BELINDA’s BATTLE News: Paedophilia UK, here we come! Big Time!

13 11 11 Battle for ChildrenDear All

If you’ve just signed my contact-list thank you and welcome.

In the past few weeks I’ve been out-and-about a lot and the list has been expanding rapidly which is great. People seem to be very receptive to the need to have a big public ‘battle’/campaign to properly protect the children and family life of this country. The Jimmy Savile scandal has really woken everyone up and has provided the needed opportunity. As well as the paedophiles/paedophile-rings, of major concern also is the activity of the local authorities currently removing children from their birth families at the rate of 1000 per month – Cameron wants that figure to double in 2014. Why? Struggling families need to be supported, not torn apart! The removal of children should only ever be a very regrettable necessity in a small number of acute cases. But sadly even that ‘emergency’ side of things is not working properly as we’ve have seen from the string of tragic deaths in recent years where intervention should have happened and didn’t…

When children are removed from their birth-families/families broken up the resultant damage goes on and on, costing the public purse in the long-run many times over what it would have cost right at the outset to install a home-help in a struggling family and  provide it with a little extra money to cover the daily needs of the children. Social workers should be literally no more nor less than that, community workers helping families to stay together and deal with their problems and instructing people in communities to look out for each other and to support any families in difficulties. They should not be not behaving like some kind of neo-Nazi SS, bearing down on a family flanked by uniformed police-officers to wrest a screaming child from its likewise screaming mother’s or father’s arms. Sadly, such barbaric scenes are all too commonplace these days. They are a truly shameful blot on our national life. Factor in the impotence of the police to round up the high-level paedophiles tormenting children in the state care-system and the gangs and cults ritualistically abusing children and you have a very bad scene indeed. All of this needs to be brought into the full glare of public scrutiny and a General Election is a good context in which to do that.  

For the sake of new arrivals on this list, I’m a long-term public campaigner on various issues of injustice, cover-ups of truth, etc. I’ve been campaigning against child-abuse since the beginning of 2010 when I became very active in the case of Scottish abuse-survivor Hollie Greig. Despite being Down’s Syndrome 33 year-old Hollie (about to turn 34) will not accept that the people who abused and terrorised her throughout her childhood in Aberdeen have never been investigated still less prosecuted. So it’s OK to rape a child/children especially a disabled child in Scotland is it? And to murder chief witness to her abuse her uncle Roy Greig? Hollie doesn’t agree. Helped by her mum Anne Greig she says she wants “to fight” until her “monster” father Denis Mackie who raped her, also taught her brother to rape her and Hollie says, passed her round a group of his ‘friends’ AND in all likelihood organised the murder of her much-loved uncle is behind bars.

The Hollie Greig case is by now a very well-known case and extends beyond Scotland as Grampian Police have carried out/instigated raids on homes in Cheshire, Shropshire and Manchester in connection with the case. The Shropshire home is that of Anne and Hollie themselves who had been forced to flee Scotland due to harassment. They thought they would be safe in a leafy village outside Shrewsbury but in June 2010 officers of Shropshire Council and West Mercia police raided the small home and smashed it up. Shropshire Council then went to the High Court to obtain an injunction against the ladies from speaking out and simultaneously initiated proceedings with a view to separating Hollie from her mum and taking her into state care. In 2013 the case is still in the Court of Protection.

One or two people have asked me, am I an abuse victim myself, to be doing all this? My answer is no, not exactly, there was a problem with my care when I was a baby due to my being born right after the war in 1946 which I gather upset me, but nothing like the trauma of being subject to paedophile abuse, or worse. I do believe though there is a category of people, many of you on this list by now! who experience something the psychologists called ‘secondary trauma’. We may not be victims ourselves but we feel acutely for victims. I simply cannot bear to think of anything bad happening to any small/young child growing up nor to animals for that matter and it makes me feel frantic at times that apparently I can do nothing to stop the cruel element in society from doing what they perennially do to defenceless children, animals, elderly people, etc.

Well I’ve decided I CAN stop these heartless and cruel people, I WILL stop them and I’m asking everyone to join in and help. Together we CAN change the demographic of parliament and begin to fill it with people who share OUR mindset and who are not on some corporate, artificial, paedophilic, EU-driven ‘New World Order’ agenda.

In the 18 months leading up to the General Election all/any existing MPs can begin showing where their true hearts lie by doing something NOW to protect the children of this country – if you love and cherish children and want to see them properly protected you will get our vote. It really is that simple.

Prior to Christmas I’ll be listing ways in which MPs can get active in 2014 to help children, encouraged and persuaded by us. My own MP Lynne Featherstone is already challenging Children’s Services in this Borough, the notorious London Borough of Haringey – good on you Lynne and I hope you are encouraging colleagues in the House to do likewise in their area. I will be in touch to see if there’s any way I can help.

