PRESS RELEASE about the UK Delegation in Brussels to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent

THANKS to the ‘megaphone’ of UK Family Law Reform (which can be used for local papers, too!):


Un-Believable Facts about Children in Foster ‘Care’ and Forced Adoptions

A UK delegation of parents is visiting the EU Petitions Committee on 19 March 2014, hoping to get their children returned, after they have been forcibly removed from them. Individual petitioners are a German parent, a Latvian mother and daughter, a Lithuanian and a British mother. Speaking on behalf of the thousands of parents effected will be German Sabine K McNeill who publishes petitions online and gathered the support of over 4,000 signatures. Other victims in support are an English greatgrandfather and father, a Welsh father as well as family and McKenzie Friends who have been assisting as lay legal advisors. The text submitted to the Committee in May 2013 is on She will be followed by 3 petitioners from the Netherlands who copied the UK system of child ‘protection’[i].

The Petitions Committee seeks to determine whether the problem is of a personal, global or systemic nature. A further document has therefore been submitted and published on A Petition placed before the House of Commons was published but remained without response so far:, while a Dossier of Online Evidence demonstrates the mounting anger on

Meanwhile, the shocking facts are:

The UK is unique:

  • to allow punishment without crime, i.e. take children from innocent parents;
  • to allow irreversible ‘forced adoptions’ against the will of the parents;
  • to carry out lengthy family court procedures in secret, until ‘contact sessions’ under the censorship of Social Workers end in ‘good bye meetings’ to be with ‘forever parents’;
  • to issue injunctions or ‘gagging orders’ that prevent parents from complaining to the media by threat of imprisonment;
  • to take children for ‘risk of emotional harm’ or even ‘risk of future emotional harm’.

UK politicians comply:

  • During New Labour under Tony Blair, ‘adoption targets’ were raised;
  • in 2006 Harriet Harman MP told Parliament that every year 200 parents get imprisoned in the privacy and secrecy of family courts;
  • John Hemming, the MP who has over 2,000 cases on file, has recommended parents to flee abroad[v] as they can’t get a fair trial to gain their children back, once they have been removed;

McKenzie Friends have assisted parents who have been criminalised and imprisoned so that parents could be deported while children are kept for adoption.

It is hoped that the Petitions Committee will use their normal procedure and initiate an investigation. Meanwhile, the Association of McKenzie Friends has formulated these requests:

  • To do everything in the Petitions Committee’s power
  1. to ensure that future adoptions without Parental Consent will not be allowed in the UK;
  2. to make past adoptions reversible – based on the decision of the adopted child;
  3. to enforce the Rule of international Law, as expressed in

i.      the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child;
ii.      the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations;
iii.      the EU Articles of Human Rights.

  • To make recommendations for the creation of an international Ombudsman-type tribunal that
  1. ensures children are being heard – whether in screaming or in talking age;
  2. reviews ‘care’ proceedings that are currently in process;
  3. invites parents to submit documents relating to past ‘care’ proceedings for re-assessment.
  • To return children to their birth parents as soon as possible
  1. especially when they were taken as babies and shortly after birth;
  2. especially when their parents are foreigners;
  3. and especially when their parents are imprisoned.




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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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