FEEDBACK re Commitments to Victims from McKenzie Friends and Victims Unite!

Dear Rebecca Gough @ the Ministry of Justice,


This is just to let you know that I welcome the good intentions published in the Government’s Commitment to Victims, but I’m afraid it’s too little too late.

Please note:

  1. As published on Victims Unite in March 2012: The Royal Commission into New South Wales Police established in 1997 that Corruption, Reform and Paedophilia were its findings.
    1. The parallels with Savile and Rotherham are blindingly obvious!
  2. ThankstoSavile and Rotherham, #paedobritain has become ‘topical’ in the mainstream media of the UK.
    1. However, more and more people are realising that a regular supply of children is not only policy with adoption targets for Local Authorities, but that #childsnatchuk feeds #paedobritain.
    2. In fact, Channel IV publishes that a child is taken every 20 minutes!
  3. It would thus be far more effective if Local Authorities were given new ‘marching orders’ to stop #childsnatchuk before children become victims:
    1. As admitted and published by Ed Timpson MP: 50 a year die in care, 10,000 go missing and run away.
    2. Other statistics regarding children in care are appalling. There are enough victims who need ‘ReportMyCrime’ before a ‘TrackMyCrime’ Tool!
  4. Thereareenoughhigh profile cases going on NOW that are indicative of #paedobritain being alive and kicking so that waiting for an inquiry and an organisation in 6 months and more is simply not good enough.
    1. See When the System of Institutions is afraid of whistleblowers, challengers and ‘dissidents’ – just as in USSR
    2. In particular, the question Who Polices the Police?to be tackled effectively, e.g.
      1. Haringey Police in the Nigerian Musa case
      2. Lincolnshire Police in the Portuguese Pedro case.
      3. Barnet Police and Interpol in the Melissa Laird and Audrone I case.

  1. Furthermore, as long as Brian Pead, Survivor of National Children’s HomeHighfield Oval,is persecuted by Police, Prisons and Courts, because he becameawhistleblowerofpaedophilia in Lambeth Council,nothingcan be credible in our view.
    1. His book From Hillsborough to Lambeth was banned in a completely unlawful way.
    2. To prevent contact with the outside world, he’s been ‘ghosted’ across 10 prisons in 12 weeks which makes an entry for the Guinness Book of Records.
    3. When he acted as a McKenzie Friend without having rights of audience, he was accused of ‘impersonating a barrister’ which is hardly just, fair, convincing or credible.
    4. His legal representation would not visit him due to this excessive ‘ghosting’ and as a Litigant in Person he didn’t get access to his papers. In the face of this reality, what can the Ministry of Justice do to ‘guarantee his rights in law’?

Hoping that you can take this food for thought on board,

Yours faithfully,


PS. For ‘live understanding’, here’s the account of a victim raped as a child and persecuted as an adult – by the ‘justice’ system.


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