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Allegations of pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse, child stealing and child trafficking are dangerously common amongst the highest ranking members of our society. The recurrence and consistence of allegations involving the powerful elite at the highest levels, coupled with the demonstrably routine suppression of evidence relating to those allegations, raises some difficult yet critical questions. Have the institutions we trust to serve the public’s best interests (including government, technology and media giants) in fact become corrupted, systemically serving more sinister, undisclosed ends?

Join Sonya van Gelder, Kev Baker and the Team from Truth Frequency Radio, for a one hour discussion, linking Hampstead to a global elite trafficking ring HERE

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A NATIONAL #CALL-TO-ARMS – SAVE THE #HAMPSTEADCHILDREN! #WhistleblowerKids – #BelindaMcKenzie APPEAL to take full advantage of massive historical opportunity

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If my psychic powers serve me right, the year we’re in, 2015 could well be the turning-point in the centuries-old struggle on this planet between the forces of good and the forces of evil.

July 2015 will play the pivotal role. This very month we, the ‘forces of good’, ‘knights-of-the-people’ or however you prefer to define us have a MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY to really begin to turn things around towards the kinder, fairer, happier world we all desire, away from the lies, the deceit, the injustice, cruelty and violence that have up till now monopolised the historical narrative. A sickening catalogue of mindless destruction of all that is good and beautiful, with up till now seemingly no end in sight and always the threat of worse to come…

I have grown weary of continuously reporting, albeit only to a tiny cross-section of that elusive entity known as ‘the public’ on what…

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TRAFFIC: a video capturing the essence of #ChildSnatching #ForcedAdoptions #Secrecy of #UKFamilyCourts #WhistleblowerKids

If ever there was ‘proof’ of there being a ‘problem’ with UK family courts, please watch this 2 minute video. An excellent compilation of ‘visual bullet points’ – only viewable outside the UK – just as in the Hampstead Scandal, where the mother, her partner and I fled UK jurisdiction for threat of arrest and imprisonment – which is how we started our mission as McKenzie Friends…

The essence is the Secrecy of UK Family Courts which has allowed a corrupt set of lawyers, judges, ‘experts’, social workers and police to emerge and be ‘fostered’ as ‘foster parenting’ has become a new career and business, to destroy natural families and create traumatised adults.

It’s soo bad that already in March 2014 I said “it’s too much”. Since then, things got worse, even though the National Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is underway.

BUT only a Royal Commission will do, as demonstrated in Australia. And even there, cover-ups are still part of the crimes…

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How do we overcome White Collar Criminals? Waking up to Terrible Realities and learning about Exposure, Exposure, Exposure…

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As an honest and decent human being, we think that we can believe the ethics, morals and values of ‘authorities’ and people in ‘institutions’ who are paid for performing a ‘public service’ – with taxpayers’ money.

Then things happen: we are being bankrupted, our house gets repossessed and our children get taken for ‘risk future emotional harm’…

That’s how we either learn to fight or give in and give up.

When we become fighters and starfighters, we tend to meet other victims who help each other as McKenzie Friends: lay legal advisors – often in the public interest.

And the more we learn about victimisation, the more we learn about power structures that operate within institutions: everybody is paid to ‘just do their job’. No ethics. No morals. No spiritual values. No compliance with rules, guidance or practice notes. No respect for international treaties. No Rule of Law. It’s…

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Lord Dyson’s Dinner Speech about Hot Potatoes: #McKenzieFriends and Litigants in Person #LiPs #Help4LiPs

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Yes, they require regulation: the one charging McKenzie Friend I know ripped a poor woman off big time.

In the Association of McKenzie Friends, we don’t charge. We are just advocating the ‘public interest’. By publishing for example. So we don’t require ‘financial regulation’.

Knowledge and experience are difficult to ‘regulate’, especially when it’s about abusive fathers and mothers who are protective of their children.

But also when it’s about mean mothers who don’t allow equal access to their children to their fathers.

Ethics, morals and values are difficult to regulate, too…

Has Lord Dyson asked himself

  • why McKenzie Friends have become necessary in the first place?
  • why are they especially necessary in the family courts?
  • how do victims of white collar crimes become McKenzie Friends?

I think we should be considered as ‘signals of alarm’ and ‘beacons of conscience’ to a profession that has lost more and more credibility…

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#ECHR Judgements as Precedence for Child Protection Issues: #ForcedAdoption #ChildSnatching #Custody

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This is Dr Marica Pirosikova’scontribution to the Round Table seminar hosted at the EU Parliament on 02 June 2015:

Dear Mr Chairman,

I am grateful for your initiative in organising this important event.

