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CHILD ABUSE debated in Parliament and reported on What Do They Know?

English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the Nation...

English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the National Revival of Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Answers to oral questions are recorded under Debates on the remarkable What Do They Know website.

This one on 17 July 2014 was on Child Abuse – the hot topic in this hot summer:

United against Child Abuse was the start of the 10-day demo outside Downing Street is taking place again – reported by UK Column on Friday 18 July:

Whether for Freedom of Information Requests, commenting or learning about who knows what in Parliament, go clicking!

Meanwhile, just a few more links relevant to Continue reading

DO YOU WANT to stop child snatching and paedophile scandals? Everybody knows!

English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the Nation...

English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the National Revival of Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you want to stop child snatching and paedophile scandals? This is the subject line of an email I sent to all MPs who have not yet expressed their support for the call to a National Enquiry into organised child sexual abuse.

The remarkable Tap publishes It’s not just Parliament that’s run and controlled by a paedophile ring. One of the items says: It’s gone international:

You are welcome to refer to this email, if you use www.WriteToThem.com to contact your own MP:

This is to ask when you will add your support to those 141 MPs so far who demand a National Enquiry into organised child sexual abuse.

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CHALLENGES for McKenzie Friends – as Legal Aid is cut and white collar crimes rise


Help4LiPs are invited to discuss Litigants in Person and the challenges for McKenzie Friends with those who could make a difference. Hence we put these recommendations together:

  1. The need for acting as McKenzie Friend arose for many individuals out of very different circumstances, but generally:
    1. Being or having been victim of white collar crimes[1] themselves;
    2. Acting on behalf of victims who suffered from solicitors and / or barristers, on top of whatever damage or crime they had suffered.
    • Corruption in the legal profession and the courts is a real problem.
  2. In our observation, assisting Litigants in Person became necessary for the following reasons:
    1. Ministers and MPs didn’t do anything about fraudulent bankruptcies and home repossessions;
    2. It was impossible to find family lawyers who were acting in the interest of parents whose children were taken into care or forcibly adopted by Social Services;
    3. Prison conditions of Litigants in Person in general and parents of child snatching[2] in particular were so appalling that more help became necessary.
    • Family courts, their secrecy[3] and their supposed legitimacy are an international scandal, as Christopher Booker writes regularly in The Telegraph and as formulated in Early Day Motion 345[4] by John Hemming MP.
    • “There is no accountability”, says John Hemming MP.
  3. As Voluntary Public Interest Advocates, we don’t charge for what we do.

BELINDA’s Latest Call for Battle to Protect Britain’s Children from Paedophilia UK

13 11 11 Battle for ChildrenPlease note also National Debate on Child Protection – signed by 44 MPs!

Dear All

Greetings  and welcome to this list if you’ve signed my contact sheet only recently and thank you for your interest in this initiative. If I’m mistaken and you’re not/no longer interested in following or joining with me in a ‘Battle for [= to protect] Britain’s Children’ in the lead-up to the General Election 2015 just let me know and I’ll remove you from this list.  To date, after sending out 8? editions of BATTLE NEWS since end September 2013 only 2 people on this extensive mailing-list have asked to be removed.

The list which runs into thousands by now represents 4 years of public campaigning on this issue, starting out as ‘Justice for Hollie Greig’ www.holliedemandsjustice.org.uk and widening into a general campaign against all forms of child abuse, including state stealing and trafficking of children and ritual as well as sexual abuse.

As I’ve mentioned recently at public events, the proposed ‘Battle’ doubles as a campaign to ‘Elect an Ethical Parliament in 2015’. I work on the simple premise that those who abuse children or who KNOWINGLY condone, cover-up, turn a blind eye to, sanction, enable or promote the abuse of children & break-up of families are UNLIKELY TO BE ETHICAL in any other area of their public activity. In my view therefore such people should not be elected or re-elected to this country’s legislature, nor should they be holding positions of public trust, full-stop. Continue reading

THE SOVEREIGN asks the Prime Minister to consider the points we raise

13 09 13 PalaceThe Palace is always reliable: you get a response and your letter gets passed on. The question is whether the Ministers responsible end up thinking and writing. Mr Cameron passed our letter on to Edward Timpson MP who wrote this response. Let’s see whether we’ll get another letter.

In my experience, it’s all a firewall designed to fob off. Let them do whatever they are doing – who cares about the consequences or the damages inflicted.

