THE GOVERNMENT wants to see families being supported to stay together; why doesn’t it happen?

Mind the gap, dear Edward Timpson MP, between what the government wants and what local authorities and government agencies do:

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Just do it! Support families, especially foreign ones like the worst of all child snatching cases known, this Nigerian family, and now this Portuguese family.

This Dossier of Evidence supports our petition to the EU Parliament: Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent. It demonstrates:

  • Local authorities (Police and Social Workers) take children without any paperwork
  • justify their actions after the event
  • get the people processing industry going: medical and psychiatric ‘experts’, lawyers galore who all seem to operate in the interest of the local authority rather than their ‘clients’ and of course, judges who tend to sanction what local authorities are doing rather than question.

Being paid to ‘just do their job’, they practise what’s unique in the UK:

  • gag the parents from speaking out – despite Sir James Munby’s Baby J judgement on 05 September 2013 – appealing to courts to adapt to the realities of the internet, particularly social media;
  • forbid them to speak in their native language;
  • prevent them from speaking to their children about what’s happened to them and what may happen to them.

More here about the latest shocking story of a Portuguese family.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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36 Responses to THE GOVERNMENT wants to see families being supported to stay together; why doesn’t it happen?

  1. dear edward thompson i have evidence on 2 social workers ajudge and 3 magistrates from walsall that are adopting children off behind parents backs and there is other things too i have all this evidence in writing

    • Can you write to me and I forward or write to him and Cc me, Clare?

      sabine @

      • wakemanclare says:

        its time the truth came out and that more little souls dont loose there lives and im going to make sure my children get heard and im going to make sure i get heard for every single one of us innocent parents have justice and i am willing to stand up to i have to t get the truth out and get justice lets see who is willing to challenge a parent who is willing to get justice served

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  3. truthaholics says:

    Aberrant UK child removal racket still going against the grain of balancing good-enough parenting with child protection.

    Enough is enough!

  4. son4justice2 says:

    Such a sick and sad country that allows forced adoptions and the removal of children WITHOUT any evidence of harm. Once caught in the trap of the social services the LAs will not let go and hire spin doctors to justify their obscene claims on pyschological reports to dam the parents. If only these psychologists knew what an evil web they have become entangled. No doubt some do and prefer to side with the LAs to spread the butter thickly on their own bread.
    All done to cover their backs in the light of children who are murdered BUT these murders were the social services fault due to negligence. It was they that failed the children when in the role of ‘protective’ sevices.

    These children had such injuries and home conditions that any parent would have raised the alarm. SCRs are a diabolical mess, letting social workers off in their droves while innocent parents pay the price for their failings. And it obviously hurts the many hundreds of innocent parents more than it could a member of the public or any negligent social worker.

    So beware all you innocent parents a little mark with innocent reasons easily proved and a social worker could walk in your door and take your children, nail you to the cross and dam you for being innocent while children are murdered in another house by psychos equal to their mind set of destroying parents and children.

  5. Dana Raymond says:

    The fact that so few care orders are rejected in the family court is very telling! The fact that the same response letter is written to parents/grandparents from all different sources, Dept of Education, MOJ, Edward Timpson, MPs, PM, in reply to letters of complaint about what has happened to them in Family Court or when a child is in the care of a local authority. Appeals in the High Court are sent back to the original Judge. No wonder Social Workers can lie, fabricate allegations, withhold evidence, choose their own Experts who reshape the facts to mirror what they say, backed up by Cafcass, with impunity. Cafcass who write reports for the court but can’t be bothered to speak to the subject of their reports.

    All this is known but what does this say about the people involved? The Judges who don’t seem to question that all the professional stories are all a little too similar, too pat, are they too jaded to care anymore about the lives of the children and their families? The social workers who are so blinkered, never changing their stance, despite whatever information comes to light, how do they justify what they do to families and go home and tuck their own children up in bed?

    In years to come, when the full facts of the child protection system is known, the professionals involved will be despised. In Australia they are currently reviewing their current stance on forced adoption from the care system, in the light of the “forgotten generation”. Here in the UK the government have still not apologised for their part in shipping out thousands of kids from the care system to be abused in Australia and the government have not apologised for the abuse of kids in care that has happened over decades in the UK. Abuses that continue in care and foster homes right now.

  6. Dana Raymond says:

    Sabine, it’s a dirty system that I believe we only scrape at. If the truth of what really happens in the courts and the effects of those children and families harmed by the professionals, before during and after court, were to hit the mainstream there would be riots. The so called caring profession is anything but! Unfortunately for anyone who is going through the family court system this is only known after they emerge form the courts battered and childless! I believe the only reason that reforms are being instigated is because people are beginning to know the truth but it will take time to filter through. Anyone involved at the present time will only have judgements open to scrutiny and as that does not show how they got to that outcome it means nothing! It has start at the beginning not at the end!

