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PETITION ADMISSIBLE in Brussels: Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent

14 07 03 Brussels petitionThe Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament has examined the material I presented on 19 March 2014, as I got in writing in July 2014:

They considered it ‘admissible’, i.e. it falls within their ‘remit’ and they will take responsibility – contrary to our petition to the UK Parliament, where nobody has responded:

As a first step, the Committee has requested the European Commission to conduct a preliminary investigation. The Commission consists of permanent civil servants, whereas the Committee consists of elected MEPs. Following the MEP election, the Committee has just been newly formed.

Secondly, the Committee felt that it is important to contact UK national authorities.

Thirdly, the Commissioner Mrs Viviane Reding was to be contacted.

Hence I wrote to the new Chair Cecilia Wikstrom MEP:

Dear Cecilia Wikstrom MEP


Please find attached the letter from your predecessor Erminia Mazzoni MEP regarding the petition that I presented on 19 March 2014, together with a delegation of 30 desperate parents of various nationalities residing in the UK: Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent.

This is to ask whether the Committee has had answers from

  • the UK authorities
  • the European Commission
  • Commissioner Viviane Reding.

Please note the repercussions of our ‘pilgrimage to Brussels:

  • Our delegate from South Wales tries to assist a village which wants to set itself up as a ‘Social Services free zone’, after 10 mothers got together whose 16 children were taken, including one who is 16 weeks pregnant and was told that her baby would be taken at birth.
  • The Welsh father was penalised such that John Hemming MP tabled this Early Day Motion about Petitions to the European Parliament:
  • Upon returning from Brussels, the Portuguese couple was first arrested but eventually promised that the children would be transferred to a Portuguese institution. However, Lincolnshire Council wants to go ahead with the adoption and treats the parents now as criminals when they attend their bi-monthly ‘contact sessions’.

As McKenzie Friends (lay legal advisors and public interest advocates), we have also assisted a Lithuanian mother whose 6-year old boy is supposed to be handed to his abusive father by Brent Council, following a 34-page judgement by HHJ Million which ignores the judgement of the Lithuanian Supreme Court:

Therefore please hear our cries for help on behalf of the children in the UK:

  • Channel IV publishes that a child is taken every 20 minutes!
  • Can you ensure that the topic is dealt with URGENTLY?

At the 19 March meeting Committee Members also referred to a fact finding mission as has been carried out in Germany and Denmark before. I notice that the next meetings are scheduled for 24 September and 07 October 2014. Since the new Committee has now been formed, could you please let me know how we can give hope to all these parents?

With many thanks in advance,

Sabine K McNeill
Co-Founder, Association of McKenzie Friends
Public Interest Advocacy while assisting Litigants in Person

REPORTING PAEDOPHILIA to the Home Office whilst #childsnatchuk leads to #paedobritain

English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the Nation...

English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the National Revival of Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Home Secretary


This is to draw your attention to related aspects that we have experienced as the Association of McKenzie Friends, set up to practise voluntary public interest advocacy.

Besides the initiators of the National Inquiry into organised Child Sexual Abuse, I Cc the members of the Home Affairs Committee, trusting that they will take an interest.

As it is our duty to report a crime and NOT reporting paedophilia is going to be a criminal offence, we would appreciate answers to the following questions:

