A NEW SITE as a growing resource for [McKenzie] Friends and [Public Interest] Advocates

We love Friends!

We love Friends! (Photo credit: eilonwy77)

The road from ‘victim’ to starfighter, campaigner, McKenzie Friend and Advocate, Litigant’s Friend or Public Interest Advocate is paved with LOTS of shocks as ‘waking up therapy’ or ‘truth emergency’ as Global Research calls in this recent article.

This website is an admirable ‘fledgling resource’ – with the following ‘take away messages’:

  1. we need Friends to ‘process’ the shocks we’re experiencing, as we’re waking up to the fact that the authorities are NOT here to help
  2. we need to know what is our REMEDY, i.e. which legal form needs to be sent to which authority; the library of forms is here
  3. the most effective process is a Judicial Review in your local County Court, for £25.
  4. In practice, we need
    • C100 to apply for CONTACT with our kids
    • N244 to apply for ANY kind of ORDER
    • an Appellant’s Notice, if we want to APPEAL an Order
    • N461 to apply for a Judicial Review.

This means we now have to learn to help each other writing Judicial Reviews. It implies using LEGAL ARGUMENTS and often referring to ‘precedent cases’.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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12 Responses to A NEW SITE as a growing resource for [McKenzie] Friends and [Public Interest] Advocates

  1. JM says:

    bits of paper don’t resolve conflcits, guns and bombs do

    • obsesiverights says:

      We only need look close to home like Northern Ireland to see guns and bombs, ruin the lives of many on both sides of the ‘argument’. It succeeds in drawing attention to the problem, and draws the worst out of people on both sides. Individuals, and families bear the scars for generations. Two wrongs do not make a right.

      We may look further afield even to the “war we won” in the Falklands we won the war with guns and bombs, – the dispute remains unresolved. Argentina may yet win the argument to take over and govern the Falklands, against the “democratic” vote on the island’s “independence” to remain “British” and keep their own government. The islanders are unable to maintain their independence alone. This leaves it to the whim of the UK government to continue to defend the Falkland Isles, It is for the British to pay the greatest part of the cost, and as distasteful and unpatriotic or as it sounds, a new government may decide to forgo defending the Falkland Isles.

      In my view the only way to right a wrong is to first get the wrong exposed, get the overwhelming majority, to recognise the wrong, accept responsibility, stop it, and prevent it from reoccurring. Then repair or replace the mechanism, or people that caused it. This means that when we find the wrong, we must obtain clear and conclusive proof that it is a wrong that the substantive majority of people will agree is happening, or has happened, is wrong, needs to be stopped, and prevented from happening again. The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How, of this takes a lot more examination than this comment allows.

      We must win hearts and minds put aside the singular issue we each have to focus instead on the “core of infection” . Exposing and proving the root of the evil, will provide the means to bring all the other wrongs to light, where they can be dealt with by the fully repaired and renovated system that must be immune to abuse.

      This means that we win hearts and minds to create knowledge and resolve, to win the argument, by public assent. The power of the people united is unassailable. Mahatma Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for non-violence, civil rights and freedom across the world, and achieving it where guns and bombs could not.

      • It’s sooo good to read your comments!!!

        THANK YOU!!!

        Major consolation, while quite a number of people are ‘out to discredit me’…

        SIGHS once again.

        And HOPE! [The number of visitors…]

      • JM says:

        guess that means u must be having an impact then….gas lighting? you started hearing voices yet….some do….even since DARPA admitted it two years ago after the wikileaks leaks….

      • JM says:

        Well, I can undersatnd and have sympathy for a fellow victim. More you talk though the more ‘targetted’ you get….continue to pour petrol ont he flames doesn’t put it out, these people can’t be too stupid to comprehend the blatantly obvious especially when it has been repeatedly explained to them.
        zillions of wrongs committed by their side….? it’s not wrong to defend yourself….never mind rebalancing the scales.
        we’ll keep the flaklands as long as oil reserves and things are there….nothing more to it than that, or until a bigger power decides to take them from ‘us’, and i dnt include me in ‘us’….just because you steal soemthing doesn’t mean it’s legitmately yours!

        fact remainds, Sinn Fein wd have nowhere without IRA, martin Luthor king wdn’t be known or written abt ifit weren’t for Malcolm X, and Ghandi gets the credit to but it wdn’t have been anything to take credit for unless the people that actually thoguht that war did what they did…whoa re they?

        history rememebrs the names that the PTB want to be rememebred…so they can make/ manipulate the next gen into only doing that….whilst spying on them to identify those who may actually do the necessary to make htings happen….TI/ gangstalking/ gas lighting are the current terms….