  7. Dana Raymond says:

    Sabine, to see a mother who has just lost 2 of her children and is heavily pregnant with her 3rd, leave the family court early to get back to try to get her belongings from her council home before being evicted by baliffs reminds me the local authority is not so different from the SS The Gestapo. Everyone in that court knew and spoke about why she had left the court. Everyone from the Judge down! Shameful! That mother went on to sleep in the woods in the snow rather than go to the hostal that was full of addicts or alcoholics as she did not feel safe with them. The SS told her to stay away from her family & she complied, fearful of them taking the 3rd child. They did in any case but only after 3 hours a day contact and then the child was adopted. The systematic cruelty of what this mother has endured over 4 years and is still continuing at the hands of the SS, leave me in no doubt that this system is not there to help or support mothers despite what is generally portrayed in adverts about the SS. All contact with her other 2 children has been suspended indefinitely so she has not seen her children for 16 months now. I have no doubt in my mind that it is to break the bonds, so they will settle with the foster carers who are to /have taken out an SGO. The anguish of not being given any information about the children’s wellbeing has taken its toll and she is a shadow of her former self, angry at what has happened to her, then in turn tearful as the realisation hits her that she is powerless to change anything.

    The Social Services may be trying to change its image by calling itself Children’s Services but they did not provide a social service and they are doing children no favours now. History tells us what happened in the past that was deemed right then but now seen as wrong when looked at through the humanitarian lens, should not be happening in this day and age but the SS still continue and the family court is still removing children unnecessarily. If the cost of removing children was put to better use to keep families together, that has to be better than tearing them apart and behind closed doors its easy to inflict that kind of torture for a few hours as those professionals don’t see or care about the fall out of either the children or the family. Who said it was OK to do this to families? Who continues to say it? They clearly lack any humanity and should be despised! The whole system needs to be exposed for what it is and disbanded!

    • THANK YOU for formulating the problem sooo lucidly, Dana!

      My husband used to say that the government always achieves the opposite of what it claims to do. I seriously wonder what is policy, what is agenda and what is successful brainwashing ‘just to do the job’…

      It starts with money and ends with sex. All variations of white collar crimes in between.

      All we can do is be on the ‘right side’ and connect with the ‘right people’, it seems.

  8. Dana Raymond says:

    Sabine, there is only one way to deal with this, vote out the MPs that allow this to continue. If every family touched or should I say burned by the SS, past & present, voted them out and demanded a better, fairer system we would go forward, with supportive reforms for the children and families, not remain in the dark ages, with people in power who think it is OK to treat families in such a cavalier way. The Children & Families bill state that local authorities will no longer have to promote contact, that will mean children in care will not see their families because if they don’t have to, they won’t. Forced adoption is an abomination against humanity and the human rights of all but is ignored. I can hardly believe this is 2013! How backward of the government!

    It needs to stop and these people who lack empathy but grow rich on the backs of children need to be exposed. If every parent named their social work team, cafcass guardian, the MP who they asked for help but was told it was not their remit, the Judge who hammered in the final nails and anyone else, it would be on the internet for all to see. When the tide turns and it will, everyone will know who the people were that allowed this to happen and so will their children and grandchildren! Name and shame! Expose them all! Let every child taken know the truth of why they could not be with their own family! Why they were put at a greater risk of abuse and why they felt like a square peg in a round hole living with strangers and why they couldn’t go home to their mum, dad or grandparents, and not force fed the diatribe that spews out of the mouths of social workers!

  9. wakemanclare says:

    i want to get my voice heard for all of our parents and children and i wabt to do it now my aim is to do everthing in my power to get has many children back to there parents back for xmas as i can ;;i have the balls to do this please help me get this done and make all of the parents smile again again

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  12. wakemanclare says:

    Reblogged this on wakemanclare.

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  14. wakemanclare says:

    all i want is a miracle to happen for all of us

  15. wakemanclare says:

    we all need to work as one to get justice for all we love

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  17. Richard Wilson says:

    It is frustrating to see that Edward Timson has no clue as to the enormity of lies and underhanded tactics the SS use to steal children. Yes there are some very bad parents out there, but of the ones that are good and the SS use bogus professionals to lie for them and corrupt judges who do not question as to why cases are brought how does he not know what’s going on? Unless he is party to it!

    • I am sure he’s party to it, Richard.

      He said that the number of children who die per year in care is very low: 50…

      Do you think their deaths are being investigated???

      • Richard Wilson says:

        I would certainly like to think so but it would not surprise me if it wasn’t.
        If I can be of help in any way please do get in touch, when we were going thru the mill some years ago, we were helped by Jerry Lonsdale fro justice for families. But we have moved to Dorset now and not so many problems here.

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