SAME ISSUE, new Committee, old Commission: #EUPetition to Stop #ForcedAdoptions in Brussels on 11/11/14

Slide1Here’s the agenda of the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament for next Tuesday. I have been allocated 5 minutes around 16.00.

This should be before the new Committee:
1. Re the previous Committee on 19 March 2014:

2. An update of the online support of signatures, a total of 8,864 signatures today:

Here’s our challenge: the European Commission of bureaucrats wrote

with some of the text repeated in the letter below, i.e. sorry, we can’t intervene…

In the light of the above, it is not possible for the European Commission to follow up on this issue.

The ‘above’ is para 3 in their letter

      1. The Commission is aware of the adoption policy in the UK.
      2. The UK is known for a continuing high rate of domestic non-relative adoptions, most of which now involve adoption from the childcare system of children with ‘special needs’.  A majority of these are adopted without the consent of the birth parents. In these respects the pattern of domestic adoption in the UK is much more like the United States than mainland Europe, where the level of domestic adoption tends to be low and there are legal barriers to adoption without parental consent.
      3. There is currently no EU legislation on adoption which is regulated by national laws and some international Conventions.
      4. The Commission can’t intervene as no issue of EU law is concerned.
      5. Here’s the Treaty on which the EU is based.
      6. The petition’s issues are:
      • parental responsibility
      • decisions on adoption
      • placement of a child in foster care.

7. Brussels II governs issues of jurisdiction and of recognition and enforcement of judgements given in another Member State:

      • granting of custody and visiting rights.

8. The arrangement for their exercise and the role of the social and child protection authorities are not governed by EU law.

      • Moreover, the Regulation explicitly excludes adoption from its material scope of application.

9. It is for Member States, including their judicial authorities, to ensure that fundamental rights are effectively respected and protected in accordance with their national legislation and international human rights obligations.

10.  The concerned parents should seek redress at the national level through the competent national authorities.

In case the parents concerned believe that the cases of adoption without parental consent may imply a violation of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (for instance Art.8- Right to respect for private and family life), they may wish to address the European Court of Human Rights, after having exhausted all the domestic remedies available in UK and within six months of the domestic decision becoming definitive.

Who will stand up for the children suffering in Britain?

Well, I have meetings lined up with 12 MEPs from the UK, Slovakia, Romania, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark and Greece. Here’s my briefing paper, if you want to make use of it with your MEP.

The UK Child Snatch that caused a diplomatic row – Austrian Times – 11/11/14


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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3 Responses to SAME ISSUE, new Committee, old Commission: #EUPetition to Stop #ForcedAdoptions in Brussels on 11/11/14

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  3. john malcolm says:

    Let us stop paying for the European commission until they shape up!

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