Dear Honourable Members of the European Parliament, dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

From my point of view there are many Convention issues rising from the cases of children removal from their biological family and I would like to share with you our experience in the Slovak Republic.

Over the last three years I have been in touch with a certain number of cases as a result of Slovak parents contacting me and requesting help. On the 3rd of August 2012, after having studied the case files thoroughly, I publicly expressed serious concerns over cases of adopting children from their living biological parents without relevant reasons (with regards to the guarantees of Article 6 and 8 of…

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Audio file, photos and follow-up: BEST INTERESTS of #Children. Have they been well Served in #Europe? Round Table in #EUParliament – June 2nd

15 06 02 BRXThis event is a critical new beginning: a young Czech MEP takes the lead, after Latvian Tatjana Zdanoka MEP got us where we are in the EU Parliament.

Latvian Laila Brice who has been fighting Merton Council for her daughter for years presented her petition on the same day as I did in March last year. Since then, Latvia and Lithuania have followed Slovakia to question the UK Government.

Now the issue is being recognised as a pan-European one.

Tomas Zdechovsky MEP has over 500 cases on file about Norway and traces the finances back to the City of London. He was part of a Europe-wide demo against the Norwegian system on 30 May covering 12 cities.

Due to my computer and emails being seriously hacked, I had not seen the detailed program sooner. He invited two panels of speakers to alert European Parliamentarians to the issues of child removal: Continue reading

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Dear Police, Please support Investigations into Crimes alleged by #WhistleblowerKids

Belinda McKenzie and Neelu Berry, the activist who was arrested three times with her house broken into and all electronic equipment seized, did in London what EVERYBODY could do at any local Police Station anywhere.

Here are copies of:

  1. one-page Executive Summary of Crime Report – for anybody to print, reuse and distribute;
  2. a Petition leaflet for ‘Police Against Child Abuse‘;
  3. the full 29-page Crime Report.

The Crime Report can also be taken to local BBC stations, for I am told they have the resources to make their own investigations with their public funds. Hence this Press ReleaseContinue reading

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A Redress to #Parliament: on behalf of Children’s and #HumanRights #CSA #Cameron

Originally posted on Victims Unite!:

Deborah Mahmoudieh is one of our McKenzie Friends with a particular gift of grasping legal and political contexts, while being deeply rooted in spirituality.

The above video is a perfect example, as she asks for a Redress.

Below, she asks the questions that Mrs Justice Pauffley ought to answer since her judgement and its publication – on behalf of the internet community that the judge called ‘evil and / or foolish’.

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COLLUSION with #BarnetCouncil and FAVOURITISM of Accused Father where Impartiality, Integrity and Propriety should reign?

Mrs Belinda McKenzie
McKenzie Friend, ‘Public Interest Advocate’ (voluntary)


via her Clerk, Barry Clark, 16 February 2015

Your Ladyship

LB Barnet v. Draper and Dearman and Child A & Child G
Case No. ZC14c00315

Following the hearing of 26 January at which I acted as McKenzie Friend to the 1st Respondent, the mother in this case, I informed her that my initial trust that she would get a fair hearing of her issues before your Ladyship had evaporated and that, being unable to redress the situation as a McKenzie Friend, I was standing down from this role.

My reasons for withdrawing were

a) what we in the Association had perceived as collusion between the Local Authority and you, the judge

b) your endorsement of the Local Authority’s favouritism towards the father over the mother regarding frequency of contact.

In view of the fact that there are very serious allegations of abuse against the father which have not yet been properly investigated yet none such against the mother, it seemed to me/us grossly unfair and indeed wrong that the father has been granted weekly contact-time with the children while the mother may only see them fortnightly. There should at the very least be a level-playing field between the 1st and 2nd Respondents at this stage and the mother and I looked to you to iron out at least this anomaly on 26 January. However you chose to leave everything that Barnet Council have arranged in place, the only explanation being that the father has been more ‘cooperative’.

In withdrawing from the case I suggested to the mother, therefore, that she should reconsider seeking a more professional level of assistance than I and the Association of McKenzie Friends is able to provide. She agreed, so we began searching for a suitable solicitor/barrister, however so far we have been unsuccessful. Continue reading

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