  1. Who will protect a Lithuanian boy in UK care from his paedophile father?
    • His mother and grandmother fled the father’s persecutions in Lithuania, but he was forcibly removed by Brent Police on 23 September 2013;
    • Social Services failed to investigate the father’s medical and criminal records;
    • HHJ Million gave residence of the boy to the father, contrary to a judgement of the Lithuanian Supreme Court. His judgement twists reality and evidence in a way that turns black into white and white into black. Unfortunately, the mother has reached a state of mind that makes her incapable of presenting the case, let alone appeal it appropriately.
    • When refusing permission to appeal Justice McFarlane said “This is not the end of the road for the boy.” But who will make sure that he WON’T be handed over by Brent Social Services???
    • We alerted Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe with this email and published our witness statement in this blog post.
  2. Similarly, who will undo the damage done to these five Portuguese children?
    • After an accusation by the oldest son which he retracted, the father was arrested and all children were removed on 23 April 2013 by 2 Social Workers and Lincolnshire Police – under Emergency Police Protection Orders.
    • The oldest son wrote desperate letters to the judge fearing ‘bum rape’ by the Social Worker, but HHJ Simler wouldn’t admit a question in court relating to this violation of the UN Convention of Child Rights which the UK has ratified.
    • In the secrecy of family courts, she decided that all children need to be put into permanent care and the two youngest ones ought to be adopted.
    • The parents’ desperate attempts to get their children back eventually led to negotiations with Portuguese authorities on 17 April 2014. But they have not been handed over to a Portuguese institution, as agreed. Instead, the siblings have been separated and two of them are supposed to be adopted. Lincolnshire Council have still not sent copies of the Minutes of the meeting either. Furthermore, the parents are treated as criminals for their contact sessions every two months.
  3. Who cares about this American boy who has not seen his mother since 12 December 2011, when he was 4 and snatched by Barnet Council?
  • Having assisted American mother Melissa Laird whilst in HMP Holloway, we tried to ensure that she gets the oral hearing that had been scheduled to take place on 05 December 2013.
  • However, as John Hemming MP announced: she was deported whilst her child was kept for adoption.
  • Her attempts to get a Skype connection or videolink failed due to the ancient technology used here compared with what is available in the US.
  • This is clearly not only a violation of UK laws but also Convention laws ensuring a fair trial.
  • To top the miscarriage of justice turning into perversion, we, as pro bono McKenzie Friends, have been ordered costs by the Treasury Solicitor’s Office and have to become litigants ourselves!

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OPEN LETTER to the Met regarding internationally protective paedophiles – at the cost of a Lithuanian boy

English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the Nation...

English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the National Revival of Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Sir Bernard

As the Association of McKenzie Friends we are ‘public interest advocates’ and follow white collar crimes associated with organised child sexual abuse and child snatching closely, as we are getting more and more requests for help.

Hence we alerted you about a crime in HMP Holloway which resulted in a US mother being deported whilst her child was kept for adoption.

This is to report a crime against a Lithuanian boy who was forcefully removed from his mother and grandmother, after they escaped his father’s persecutions in Lithuania – despite a judgement in the mother’s favour of the Supreme Court. Fortunately, the mother recorded the removal on video.

Unfortunately, however, Brent Social Services and HHJ Million operate in the father’s interests rather than those of the boy who needs to be protected from his ‘red banana’, as he calls it which we attach and publish on Continue reading

McKENZIE FRIENDS under the looking glass: a report from the Legal Consumer Services Panel

14 04 18 Fee charging McKenzie FriendsThis report covers four types of McKenzie Friends:

  • one off helpers
  • occasional and regular volunteers
  • fee-charging ‘amateurs’
  • fee-charging ‘professionals’

Struck off lawyers may also turn into McKenzie Friends.

The report aims at balancing between ‘access to justice‘ and ‘consumer protection‘ and makes 15 recommendations:

Recommendation 1: Fee-charging McKenzie Friends should be recognised as a legitimate feature of the evolving legal services market.

Attitudes of judges and lawyers Continue reading

Association of McKenzie Friends launched with Austin Mitchell MP and John Hemming MP

On the occasion of the world wide peaceful protest against child abuse, we met

  • in the morning with Austin Mitchell MP who talked about the ‘Legal Mafia’ in the Telegraph in 2001
  • in the afternoon to demo on the Parliamentary Green
  • in the evening with John Hemming MP who answered all the questions we put before him.

His plans are a Parliamentary Inquiry. The more mainstream media we can manage to achieve, the better we can demonstrate that there is a need for Parliament to look into our issues. Thanks to Brad Meyer who publishes Help 4 Litigants in Person, here is the first of 10 video parts to share the discussion:

All 10 videos are on


This blog became necessary because too many victims of white collar crimes encountered too many problems and their helpers and supporters as well.

When victims are hit emotionally and financially, they are in front of a labyrinth of procedures and proceedings of professionals, organisations and authorities where friends can help and often become McKenzie Friends: lay legal advisors.

Helpers and supporters are ‘learning by doing':

  • to share what they’re learning about
  • to advocate changes that are necessary
  • to lobby for change via Parliamentary routes.

There have been others before us:

A solicitor acting as McKenzie Friend, specialising in Family Courts and civil law: