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On the Dangers of acting as McKenzie Friend of Victims of Child Abuse

It’s a challenging role, to do for victims of fraud what solicitors and barristers don’t do:  help you such that you win.

For the adversarial system of the legal profession seems to be happy to appear to be fighting each other, as long as they get paid, no matter whether you win or lose. And when your opponent is a Local Authority, a bank or the Police, you will most definitely not win. Worse: you will have to be put into prison to be silenced.

McKenzie Friends are motivated by passion and empathy, not by money. So they help selflessly. In 2009, they got Maurice Kirk out of a psychiatric clinic where he was doomed to incarcerated for life.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Watson has seen HMP Holloway from the inside, because she had helped Vicky Haigh in the role of a McKenzie Friend. But Vicky got imprisoned for THREE years (!), for  supposedly violating a ‘non-molestation order’. How to get her out now, is a tall order for McKenzies.

Similarly, a number of us have helped the Musas as McKenzie Friend, and but they were imprisoned anyhow and now have a legal time for the criminal allegations.

Given the absence of legal representation in the secrecy of the family courts, we are helping and learning by doing…

May McKenzie Friends become a force for good: sooner rather than later – especially as Public Interest Advocates. For the public interest doesn’t seem to interest anybody in the court cases that I have come across…


This blog became necessary because too many victims of white collar crimes encountered too many problems and their helpers and supporters as well.

When victims are hit emotionally and financially, they are in front of a labyrinth of procedures and proceedings of professionals, organisations and authorities where friends can help and often become McKenzie Friends: lay legal advisors.

Helpers and supporters are ‘learning by doing':

  • to share what they’re learning about
  • to advocate changes that are necessary
  • to lobby for change via Parliamentary routes.

There have been others before us:

A solicitor acting as McKenzie Friend, specialising in Family Courts and civil law: