the children from the mother, the inferal is that these crimes were allowed to happen while the mother had sole custody of the children, therefore her parenting skills were in doubt. Medical forensics taken at University College Hospital confirmed scarring in both children’s anal area. Hair follicle tests were also done but much of that information has not been given to the mother. Judge Mayer heard the case. Initially, the father continued contact and it was increased to weekly. The mother’s contact was stopped but as a litigant in person she managed on the 23rd December to reinstate her contact every 2 weeks, which begins again on the 29th December 2014. Continue reading

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WANTED: Romanian victims of #ChildSnatchUK and #ForcedAdoption for #EU efforts

Oana Florea, Nils Leffler, Sabine McNeill, Mina Petrucci, Terence Ewing

Mina Petrucci (Bulgaria), Nils Leffler (Germany), Sabine McNeill (German in UK), Oana Florea (Romania), Terence Ewing (UK)

In our attempts to draw attention to the plight of the some 1,000 families who are getting torn apart every month in the UK, I’m on “Brussels III”, i.e. my third trip to this remarkable complex of individuals and organisations, attempting to capture and live the Spirit of Europe – so admirably expressed by the Ode of Joy.

And in the spirit of net-working that I breathe in and out, I met a Romanian solicitor who appreciates what we’re going through. She has asked for Romanian victims of UK authorities to come forward. Please email me details on sabine AT

The purpose of my trip was a meeting with the Fundamental Rights and Rights of the Child Unit of the European Commission, following a letter to myself and another one to the Petitions Committee indicating that they can’t do anything.

Well, following Peter Jahr MEP’s suggestions, I formulated these five questions:  Continue reading

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#ChildRights in the UK? Mind the Gap between #ForcedAdoption Reality, Laws &Treaties

14 11 24 EPRS Child Rights14 11 24 EPRS Child Rights is the pdf version of the image file on the left. Here’s the link to the original text, produced by the European Parliament Research Service.

You will find that only Somalia and the USA did not sign up to the UN Convention of Child Rights.

But, who cares who signed what when and where when the reality is that

14 11 21 FRA UN Child RightsHere the European Agency for Fundamental Rights publishes its position regarding

Mapping Child Protection Systems in the EU is a current research project.

From the UK, the Nottingham Human Rights Law Centre is contributing. Continue reading

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#EP_Petitions in Brussels on #ForcedAdoption and #ChildSnatching in UK

Here is the official recording of my presentation and the subsequent comments by MEPs who are members of the Petitions Committee, starting at 16.13:00 and lasting until 16.44:00.

Here’s the draft agenda and here is the article by the resident Telegraph reporter Bruno Waterfield: Parents fight British social services ‘gag’ to petition European Parliament: Britain’s social services “unique” in EU for “threatening and bullying” of parents who speak out against forced adoption of their children, say MEPs.

Furthermore, The Telegraph published:

But do also watch the three individual petitioners who follow!

Remember: Petition 1707 / 2013 is based on

  1. Systemic Patterns of Child Snatching and Forced Adoptions in the UK,
  2. this Dossier of Online Evidence and
  3. this online petition.

Chairperson Cecilia Wikstrom from Sweden

The Chairperson Cecilia WIKSTROM from Sweden closed by wanting to address the issue “With our brains cool, but our hearts warm.” However, she cut me short after 5 of my 12 slides.

But the Commission offered the meeting that I asked for as a solution, even though they don’t have the budget to pay for travelling.

The following MEPs made very relevant points to address the challenge: Continue reading

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SAME ISSUE, new Committee, old Commission: #EUPetition to Stop #ForcedAdoptions in Brussels on 11/11/14

Slide1Here’s the agenda of the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament for next Tuesday. I have been allocated 5 minutes around 16.00.

This should be before the new Committee:
1. Re the previous Committee on 19 March 2014:

2. An update of the online support of signatures, a total of 8,864 signatures today:

Here’s our challenge: the European Commission of bureaucrats wrote

with some of the text repeated in the letter below, i.e. sorry, we can’t intervene…

In the light of the above, it is not possible for the European Commission to follow up on this issue.

The ‘above’ is para 3 in their letterContinue reading

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