NEWS RELEASE: UK Violations of EU Law and Child RIGHTS: naming an Indian Child contrary to Article 10

NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                        04 April 2014


Naming an Indian Child without Family, Religious Ceremony
and without the Father on its Birth Certificate


The European Union is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, liberty, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities. These values, which are set out in Article I-2, are common to the Member States. Moreover, the societies of the Member States are characterised by pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men. These values play an important role, especially in two specific cases:

In 1998 the European Council decided that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is inseparable from the attainment of the above mentioned objectives of the Treaty on European Union. Therefore the UNCRC is to be considered EU Law.

Furthermore, the European Convention on Human Rights[ii] (ECHR) guarantees a fair trial in Article 6, the right to family life in Article 8 and freedom of expression in Article 10. This includes freedom of religious expression and children speaking the language of their parents.

However, local authorities in the UK routinely violate not only UNCRC but also ECHR, without scrutiny or accountability. That’s why John Hemming MP recommends fleeing the UK[iii] and that’s why a delegation of some 30 parents and McKenzie Friends travelled to Brussels on 19 March 2014.

On the agenda of the Petitions Committee of EU Parliament was Pan-EU Child Protection cases framed in the light of the Charter on Fundamental Rights[iv] with individual petitions from the UK: one German, two Latvian, one Lithuanian, one British and the collective one to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent[v].

The UK delegation included Bhupeshkumar Navinchandra Patel whose son was taken right after birth by Hertfordshire County Council – like 84 of 100 parents asked: for future risk of emotional harm. They now abuse their power to name him their way, without the presence and consent of his parents, and with the intent not to register the father on the birth certificate. He even expects to be charged £151 for the costs.

His MP Richard Harrington refused to help him. Having followed every single legal avenue without avail, he is now calling for exposure of the violation of international treaties and the 1911 Perjury Act[vi].

Concerns by Social Services were due to an abusive relationship where the mother was battered, as logged by police. Her first child was therefore taken by Hertfordshire County Council and the child was ordered to live with his paternal Grandmother, even though she had issues. Causing emotional harm and parental alienation to both mother and child, is the norm for the 1,000 children stolen by the state needlessly[vii] every month, as the Daily Mail published in April 2012.

Whilst the second son is in foster care, he has had marks from bruising which were reported to police without resulting in action, while District Judge Melenby refused access to his medical records.

Contact has also been refused so that the father hasn’t seen his first son since June 2013. Hence he investigated and found out that Social Worker Paula Bridget McCrystal’s partner is Fergal McCristal who is buying cocaine which he reported to police – again without any action taken.

His son was put into care and made available for adoptionbased on the lies by the Social Workers and the CAFCASS Guardian Patricia Thata. She swore on oath under that name when, in fact, her real name is Ntombiyempilo Patrica Thata. She claimed to be at Luton CAFCASS officer, when really she has been registered at Dunstable as the details of her ltd company reveal. Police doesn’t want to investigate and the father is asking whether is there is a pattern of people in public office committing perjury and misfeasance?

When the second son was born on 13th December 2013, I recorded Guardian Simon Mark Crowder saying that he had been on the case before the baby was born.

At Watford County Court on 01/04/2014 at 10.30 for an appeal hearing, to get his children returned, the father intends to make public the recordings he has to show how the child ‘protection’ network works.

He is aware of Core Assets[viii] as one of the key companies to make money my taking innocent children causing them harm whilst in the child care paying foster carers £400-£680 a week.

He went to Brussels to jointly demonstrate that there is a major problem within Social Services and Judges who rubber stamp Forced Adoptions as the only country in the EU, with the possibly exception of Croatia and Portugal.


For further information please call Sabine McNeill on 07968 038 141 or in London or Roelie Post on +31 615 864 482 or in Brussels.










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    This is one of the delegates who was with us in Brussels, hoping it would make a difference to his fight with his local council…

  2. ardjuna7 says:

    Superb article as always Sabine. Having been at the hospital with this family on the eve of this imminent birth on 13th December 2013, I have full respect for this father, his partner and their beautiful babies. I fully support them in bringing this vile breech of human rights to public attention and support all other parents who seek to have their stolen children returned to their care. Love and Lite to all in their quest, United we must stand xx

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