METRO opens its web doors to victims of child snatching

Targets claim over forced adoptions is the title of a METRO article that invites comments. It refers to a BBC article and BBC  Radio 4’s Face the Facts programme:

  • 1,300 babies under a month old are now being adopted every year, compared with 500 when the present Government came into power
  • Social Workers told the programme that they were being put under pressure to meet the Government adoption targets set in 2000 and that parents are not being given a proper chance to challenge adoptions because of the time limit on appeals and the secrecy within the family courts.

The article contains excellent quotes. Here from family law solicitor Sarah Harman:

Secrecy breeds bad practice, it breeds suspicion. It feeds parents’ sense of injustice when they have their children removed that they’re not able to talk about it. They’re not able to air their grievances. Children have been removed from their families unjustly. There’s no two ways about that.
And from a social work manager with 25 years experience in child ‘protection’:
People will find that their children have been removed and freed for adoption without them having had a proper chance to defend themselves and their families and their children.
As McKenzie Friends we managed to get children back by attending meetings with Social Workers, before things ever got to courts. It seems to have helped to remind them of their stated goals and objectives, besides possibly expressing some outrage.

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6 Responses to METRO opens its web doors to victims of child snatching

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  2. Vivienne says:

    This is diabolical, admittedly some children need better care from their parents. Many parents bring their children up with old fashioned ways and values, but that does not mean that the children are at risk. Some parents are not much more than children themselves and may need expert help in coping, but I have heard many stories where Social Services have over stepped the mark, or even fabricated evidence to withdraw children from familes. Many parents have been wrongly accused of ill treatment of their children just because bruises have been found on the children. My own children got plenty of bruises whilst playing, but my next door neighbour had social services on her back because her Son went to school with a lot of bruises on his legs, and for 3 weeks My neighbour was investigated over this. The boy had told the teachers that they occured when he kept falling off his cycle, as he was only learning to ride it. “That was the TRUTH” However for 3 weeks no one believed him. My neighbour is a wonderful mother never ever laid hand on them, but Social Services managed to make her ill and paranoid about letting her Son out to play. He is now a married man with a daughter of his own, and a wonderful father too.

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