DEAR MR CAMERON, Take the Lead and Return Our Stolen Children

A video of handing over the petition and a copy of the letter of acknowledgement from No. 10 can now be found here.

How Many Names for How Many Stolen Children?

Soo many names of soo many children stolen…

Rt Hon David Cameron, Prime Minister
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA
26 July 2013

Dear Mr Cameron

Stolen Children of the UK (S.C.O.T.UK) protest, Downing Street 19-26 July 2013

On behalf of the organisers of this week-long protest, David Jenkins (Cardiff) and Sam Edwards (Fraserburgh Scotland) we have prepared this dossier by way of urging you as first minister to take the lead in tackling a truly scandalous situation affecting far too many children and families in this country.

This very week you have been on air speaking about an issue of deep concern to you “not just as a politician but as a parent”, namely the issue of online child pornography which is poisoning young minds. In the same parental vein therefore, please attend to another equally pressing issue threatening children and family life in this country, namely the highly damaging and mostly totally unnecessary practice of local authorities seizing children from their parents and taking them into care. Imagine if it happened to you, Sam and your children!

Under an Emergency Protection Order police and social workers arrive at your door, breaking it down if you resist and wrench your children including the baby roughly from you. You are informed they are being removed because of “a risk of future emotional harm”. Evidence that you have neglected or abused them is fabricated and placed before the judge in the family court who believes the word of the social workers over your word because “public officials don’t lie.” There is no redress, appeals invariably fail, contact with your lost children if permitted at all rapidly dwindles to nothing. You will not see your children nor they you until they are grown up, and what state might they and you be in by then?

No one will deny that intervention in dysfunctional families to protect children is occasionally necessary, but what seems to be going on has all the hall-marks of a money-making racket. Children especially babies and toddlers are being traded like pawns, with the family courts cynically rubber-stamping the exercise and all involved profiting.

Mr Cameron this deeply shameful and unethical practice has to stop and someone has to take the lead – who else but you and Mr Clegg? Both of you are apparently devoted fathers and family men. We note however that you have not troubled to cross the road this week to offer words of comfort to the anguished parents of lost children foregathered outside your door. Please therefore give this issue some thought while you are on holiday. We will continue to be in touch with you.

Yours sincerely

Belinda McKenzie

Since then in The Telegraph on 27 July: New family court guidelines won’t improve a rotten system for childrenLord Justice Munby’s proposals won’t change the fact that far too many children are taken into care for no good reasons


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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21 Responses to DEAR MR CAMERON, Take the Lead and Return Our Stolen Children

  1. Dana says:

    There is an irony that children taken into care for safeguarding puts them at more risk of all kinds of abuse than what they may have received if left in their own home. Those risks rise while they are in foster care and continue when they leave care. They are often separated from their siblings and lose contact with their families because of social worker intervention. Should they get adopted they fall off the radar as there is no post adoption monitoring but while this has the effect of absolving the government from any responsibility, no one knows what really happens to them.

    We live in a harsh changing world. A decade or so ago nothing was really known about trafficking and grooming; now we know this happens in every country. Trafficking for both adults and children for labour and the sex trade is now commonplace, but another element has entered into the trafficking scandal and that is human organ harvesting. In some countries it’s rife, to order and legal as in China. In others it’s illegal, underground, hidden from sight but it still goes on. Our borders are open to all nationalities and all kinds of people some of whom have been involved in trafficking to make easy money. The UK Government should not be promoting adoption, as they do in the Children’s & Families Bill, for this reason alone, especially when they are aware adoption rackets exists and many have been exposed but what of those that have not been?

    What should be happening is Family Preservation. On the NCCPR website:

    The Evidence is In: Foster Care vs. Keeping Families Together: The Definitive Studies

    There is no excuse now for our government not to implement this strategy for Child Protection.

    • Thank You for spelling it all out, Dana!

      It seems that the gap between what is and what should be is widening all the time.

      Hard to decide what to do that is meaningful in this drama.