  2. obsesiverights says:

    I am writing this before I have taken the time out to review the site. My first impression is that this is an excellent concept, which I am sure many interested persons will contribute their advice and knowledge.

    One point will be obvious but needs to be stated so that we can work together to overcome it. I think that most people will agree that the Victims of Crime and Legal abuse are at first naive enough to “learn by experience”. It is only after this that they realise that they have become victims of our corrupt legal system.

    This means that most victims only turn to the internet, after exhausting all the processes they are aware of probably inadequately and in the wrong order. And only after they have been thwarted at every turn.

    In the immediate aftermath of the injurious act, they have wasted time and effort, and in their emotional fury, they get distracted by injuries that complicate their case more than it needs to be.

    They need a lot more help, first to psychologically adjust to the shock that the Authorities are without conscience, and not to be trusted to do any more than that which leaves them with no other alternative.

    Once they can put their case to an MCF, they will not need to overcome the usual bias that the authority “just could not act like that”. They can get an unbias opinion of the evidence and have an appraisal of what the evidence including the stated events expose, enabling them to come to terms with what has happened and the best way forward.

    This will empower Victims-united.net to work effectively with MCF and Public Interest Advocates, it will attract support from many other websites twitter, facebook and all the other networks.

    • JM says:

      evidence though? they control all that….such as them gang raping me, torturing me, attempts to murder me..murder my dog….all on CCTV….soemtimes they even sell the trophy footage to TV companies for entertainment….(obviously not the really hardcore stuff or shotting people repeqatedly in the head- wikileaks release such evidence and you know what they doing to him…?)

      we need 1000 Raoull Moats. That might be enough to do soem damage and actually change soemthing…

      • obsesiverights says:

        Even without me seeing any evidence that this actually happened, I sense that you are telling the truth. Like many other people I have experienced wrongs by those we trust, my own injuries pale into total insignificance when I learn of the experience of others.

        I genuinely understand the sickening feeling that has kept you up until 1am, angry and bitter, over everything. And the anger and bitterness that far from going away, continues to tear away at you, you stay awake at night unable to sleep, but then sleeping in spite of yourself. You are tired and irritable all day continually haunted by the memories.

        How do I know? I know because although my own harm was far less than yours, I am even more bitter and angry than you could possibly be. I have had sleepless nights, and planned a bitter revenge, and unlike many have the capability to carry it out. But you will see I have experienced horrors, five people murdered in a house, the house set on fire, and witnesses distressed, and that is only one of many similar and worse experiences.

        I assert a strong discipline on myself as to how I will right the wrong. I realise the truth to: “Know your enemy”, (Sun Tzu’s The Art of War), from this I recognise that these authorities have relied on trust to cover their wrongs. They close ranks to give false statements, and escape from charges of perjury because the protection afforded them by the courts. I have seen the sneers of the liers, as the court accepted their story, the victim of crime punished through the authority’s abuse of the legal system.

        The best revenge against a bully even or especially if that bully is an authority, is success. Alone we are insignificant, but united we will be unassailable. If you review John Stalker Deputy Chief Constable, you will see that his investigation into the Northern Ireland Police, was obstructed. We stand no chance alone. But United each can play a part. Look what happened in Australia; A PRIME MINISTER APOLOGISING TO THE NATION – A miracle of united people.

  3. obsesiverights says:

    We each have our opinion and for the principle cause we are in agreement. It is just the method that varies. We each use what we believe is our best means to achieve the desired result. It is my opinion that we must more than equal the resources of the opposition to win the argument. The strength is in the support gained that will be greater than that of the opposition. The opposition wins while it has the motivation to continue if the evidence becomes so clear and compelling enough it will cause the opposition to change course. This will cause a sort of compromise, resulting in changes being made.

    • JM says:

      actually, it was simply a statement of fact. i have trouble walking these days so i can’t actually get to where the guns are anyway…

      but match their resources though? they have infinite resources because they steal from everybody else and call it taxation….what do you think wd happen to if you started tarining an army, putting up spy devices everywhere, stcok piling guns and ammo and thermal nuclear warheads along with chemical and biologicals….? how you going to match those kind of resources? guerilla warfare is only way to go…..there is no way you are ever going to match what they have…..administrative resources are irrelevant, ability to destroy a thing/ person whatever is total control over that thing….

      and they only have power as they’re prepared to do what decent people aren’t…

    • One kind of ‘ammunition’ are twitter hashtags: #paedobritain and #childsnatchbritain – especially to be used on Online Action Day: this Thursday 28th March.

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