We’re coming for ‘Paedophilia UK’ big time now; these people’s time is up!

‘Pinpoint Activism’: Here we are outside the BBC for Children In Need night about to start. It only 5 or 6 in the right place at the right moment + visual message, a megaphone & leaflets to make an impact!  Pudsey passed by a couple of times with his bucket, we tried to engage him and his little retinue but for some reason he wouldn’t stop and talk to us.

Empowerment Mondays, London:  Again our weekly demo under the banner of the Campaign for Truth and Justice tomorrow Monday 18 November will be at the Old Bailey off Fleet Street, St Paul’s end.

Police state Britain is here: The new IPNA law currently in the House of Lords will give powers to the police to detain people immediately/indefinitely without needing the endorsement of the court.

Thank you Sir James: Rt Hon. Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division of the Royal Courts of Justice continues to make the right noises, but will there be take-up by his colleagues?

Scotland the Brave? Robert Green who was tried on Breach-of-the-Peace charges and imprisoned in Grampian Jail Aberdeen in 2012 continues to go after those in high places in Scotland responsible for locking him up, rather than prosecuting those who abused Hollie. Could the tide be turning?

Vicky Haigh: Many on the list will remember the case of Vicky Haigh, the horse-trainer & jockey mum from Yorkshire whose 7-year-old daughter R was removed from her and she herself sent to prison for Breach of a Non-Molestation Order by top family judge Sir Nicholas Wall in 2011. By this time the little girl had been suffering the abusive attentions of Vicky’s ex-husband/her father for over three years, ever since she’d first told her mother her daddy was doing things to her she didn’t like and horrified Vicky had in her ignorance at the time had reported the matter to Social Services. The SS, rather than trying to help protect the child had started accusing Vicky of lying and coaching her daughter to lie and it went all the way downhill for Vicky and R from there. When Vicky became pregnant with her second daughter by a new partner she was forced to take refuge in Ireland and have the baby there as the SS were threatening to remove that child too, on the grounds that she already had a criminal conviction in respect of the first one.

At the back of Vicky’s and R’s troubles could be that her paedophile ex-husband is a freemason with a likewise freemason brother high up in a neighbouring police force…

Vicky’s troubles are by no means over and the Kafkaesque saga continues with what can only be a fresh attempt to lock Vicky away. On Friday 22 November she will be back in front of the judge at Nottingham Crown Court on fresh charges of Breach of a Non-Molestation Order. The issue this time is that, in an echo of Maureen Spalek’s Vicky tried to pass a Birthday Card from R’s 2 older half-siblings to R via the local vicar – when the vicar handed the card in at R’s school this was immediately reported to the SS. By this time the SS had another report against Vicky up their sleeve produced by a local barmaid who had reported Vicky as trying to get in touch with R. Vicky who rarely goes to the pub doesn’t know this barmaid and is quite sure she’s a plant.

If anyone in the Nottingham area could go along to the Crown Court on Friday in support of Vicky she would be very grateful.

Parent’s Walk of Justice, Aberdeen-to-Downing Street London, November-December 2013: Once again the Walk (to flag up all abuse and injustice towards children) is held up as Ardjuna’s car has broken down in the Edinburgh area so it and caravan have to be abandoned… Sam has acquired a camper-van at a cost of £500 which will easily sleep him, Sid and Ardjuna + 2 kittens Justice & Liberty. Of course sudden new expense eats deep into funds so if anyone could possibly help with a donation however small towards the cost of the van that will be very much appreciated. Sam’s bank-account is: a/c 02556609 and sort-code 80-46-35

MPs please!  As outlined above this ‘Battle’ is focused on the General Election and the first step is to build a network of supporters in all 649 constituencies. I got as far as 200 constituencies covered in the 2010 General Election when the issue was Justice for Hollie but I’m aiming to triple that in 2014-15. Some Hollie supporters may have fallen away in the interim, having swallowed the ‘Hollie Hoax’ nonsense but I’m going to ignore that and assume that everyone is still on board UNLESS YOU TELL ME OTHERWISE.

If you’ve joined the list since 2011 I’d be very grateful to know who your MP is and I’ll take that as an indication you will be happy to pass on questions and information to him or her from this campaign. I hope in some cases the MP will receive information from several constituents at once, so he or she is in no doubt that he/she needs to take this issue seriously.  If you don’t know who your MP is you can find that out by going to tap on MPs Lords and offices then type your postcode into the box saying Find Your MP.

Hollie: Reminder that it’s Hollie’s birthday on Saturday 23rd November so please send cards for Hollie by 21st, she’d love to know people are still thinking about her and support her. Hollie, c/o B. McKenzie, 83 Priory Gardens, London N6 5QU  

Have a good week and on we go!




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    iv got one thing to say and thats judgement day coming and soonwe than later believe me

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    Just got this must have missed it anything I can do to help let me know CareKids on twitter 🙂

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