OPEN LETTER to Haringey Council by McKenzie Friend re consular access to children

A Nigerian Family - Destroyed by Haringey Council - Gagged from Reporting

Paul Randle-Jolliffehas been involved as a McKenzie Friend (lay legal advisor) with the Musa case long before I tried to help.

Here he writes to Haringey’s Children’s Care Services reminding them of the many times they ignored or transgressed the law, especially their Social Workers and Police Officers. He also criticises judges but according to John Hemming MP, the only MP who consistently stands up for this cause, Parliament is the only authority for them, but it doesn’t exercise this privilege.

The trigger was Sir James Munby’s judgement regarding a Slovak boy that resulted in the Daily Mail reporting: UK Courts must not decide fate of foreign children.

He mentions the pilot Maurice J Kirk BVSc whose arrest is held against him for not attending court! That is in Cardiff where he is wrongfully imprisoned; but Wales seems to be particularly bad.

But, actually, every case seems to…

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3 Responses to OPEN LETTER to Haringey Council by McKenzie Friend re consular access to children

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Paul Randle-Joliffe may be very well meaning, and no doubt does know a lot about family law but his flippant open letter is not appropriate in style and does the Musa family’s cause no favours. What has happened to them and many others is very wrong and we badly need a credible movement to stop the “child protection” mania which has abandoned common sense and gripped social services up and down the country. Ranting and rambling will not help our cause. Sorry to be negative because we need “unity” – but we also need credibility.

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