      “Irony” seems to be an understatement. Once you realise it’s policy and agenda to kidnap kids, then ‘hypocrisy’ is the only word that satisfies my level of disgust, anger and outrage. For I get to hear about more and more stories and ‘cases’. One more ridiculous than the other.

      Still, there must be a reason for all this to happen to us. Let’s keep trying to find out!

    • jennifer falkenstein says:

      they, the s.s as I call them.. are tearing my family apart.. Im struggling to get legal aid for help. Im nearly broke and Im exhausted to near breakdown….. They write there snippet one paragraph comment which is supposed to disscribe a whole situation of our lives past and hold us in huge contempt and damnation to portray us as this god awful family that couldnt possibly have grown and become stronger and learnt from past experiences, but wheild us as a week disfunctionable family with the lowest moral charactor casting us out of society with an assasenated concience leaving us with only fear of what might and more likely will happen to our own flesh and blood baby….

  2. John Love says:

    The Prime Minister, we know he doesn’t actually read these letters, appeals and comments, and that these simply go to his army of clerks i8n the Prime Ministers Office who respond with there standard letters which may inform the correspondent that their letter has n been forwarded to the appropriate department who will address your concern and reply to you direct.

    When the Australian Prime Minister apologised for the Forced adoptions that had been going on for generations in Australia, Our Prime Minister David Cameron was asked by the UK Press what he was going to do about “forced adoptions” in the UK. Mr David Cameron denied that anything like it was going on in the UK.

    Once someone has betrayed the truth like that, when quite obviously forced adoptions in the UK are continuing to grow at an alarming rate, he is hardly likely to suddenly change his mind.

    I try as I can to avoid insults while also speaking candidly about the facts. We generally judge people by our own standards, as we on occasion hear the expression; “I wouldn’t have done that!” or even “That is almost beyond belief how could anyone do that?” This is just how people reacted when David Cameron got home from a Sunday lunch with family and friends — and discovered he had left his eight-year-old daughter in the pub.

    I cannot help but observe that with so many local authorities seizing children from their parents and taking them into care. They ignored this particular opportunity and we are aware that children have been taken from their parents for much less reason than that. But here of course we are talking about a Prime Minister.

    We know and the David Cameron Prime Minister knows that local authorities would have accepted any reason in the world for this negligence. Here are we UK citizens being governed by a man, a father who is so negligent about his own 8 year old daughter that he can leave her in a pub and go home. I want to know who she was drinking with, and whether she was drunk when he got her home. No of course she’s only eight-year-old and would never have picked up an alcoholic drink. But the thing is she should not have been given the opportunity, as she should have been supervised and clearly was not.

    Now if he doesn’t really care about his own eight-year-old daughter why should he care for anyone else’ s? As wealthy as he is would you trust this couple to look after your child or children? Apparently we trust him to look after the State, and look what’s happening to that.

    Where do we go from here? We can’t trust the authorities, the police, or Judiciary, How far can we trust our MP’s? We need to get properly organised to create a new government.

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  6. truthaholics says:

    It really is high time to dismantle the child ‘protection’ industry piece-by-piece and disinfect it with Truth and full accountability because in it’s present form it’s little more than a racket.

    Keep up the great work!!!

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  15. cupcakes says:

    I am going through the court process. I am at the stage of appealing . The care/placement order. Well have to go for change of circumstances. My son has never been harmed. For nearly two yrs now I have been fighting this secret system. I was diagnosed with BPD due to being in care as a teenager. I am 42 now. The same pychologist who is a local authority one. Has to do an adendman. Which naturally I am very concerned with. I have had to pay private for a therphy. Therpist states a positive report, local authority are not having it. Any advice. My son has been moved four tines and has suffered not only emotionally but physically whist in care. David Cameron needs to wake up this abuse to our children is happening everywhere by local authorities. I will never give up fighting .

  16. Trevor Poar says:

    Return my grandchildren to their biological mother now

  17. Anonymous says:


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