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METRO opens its web doors to victims of child snatching

Targets claim over forced adoptions is the title of a METRO article that invites comments. It refers to a BBC article and BBC  Radio 4’s Face the Facts programme:

  • 1,300 babies under a month old are now being adopted every year, compared with 500 when the present Government came into power
  • Social Workers told the programme that they were being put under pressure to meet the Government adoption targets set in 2000 and that parents are not being given a proper chance to challenge adoptions because of the time limit on appeals and the secrecy within the family courts.

The article contains excellent quotes. Here from family law solicitor Sarah Harman: Continue reading

In the Spirit of Anonymous vs Social Services: Operation Musa Activated

This video Anonymous vs Social Services gave rise to a demo that was blessed by the sun and brought quite a few mums together whose children were taken from them.

But what consolation is it to be with others who share your fate? At least you are understood. For people who’ve been through what you’ve been through have the empathy required to survive.

What the Musa couple has gone through and is still going through is beyond most people’s capacity of experience, I would imagine.

As McKenzie Friends we could help a little. But I hope that Twitter, Facebook and blogging will help more!

Ten videos of our meeting with John Hemming MP are on

Please share our news release and our letter to Sir Nicholas Wall, before we represent the Musas on Monday morning, asking to stay the civil family court proceedings until the outcome of the criminal proceedings.

How can anybody dare to snatch foreign children and ‘prepare’ them for adoption among white foster carers, while putting their innocent parents into prison, after incredible series of harassment, allegations and serious crimes?

Association of McKenzie Friends launched with Austin Mitchell MP and John Hemming MP

On the occasion of the world wide peaceful protest against child abuse, we met

  • in the morning with Austin Mitchell MP who talked about the ‘Legal Mafia’ in the Telegraph in 2001
  • in the afternoon to demo on the Parliamentary Green
  • in the evening with John Hemming MP who answered all the questions we put before him.

His plans are a Parliamentary Inquiry. The more mainstream media we can manage to achieve, the better we can demonstrate that there is a need for Parliament to look into our issues. Thanks to Brad Meyer who publishes Help 4 Litigants in Person, here is the first of 10 video parts to share the discussion:

All 10 videos are on