TO EDWARD TIMPSON MP: Return our Stolen Children – our letter to the Prime Minister

Authors considering attachment in non-western ...

Authors considering attachment in non-western cultures have noted the connection of attachment theory with Western family and child care patterns characteristic of Bowlby’s time. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Minister

Re 2013/0049277ETPO

Your response to our letter to the Prime Minister is helpful in the sense that we are encouraging parents to quote it and hold Social Services and Judges to the law that you refer to. For in our observation the public authorities are far from complying with the Rule of Law! Hence I published it on our site.

However, your letter is distinctly not helpful for

  • The 50 children who die in ‘care’, as you have admitted in Parliament
    • Do the perpetrators ever get prosecuted?
  • The 10,000 children who go missing from ‘care’, as your Parliamentary Groups published;
    • Who compensates them and their families?
  • The uncounted children who get abused in ‘care’ as published in What our judges forget when they send children into care.
    • Do you want to wait until they find their biological parents and haunt you via Facebook?

And your letter is certainly not helpful for all those parents who lost their children and therefore sign petitions, participated in the demonstration outside Downing Street, join Facebook groups, publish videos and websites and generally expose what Christopher Booker has referred to repeatedly as an international scandal. This is best demonstrated by EDM 345: International Concerns about UK Law.

Before our Chairperson Belinda McKenzie will respond personally, I am writing as publisher of the following websites:

Every school in the UK has a child snatcher. I have data of a child taken from his parent because he was “starving” one day in school. His bag and luncheon box was full but was hanging in the cloakroom. School’s child snatcher tips off the SS and the child is taken because the mother does not feed him.
Father turns up to get his child from school. He has crohn’s disease so decides to have half a Guinness. The child snatcher tells the SS dad turned up drunk.
His door gets bashed in, SS take the children. A bread knife is found on the worktop. One of the kids gets molested in care. The child gets punished for telling the parents.
15 week old boy gets taken and experimented on. Looking like a lizard the mother calls an ambulance. Police seal off the hospital to stop friends getting access to the parents in A&E. Police threaten friends. Baby gets held until a doctor from the SS “club” arrives to say it is eczema. Baby handed back to abusers.”

and the following online petitions:

To appreciate the gap between the law that you believe is complied with and the reality that we have been observing, you are invited to look at the Dossier of Evidence.

Furthermore, I wonder what you suggest to bring about a change of culture:

          1. In terms of Fostering vs Adopting:
            1. Why would Ian Josephs, publisher of get up to 10 calls a day from desperate parents?
            2. I understand that only some 2% of all children in ‘care’ get adopted;
            3. These financial statistics indicate clearly that the best interest of the child is hardly the driver of this despicable ‘industry’.
            4. With respect to financial policy in your Department, might you consider The Bradbury Pound as the historic precedent for the Government as Compensator of Last Resort?
          2. In terms of Social Services:
            1. They are not up for the job, often foreign, presumably to target foreign national families?
          • One researcher claims that 6,500 foreign national children are held in ‘care’;
          • Holloway holds over 80 mothers alone who’d gladly go home, but only with their children!
          1. They still seem to be compelled more to meet adoption targets than to ensure the ‘best interests of the child’;
          2. Furthermore, why does the Independent have to publish The untold story of gagging orders, if everything were according to the law?
          3. Why such ridiculous impositions on supervised contacts, such as not to speak their native language, cancelling last minute and generally wearing the parents down?
      • In terms of the Judiciary:
        1. Why do they sanction what Social Services are doing rather than uphold the law as you are pointing out?
        2. Secrecy may be appropriate for couples who dispute the custody over their children, but why secrecy when public bodies start proceedings clearly against the will of the parents?

As you seem to need help to understand what is happening to families out there, we gladly act as voice and mouthpiece and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours gratefully in advance,

Sabine K McNeill
Co-Founder, Association of McKenzie Friends
Public Interest Advocacy while assisting Litigants in Person 

Organiser, Forum for Stable Currencies – meetings in Westminster since 1998
… Advocating Economic Democracy through Freedom from National Debt
… mathematician, system analyst, event organiser and web publisher 

21a Goldhurst Terrace – London NW6 3HB
T: 020 7328 3701 – M: 07968 039 141 – Skype: sabine.kurjo.mcneill


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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6 Responses to TO EDWARD TIMPSON MP: Return our Stolen Children – our letter to the Prime Minister

  1. Angela Carter says:

    We are going through this nightmare now. SS suggested that we as grandparents apply for a SGO we had the report back and its full of lies and contradictions. It beggars belief this still goes on. The mother has just been left high and dry with no help. Some help and support she may have changed her ways. We as grandparents have had our hopes built up then knocked dowm by beind ridiculed with lies. The main problem in this circle has been the father who is very aggressive

    • Dear Grandparents,

      I’m really sorry that you are among the hundreds and thousands of families regarding SS and associated institutions!

      I can only hope that my efforts on behalf of the US Mother who is to be deported whilst her child is to be kept for adoption will ‘pay off’.

      It is not understandable why it appears to be policy that SS hand over children to the abusive parent – possibly as a first step before taking it into their ‘care’ altogether.

      Everything always has to start with a ‘chronology’ of events that you can use to introduce your case to potential supporters. It helps to put all the documents you have into chronological order and write a little paragraph about each of them.

      There is also a professional McKenzie Friend who may be able to help: Alex Moore on

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