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A NEW SITE as a growing resource for [McKenzie] Friends and [Public Interest] Advocates

We love Friends!

We love Friends! (Photo credit: eilonwy77)

The road from ‘victim’ to starfighter, campaigner, McKenzie Friend and Advocate, Litigant’s Friend or Public Interest Advocate is paved with LOTS of shocks as ‘waking up therapy’ or ‘truth emergency’ as Global Research calls in this recent article.

This website is an admirable ‘fledgling resource’ – with the following ‘take away messages':

  1. we need Friends to ‘process’ the shocks we’re experiencing, as we’re waking up to the fact that the authorities are NOT here to help
  2. we need to know what is our REMEDY, i.e. which legal form needs to be sent to which authority; the library of forms is here
  3. the most effective process is a Judicial Review in your local County Court, for £25.
  4. In practice, we need
    • C100 to apply for CONTACT with our kids
    • N244 to apply for ANY kind of ORDER
    • an Appellant’s Notice, if we want to APPEAL an Order
    • N461 to apply for a Judicial Review.

This means we now have to learn to help each other writing Judicial Reviews. It implies using LEGAL ARGUMENTS and often referring to ‘precedent cases’.

SECOND VIDEO of House of Commons meeting with Austin Mitchell MP

It’s so good to be able to capture on video what happened in meetings. We each remember different things and when looking back, we’ll think of yet something else.

Here’s the morning meeting with John Hemming MP on 15th January 2013:

and here’s the afternoon meeting with Austin Mitchell MP:

April 23rd: next meeting of our Association of McKenzie Friends

Since we launched our Association on 6th March, we are using Monday, April 23rd as the follow-up. We shall share what we each do our own and, hopefully, agree on some joined up actions and campaigns.

Victims are encouraged to share their ordeals, but the focus is on collective strategies and actions for making a difference COLLECTIVELY.

Please contact sabine AT, if you’d like to attend.