However, lobbying consists in ‘converting’ others. Given the web now, we can help by sending relevant links. The ‘conversion game’ is different on the web with its memory and the mainstream press that becomes fish wrapping paper the next day… Continue reading

PETITIONING the House of Commons: Return our Stolen Children

13 08 08 Return our ChildrenIt’s always nice to get complex issues to fit into a single A4 sheet. And it’s even nicer, when it addresses all Members of Parliament: Children in Foster Care – via the official Hansard publication:-

To the House of Commons

The Petition of members of the Association of McKenzie Friends,

Declares that the Petitioners express their grief for the thousands of British and foreign families whose children were taken against their will; children who were placed in foster ‘care’, with private foster ‘parents’, in foster homes or were adopted without parental consent, especially in the case of foreign nationals, parents who are falsely imprisoned and adoptions which take place in court hearings in their absence, without full knowledge and certainly without due process.

Further declares that these serious violations of human rights also violate the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child and have created incalculable damages emotionally, legally, financially and economically; further that some 2,500 hand written signatures requesting the Return of Our Stolen Children were submitted to No. 10 on 26 July 2013, after a week-long protest opposite Downing Street from 19 to 26 July 2013 stating;

Dear Mr Cameron,
Take the Lead and Return our Stolen Children
http://mckenzie-friends.co.uk/2013/07/28/dear-mr-cameron-take-the-lead-and-return-our-stolen-children/ Continue reading

SAVE UK JUSTICE: e-petition has passed threshold for Parliamentary Debate

This e-petition Save UK Justice has passed the threshold of 100,000 signatures that are required for being considered for Parliamentary Debate.

I am too busy with an urgent Judicial Review for looking into the Backbench Committee but John Hemming MP whom we are meeting on July 2nd in Committee Room 14 is a member.

However, there is still enough in the ‘public gravy train’ for this Minister: Law reform minister’s firm paid £200,000 from legal aid, as published by The Telegraph today.

SECRECY – the Cloak for Criminality? Next meeting with John Hemming MP: Tuesday, July 2nd

John Hemming

For our next attempt to join forces as victims and become starfighters, campaigners and help others as McKenzie Friends and Public Interest Advocates, we are inviting people to formulate questions for John Hemming MP. This way you don’t need to be physically there, but can be, of course!

The best platform for this is http://www.meetup.com/victims-unite/

Secrecy as the cloak for Criminality? is the topic.

Not enough people know about the secrecy of family courts that leads to child snatching and   forced adoptions as punishment without crime. Hence we filed this petition with the EU Parliament: Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent. Please sign, if you have not already!

Len Lawrence who commented on this post on chemical poisoning, has discovered from personal experience how the secrecy of family courts (to steal people’s children) ‘embraces’ the Court of Protection – to steal people’s assets. John Hemming writes in The Independent Court of Protection: Out-of-hours process is one-sided and inherently unfair – and it must change.

That and how secrecy is the basis for surveillance and other ways of the State curtailing human rights is an area we all need to become aware of. On Saturday’s meeting of The People’s Assembly against Austerity, one speaker said: politics is life. If you’re alive, you need to get involved.

Online it’s so much easier! See you on http://www.meetup.com/victims-unite/ or in Committee Room 14 or both!? (We have been moved from 16 to 14 – which is where we created a Foundation for Change in April 2009!)

Judiciary Guilty of Criminal Acts – John Hemming MP opens Demo at Royal Courts of Justice

NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                                        04 February 2012

Judiciary Guilty of Criminal Acts

John Hemming MP opens 2-week demo at Royal Courts of Justice

The Campaign for Truth and Justice[1] is staging a demonstration every day from 9.30am to 4.30 to, once again, highlight the plight of victims of miscarriges and perversion of justice. On its home page, the Campaign spells out in general terms what Victims Unite[2] publishes by way of Cases as Stories[3]: unlawful imprisonments, human rights abuses, fraudulent bankruptcies and child snatching[4] as the tip of an iceberg of white collar crimes, where the Judiciary covers up the crimes committed by public authorities such as the NHS, Local Councils, their legal teams and Social Services.

John Hemming MP[5] has ample experience with parents whose children were taken: he says that the evidence is that about half of his over 1,600 cases on file are unreliable. In 2006, 200 such parents ended up as Secret Prisoners[6], for they are convicted in secret family courts. But it can be worse: their are secret prisoners whose legal capacity to decide has been removed from them by the Court of Protection – only to defraud them of their wealth and assets. John Hemming MP will join the demonstrators around 3.30pm.

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Association of McKenzie Friends launched with Austin Mitchell MP and John Hemming MP

On the occasion of the world wide peaceful protest against child abuse, we met

  • in the morning with Austin Mitchell MP who talked about the ‘Legal Mafia’ in the Telegraph in 2001
  • in the afternoon to demo on the Parliamentary Green
  • in the evening with John Hemming MP who answered all the questions we put before him.

His plans are a Parliamentary Inquiry. The more mainstream media we can manage to achieve, the better we can demonstrate that there is a need for Parliament to look into our issues. Thanks to Brad Meyer who publishes Help 4 Litigants in Person, here is the first of 10 video parts to share the discussion:

All 10 videos are on http://www.youtube.com/user/EDM1297