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PETITIONING the House of Commons: Return our Stolen Children

It’s always nice to get complex issues to fit into a single A4 sheet. And it’s even nicer, when it addresses all Members of Parliament: Children in Foster Care – via the official Hansard publication:- To the House of Commons The Petition … Continue reading

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VIDEO of House of Commons Meeting and Exposing the Court of Protection

It helps victims to talk to each other: to discover the same solicitors, judges and accountancy firms.  The same insolvency practitioners and the same illegal practices: false and falsified documents gagging orders with threats of imprisonment adoption orders without parental … Continue reading

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SECRECY – the Cloak for Criminality? Next meeting with John Hemming MP: Tuesday, July 2nd

For our next attempt to join forces as victims and become starfighters, campaigners and help others as McKenzie Friends and Public Interest Advocates, we are inviting people to formulate questions for John Hemming MP. This way you don’t need to be … Continue reading

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Unconvicted Political Prisoners in London and Cardiff: innocent until found guilty???

It doesn’t matter whether you call it ‘police state’ or New World Order. It doesn’t even matter what you perceive to be the reasons for the sad state of affairs. For what matters are the Draconian prison conditions and the … Continue reading

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April 23rd: next meeting of our Association of McKenzie Friends

Since we launched our Association on 6th March, we are using Monday, April 23rd as the follow-up. We shall share what we each do our own and, hopefully, agree on some joined up actions and campaigns. Victims are encouraged to … Continue reading

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METRO opens its web doors to victims of child snatching

Targets claim over forced adoptions is the title of a METRO article that invites comments. It refers to a BBC article and BBC  Radio 4’s Face the Facts programme: 1,300 babies under a month old are now being adopted every … Continue reading

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This blog became necessary because too many victims of white collar crimes encountered too many problems and their helpers and supporters as well. When victims are hit emotionally and financially, they are in front of a labyrinth of procedures and … Continue reading

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