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Judiciary Guilty of Criminal Acts – John Hemming MP opens Demo at Royal Courts of Justice

NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                                        04 February 2012 Judiciary Guilty of Criminal Acts John Hemming MP opens 2-week demo at Royal Courts of Justice The Campaign for Truth and Justice[1] is staging a demonstration every day from 9.30am to 4.30 to, once … Continue reading

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Unconvicted Political Prisoners in London and Cardiff: innocent until found guilty???

It doesn’t matter whether you call it ‘police state’ or New World Order. It doesn’t even matter what you perceive to be the reasons for the sad state of affairs. For what matters are the Draconian prison conditions and the … Continue reading

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April 23rd: next meeting of our Association of McKenzie Friends

Since we launched our Association on 6th March, we are using Monday, April 23rd as the follow-up. We shall share what we each do our own and, hopefully, agree on some joined up actions and campaigns. Victims are encouraged to … Continue reading

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You’ve suffered ‘care’; hence you can’t be a good parent

First they take the children. Then they take the children’s children. All in the interest of ‘the child’… Christopher Booker tells the real live story of a 17-year-old mother who was brought up in ‘care’ – the reason for not … Continue reading

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