BELINDA’s Latest Call for Battle to Protect Britain’s Children from Paedophilia UK

13 11 11 Battle for ChildrenPlease note also National Debate on Child Protection – signed by 44 MPs!

Dear All

Greetings  and welcome to this list if you’ve signed my contact sheet only recently and thank you for your interest in this initiative. If I’m mistaken and you’re not/no longer interested in following or joining with me in a ‘Battle for [= to protect] Britain’s Children’ in the lead-up to the General Election 2015 just let me know and I’ll remove you from this list.  To date, after sending out 8? editions of BATTLE NEWS since end September 2013 only 2 people on this extensive mailing-list have asked to be removed.

The list which runs into thousands by now represents 4 years of public campaigning on this issue, starting out as ‘Justice for Hollie Greig’ and widening into a general campaign against all forms of child abuse, including state stealing and trafficking of children and ritual as well as sexual abuse.

As I’ve mentioned recently at public events, the proposed ‘Battle’ doubles as a campaign to ‘Elect an Ethical Parliament in 2015’. I work on the simple premise that those who abuse children or who KNOWINGLY condone, cover-up, turn a blind eye to, sanction, enable or promote the abuse of children & break-up of families are UNLIKELY TO BE ETHICAL in any other area of their public activity. In my view therefore such people should not be elected or re-elected to this country’s legislature, nor should they be holding positions of public trust, full-stop.

I’m convinced that the motley collection of psychopathic individuals who get off on abusing young children I’ve dubbed Paedophilia UK (PUK), plus those who cover up for them is at the heart of the disease afflicting our nation. I lay at PUK’s door all the other immoral behaviour in public life, all our societal problems, all the illegal wars and senseless violence. Using membership of the secret societies to cover its slimy tracks and enlist high-level support, PUK has tentacles everywhere, in the courts, the council-chambers, the police & intelligence services, the media, the medical profession, sadly even in the charity sector and of course in our parliaments. PUK is greedy, craven, heartless and vicious, it will kill to protect its bailiwicks and guard the precious prey. PUK is very gung-ho and convinced it is inviolate! No wonder virtually no one in public life to date has had the courage to confront this monster, hence it continues to have free rein and wreak havoc and misery everywhere.

In the 1st & 2nd World Wars the enemy was perceived as ranged against this country from outside our borders. It was relatively clear to all at the time what and whom we were fighting against and why. Going into the anniversary of WW1 and in an echo of the most dramatic aerial Battle of WW2 I’m going all-out to tell the public this assault on children and family life orchestrated by Paedophilia UK (PUK) constitutes WW3. In 21st century THE ENEMY IS WITHIN and its name is PUK.

I’m asking for everyone’s help to expose and disable this horrible predator, PUK. If I didn’t think it can be done I wouldn’t be attempting the impossible but I am very much of the persuasion that the timing is at last RIGHT for this most important moral battle of our times and that in the UK at least we will be knocking on an open door. PUK has taken quite a pounding in the past 15 months since the Savile scandal erupted. The public are already well aware of PUK’s noxious presence in our midst and on high alert. Suspicion as to who in high places is part of PUK is rampant. Etc.

During December I’ll be rolling out the Battle Plan for next year, without giving too much away – discretion is very much part of the ‘art of war’ while games like Bridge teach you to play your cards close to your chest!

This is no game however, nor even traditional warfare, this is real life NOW, as raw and painful as it comes. Children all over this country are being hurt emotionally and psychologically as well as physically by unaccountable people abusing their positions of public trust every day of the week and every minute of every day. This, the anguish and suffering of children and their unheard cries of distress is the bottom line.

So I beg all of you on this list, please support my Battle and let’s try to turn things around for the children. First off, I need to know who your MP is. This tells me your constituency and who is trying to get elected in 2015. I can easily identify your MP from your postcode so if you’re not sure who he or she is just send me your postcode. Trust me, this simple information from enough of you, then your willingness to email your MP at intervals during 2014 and up to the general election is all I need to go out there with all guns blazing against those who prey on children. AND WIN!


Child-abuse prosecutions – a shocking number of offenders are still slipping through the net

Internet child-porn – will new blocks only drive it deeper into the ‘dark web’ where only Paedophilia UK can still access it, with impunity…;

Christopher Booker’s latest – top family judge Munby’s own lonely moral ‘battle’ & a shocking new child-snatching case delivery-room child-snatch, all too common

Child-abuse prosecutions – a shocking number of offenders are still slipping through the net

Internet child-porn – will new blocks only drive it deeper into the ‘dark web’ where only Paedophilia UK can still access it, with impunity…;

Protesters to face removal of their children? Is this what’s down the line?


