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Riding the Hillsborough and Savile Tide or Seven Deadly Syndromes and Seven Media Cover-Ups

It is not easy to make sense out of shocking stories that question everything we are made to believe. But thinking our own thoughts and following our own feelings is part of learning to be alive as a free-standing individual.

In a ‘summit’ meeting of McKenzie Friends, we tried to make sense together and collated the following seven deadly syndromes and seven media cover-ups.

Here is an Executive Summary  and here are the seven syndromes:

1. Secret Societies

The Private Lives of Public People

2. Mainstream Media Cover-Ups

Strategies for Gagging, Controlling and generally Dumbing Down

3. Crimes against Children and Families

Paedophilia, Child Snatching and Premature Sexualisation

4. Reporting Fraud and White Collar CrimesReporting of Fraud

Public Services as Perpetrators and Non-InvestigatorsEnforcement of Bank of England Act 1694

5. The Illegality of Usury and Wars

How Successive Governments Ignore National Law and International Treaties

6. Policing

Who Guards the Guards?


How the Counter-Terrorism Strategies Drive Miscarriages of Justice

The full document is here. Continue reading