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FROM BRUSSELS Pilgrimage to McKenzie Crusade: in defence of justice for future generations

The first McKenzie Friend was created out of the need for legal help due to the lack of money to pay professionals in 1970.

In 2009 I began acting as McKenzie Friend and web publisher for Maurice J Kirk BVSc. Since 14 October 2013, he has been held ‘on remand’ in HMP Cardiff and asked me to continue to uphold the level of quality for this ‘brand’.

In June 2011 a number of us, including Belinda McKenzie, Maurice J Kirk and Ian Josephs, met at the Royal Courts of Justice to support the Nigerian Musa couple whose five children had been taken by Haringey Police without paperwork in April 2010. Acknowledged to be the worst of all child snatching cases, McKenzie Friends continue to help them since they were imprisoned for seven years!

For the Musa hearing I had produced T-Shirts for ‘McKenzie Angels‘ as supporters for court hearings – with the aid of the late Paulette Cooper. For judges do notice when public galleries are full and even asked us not to take notes in the criminal court of the Musas! Do they know that justice is far from being delivered in their court rooms? That’s why ‘veteran victims’ Maurice Kirk and Norman Scarth have been behind our petition to Abolish the ban on recording court proceedings. Continue reading

Judiciary Guilty of Criminal Acts – John Hemming MP opens Demo at Royal Courts of Justice

NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                                        04 February 2012

Judiciary Guilty of Criminal Acts

John Hemming MP opens 2-week demo at Royal Courts of Justice

The Campaign for Truth and Justice[1] is staging a demonstration every day from 9.30am to 4.30 to, once again, highlight the plight of victims of miscarriges and perversion of justice. On its home page, the Campaign spells out in general terms what Victims Unite[2] publishes by way of Cases as Stories[3]: unlawful imprisonments, human rights abuses, fraudulent bankruptcies and child snatching[4] as the tip of an iceberg of white collar crimes, where the Judiciary covers up the crimes committed by public authorities such as the NHS, Local Councils, their legal teams and Social Services.

John Hemming MP[5] has ample experience with parents whose children were taken: he says that the evidence is that about half of his over 1,600 cases on file are unreliable. In 2006, 200 such parents ended up as Secret Prisoners[6], for they are convicted in secret family courts. But it can be worse: their are secret prisoners whose legal capacity to decide has been removed from them by the Court of Protection – only to defraud them of their wealth and assets. John Hemming MP will join the demonstrators around 3.30pm.

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Unconvicted Political Prisoners in London and Cardiff: innocent until found guilty???

It doesn’t matter whether you call it ‘police state’ or New World Order. It doesn’t even matter what you perceive to be the reasons for the sad state of affairs. For what matters are the Draconian prison conditions and the absence of bail for these political prisoners:

  1. Maurice J Kirk BVSc will continue his hunger strike: the best known unconvicted political prisoner whose tenacity and fighting spirit can hardly be surpassed
  2. The Musas are extremely well known in Africa; hence their public support has helped them somewhat, except it’s not enough to get them out of the clutches of corrupt family and criminal courts, prisons and Haringey Police who are acting just as South Wales Police with respect to covering up mistakes by crimes.

McKenzie Friends are NOT taken seriously by HMP Governors, as can be seen in this letter by HMP Pentonville regarding Joseph Chiwar Musa and by the fact that Maurice cannot telephone me any more as his McKenzie Friend.

Where do we go from here?

Dear Minister

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