During ‘70s & ‘80s there was a concerted attempt to ‘normalize’ paedophilia, in much the same was as homosexual relationships had become part of normal life by then. Check out the sinister links between ‘Voice of the Child in Care’, the ‘Paedophile Information Exchange’ & the National Council for Civil Liberties. Some of those who were campaigning at the time to lower the age of consent to 5, yes 5! are still in Parliament today…


Others sticking their heads above the parapet to protect children from paedophile abuse include:

Robert Green – still battering away at the corrupt Scottish establishment which imprisoned him in 2012 for his stance over the Hollie Greig case

Tim Rustige – another victim of Grampian Police facing the full wrath of the Scottish so-called justice system for applying his pungent pen to goings-on in “nonce-land”, Rusty’s word for Scotland. The new date set for his trial at Aberdeen Sheriff Court is Feb 24th -28th – 5 days! Previously only 2 days were allocated, now a whole week. Are they organising another stitch-up, as at Stonehaven v. Robert Green in 2012?! Meanwhile Rusty pens on regardless

Maggie Tuttle – furious grandmother of ‘stolen’ small James and tireless fighter for his and other children’s voices to be heard in the care-system. Maggie is a most eloquent and outspoken public speaker – here she is at the recent Grantham Child-Stealing conference

Sabine McNeill – on-line campaigner par excellence and my colleague in the Association of McKenzie Friends Sabine is regularly threatened by councils infuriated by her exposure of their dirty dealings. She’s currently lending her cyber-weight to mums trying to get their children ‘back for Christmas’

S.C.O.T.UK Stolen Children of the UKall the ‘Fighting Mums’ & Dads refusing to adhere to their gagging orders and keep quiet about losing their children. Many are being threatened with prison. BTW APOLOGIES to all who signed my contact sheet outside Downing Street in the summer, I copied your names into a previous mailing-list then lost the stick that that was on, then failed to recopy in your names when I re-did the list. Discovered the error when Charlene asked me the other day why she hasn’t been getting emails from me! Sorry, you’re all on now. I know I can count on you to join the Battle and vice versa. I 100% back SCOT’s excellent campaign to date

Vicky Haighlike Hollie’s case, Vicky’s horror-story has the potential to blow this country’s skewed so-called child protection system wide open She has just survived what looked horribly like a plot to imprison her for the third time, again for breaching a Non-Molestation Order. In the end it was decided at Nottingham Crown Court on 22nd November that 2 of the 3 charges could be dropped, on condition Vicky pleaded guilty to just one of them, attempting to pass her daughter a birthday-card from the child’s 2 older half-sisters, a criminal offence in modern Britain! Sentencing will be in 2-3 weeks…

All these brave people and many more I could name will certainly all be on the Roll of Honour when this war is over. YOU are what keep me battling away against injustice and cruelty to children, I couldn’t do it on my own. I salute all of you!

Parent’s Walk of Justice, Aberdeen to London Downing Street: It was a relief to hear that with severe winter weather forecast the Walk has been postponed till the spring. Respect to Sid and team for their brave effort to date and hopefully we can get many more behind them when Sid hits the road again in 2014 as he remains fully determined to do. 

‘Empowerment Monday’ group London: We were at the Old Bailey Monday 25th November and will be there tomorrow Monday 2nd & following Monday 9th December, probably with the BNP breathing down our necks once again! On Monday 16th we’re going somewhere out of London (ssshh!) before breaking for Christmas.


5th December, Royal Courts of Justice, Family Division   Melissa Laird v. Barnet Council 

6th December RCJ Court of Appeal                                     Chiwar & Gloria Musa v. Haringey Council: Court 4, 10.30. Be there, if you can!!!

9th & 10th December  Lincoln Crown Court                       Pedro Family v. Lincolnshire Council                      

For details see Any support will be appreciated and please would any others about to go to court let me know so I can rally the troops in support of you too?

Keep fighting!

All good wishes


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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  2. Lincolnshire county council are wrongfully removing children innocent parents are killing themse

  3. Cher Marsh says:

    I will help in any way I can but I’m just not very well at the moment and am trying to not stress my self out to much right now. But if you need me to fill out any campaign emails I will gladly help it’s just being a victim of abuse most of my life I’m just struggling to cope with it at the moment. If you need me thought please tweet me as I get so many emails they will most offer get lost in all the tweet mail. So tweet me first if poss x

    Sent from my iPhone

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