Unconvicted Political Prisoners in London and Cardiff: innocent until found guilty???

It doesn’t matter whether you call it ‘police state’ or New World Order. It doesn’t even matter what you perceive to be the reasons for the sad state of affairs. For what matters are the Draconian prison conditions and the absence of bail for these political prisoners:

  1. Maurice J Kirk BVSc will continue his hunger strike: the best known unconvicted political prisoner whose tenacity and fighting spirit can hardly be surpassed
  2. The Musas are extremely well known in Africa; hence their public support has helped them somewhat, except it’s not enough to get them out of the clutches of corrupt family and criminal courts, prisons and Haringey Police who are acting just as South Wales Police with respect to covering up mistakes by crimes.

McKenzie Friends are NOT taken seriously by HMP Governors, as can be seen in this letter by HMP Pentonville regarding Joseph Chiwar Musa and by the fact that Maurice cannot telephone me any more as his McKenzie Friend.

Where do we go from here?

Dear Minister

I can’t tell you how inappropriate your letter to the Daily Mail is, regarding Christopher Booker’s excellent article Children Stolen by the State.

In addition to the rather shocking and convincing statistics published by the Daily Mail already, please note:

  1. Ian Josephs publishes Forced Adoptionand has a degree in law. He used to be a local councillor in Kent and has been helping parents over the phone for five years;
    1. With an average of 3 – 4 new phone calls a day that makes some 5,000 “exceptionally rare” cases
    2. John Hemming MP has over 1,600 “exceptionally rare” cases on file and explains how forced adoptions and the secrecy in family courts work – as an evil system and confirms Government pressures and OFSTED ratings
    3. 75 children died whilst in care – as published in 2006
    4. 200 people were sent to prison by the family courts – as Harriet Harman MP said in Parliament in 2006
    5. These six Nigerian children were taken by Haringey Police in April 2010 WITHOUT any paperwork and family courts are simply used for one cover up after another – including those fake ‘expert witnesses’; in fact, Christopher Booker wrote: “A council whistleblower has said that, at a recent case conference, the social workers admitted that maybe they had made a mistake, and that the mother they had falsely accused was in fact devoted and blameless. But apparently, because of “press interest” in the case, the officials agreed that the council could not afford the very damaging publicity which might follow if the unhappy children were reunited with their parents. It was therefore vital that the council should continue to justify its actions.” The parents are held in prison since 29th November 2011, without bail, on MAPPA as highest level terrorist and under the most bizarre Draconian restrictions, when, in fact, they should be treated as innocent, until found guilty!
    6. The Secrecy of Family Courts should be stopped NOWis an online petition
      1. 893 signatures, 13,740 page views and marvellous comments will show you who has a better “full picture” of what is happening ‘out there’: you or Christopher Booker
      2. The Independent published The untold story of gagging orders in May 2011: at least 264 orders cover children and young adults, whereas 69 protect high profile cases
      3. Child Snatching is the correct word – just as state kidnapping or State Stealing Childrenis:
        1. A world wide protest against child abuse would hardly otherwise have been staged on 6th March 2012
        2. A representative portfolio of nine cases has been put before the Education Select Committee – as it tries to investigate child ‘protection’.
        3. Thanks to the Daily Mail, Sue Reid uncovered the Cleveland Scandal25 years ago and has been writing exactly like Christopher Booker: with a LOT of substance and evidence: real live people whose families have been destroyed
          1. The result was the introduction of SECRECY into family courts through the Children Act 1989!
          2. In The Times, Camilla Cavendish wrote recently Remove the veil of secrecy from these fakesSo-called expert witnesses in the family courts hold children’s fate in their hands. But they are nothing of the sort.

As Children Minister, I therefore strongly recommend that you make yourself popular by RETURNING all those children wrongfully taken from their parents!

As McKenzie Friends we had our first successes by simply attending meetings with Social Services – and children were returned. But since you don’t seem be motivated to act, we’ll have to teach others how to follow that model.

However, as Children Minister acting in the INTEREST of children, you could

  • Undo all previous wrong-doings by
    • removing artificially imposed gags on parents
    • inviting all parents to come forward for an ‘amnesty’ with apologies and compensation
    • Prepare for a better future by
      • implementing Camilla Cavendish’s 10-point plan
      • turning family courts into criminal courts.

At the beginning of a 2-week demo advocating that the Judiciary is Guilty of Criminal Acts… especially in Family Courts, we look very much forward to your prompt response.

Should you require further links about parents expressing their grievances, please don’t hesitate to ask! Meanwhile, you may also want to consider asking along with Reuters: Is Britain more corrupt than it thinks?

Yours faithfully,

Sabine K McNeill


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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10 Responses to Unconvicted Political Prisoners in London and Cardiff: innocent until found guilty???

  1. JM says:

    good god….getting worse by the day, i’m expecting another fabricated incident this week….if u dnt hear from me again, you’ll know why….I have no one….I’ve never been accused of anything either!
    i dnt want to be all ‘me, me, me, wo is me’, but i really am expecting worse again and i have nobody to speak up for me/ publicise….
    has there even been an accusation of law breaking yet…? how many more are there in the ‘system’ that nobody has even heard of…?

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