An open letter to David Cameron

Great minds think alike: Dear Mr Cameron, Take a Lead and Return our Stolen Children!



Dear Mr. Cameron

On the very day, 24th October 2012, that Tom Watson asked you a PMQ re. the possibility of a link between a very large and highly organised paedophile ring and No 10, you made a number of quotes to the mainstream media.

You were in fact referring to the Savile/BBC/NHS scandal.

I made a note of some of those quotes :-

”The Government will do all it can do, other institutions must do what they can do, to make sure that we learn the lesson of this and it can NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN”

“Collusion should NEVER happen again ”

”The measure of how our society is, is how we treat its most vulnerable members”

There are no more vulnerable members of our society than children who have been taken in to care and then re-abused by the very people charged with the responsibility of caring for them…

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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10 Responses to An open letter to David Cameron

  1. cliff246 says:

    Sabine…we do seem a very long way from Mckenzie Friends. Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 17:03:44 +0000 To:

  2. You mean helping individual cases? Under which label do we do the ‘public interest advocacy’ then???

  3. wakemanclare says:

    dear david cameron i have a question to ask you ?if your children were taken from you //when you now it was right and social services was doing this to cover there backs because of all the neglect and failures they have caused //and all those little souls who have lost there lives //how would you feel if it was your children //because david cameron you have a lot of power behind you why dont you start using that power to start putting things right instead of making england in to a time bomb that will go off and you will be in the middle of it//you are loosing the respect of england because of your wrong doings why not help familys get back together for xmas but the innocent parents

  4. wakemanclare says:

    dont all the proffessionals who have done wrong for so many years to parents //and is it not time to put it wright now before its too late

  5. wakemanclare says:

    is not worth all those little souls that have been lost is it not worth making there little lives worth while for how long they lived to make them proud by getting famillies back for xmas //because what them little souls went through only they will now and to make a stand and fight for whats right for them //then that they didnt go through what they did and how they had to die in the horrific way they did //lets remenber there names in the best way we can by getting the famiiies together who deserve there children//and i have got evidence on 2 social workers //3 magistrates and a well known judge for adopting children children off behind parents backs //and all the lies and deciet//and my children are at risk in the system and i have my evidence that should of gone in to court to prove my my familys justice ..but i wont let my children be victims of the system overxxx my dead body//and i am even prepared to go into goverment and stand up for all of us innocent parents and i have the passion and belief that i am able to do this i just need help getting there and getting my voice heard for all of us and get my childrens voices heard and we have 5 weeks left to xmas and my aim is to do this before thenxxxxxbless all those little souls ..god bless you

  6. wakemanclare says:

    you know iv known alot of power full people in my life time but i put my hands up to sabrine and i admire what she does she is an inspiration to all of us thank you

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