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THE GOVERNMENT wants to see families being supported to stay together; why doesn’t it happen?

Mind the gap, dear Edward Timpson MP, between what the government wants and what local authorities and government agencies do:

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Just do it! Support families, especially foreign ones like the worst of all child snatching cases known, this Nigerian family, and now this Portuguese family.

This Dossier of Evidence supports our petition to the EU Parliament: Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent. It demonstrates:

  • Local authorities (Police and Social Workers) take children without any paperwork
  • justify their actions after the event
  • get the people processing industry going: medical and psychiatric ‘experts’, lawyers galore who all seem to operate in the interest of the local authority rather than their ‘clients’ and of course, judges who tend to sanction what local authorities are doing rather than question.

Being paid to ‘just do their job’, they practise what’s unique in the UK: Continue reading

How to Assist Litigants in Person – our Strategy Meeting on 6th Sept 2012

Today we came together as a group to strategise where we want to go. Before we decide to take cases on behalf of victims of white collar crimes They tend to have to act as Litigants in Person due to lack of funds. We need to assess it according to certain ground rules:

  1. we need to decide whether the person is fit enough to be in court or requires some counselling, before representing themselves as a Litigant in Person
  2. we need to produce a chronology of the case as a summary for trained legal professionals
  3. we need to decide on the desired outcome of the legal remedies and procedures available. Continue reading