WHY IAN JOSEPHS advises mothers NOT to report the crimes of abusive fathers: you lose your children!

Ian Josephs is the veteran of all McKenzie Friends, as he has observed an estimated 50,000 cases in over 50 years.

From another one of our super-committed McKenzie Friends:

Hampstead & Highgate Child Abuse Happening Now

The most harrowing case I have been made aware of recently is now heading to the Royal Courts of Justice. It involves a girl 9 and a boy 8, who, while in the care of their mother, (the father having contact every 2 weeks), told their mother that they (and other children) were being sexually abused in their school by their father and many other members of both the school and people in the vicinity, daily. Children who found the abuse painful were injected with drugs by a member of the school staff. Both stories taken by the children separately had the same facts and they came across as very credible witnesses. Video evidence of this is available.

The mother immediately took the children (5th September 2014) to report these crimes. Barnet police took the details and within 6 days the children were removed from their mother and put into foster care. The case was subsequently dropped on the 22nd September 2014, the police saying that the children withdrew their allegations on the 17th September. Regarding the removal of the children from the mother, the inferal is that these crimes were allowed to happen while the mother had sole custody of the children, therefore her parenting skills were in doubt. Medical forensics taken at University College Hospital confirmed scarring in both children’s anal area. Hair follicle tests were also done but much of that information has not been given to the mother. Judge Mayer heard the case. Initially, the father continued contact and it was increased to weekly. The mother’s contact was stopped but as a litigant in person she managed on the 23rd December to reinstate her contact every 2 weeks, which begins again on the 29th December 2014.

I am concerned for a few reasons of improprieties with this case going through the court system. Already the allegedly accused has more contact with the children than the innocent party the mother. The children have experienced nightmares of the father coming to kill them since telling of the abuse. The father turns up at the hearings for the mother at Barnet and when the mother questioned if he should be there, Judge Mayer threatened to remove her from the courtroom. Judge Mayer decided that the allegations to this case were severe enough that she did not want to deal with it and it should be moved to the High Court. The case will be heard by Mrs Justice Pauffley at the Royal Court of Justice, 20th January 2015, this seems to have been organised between Judge Vera Mayer and Mrs Justice Pauffley and I do not know if this is the normal protocol for a case like this?

The reasons for the children’s silence for so long was of course the threat by their father to kill them if they told, yet the father is allowed contact every week. He gave them both laptops with direct contact to him set up on Skype, which at this time has not been challenged by the court.

Being in foster care for 3 months now their stories are of course changing. They appear scared when in contact with their mother and cautious about what they say. Their mother is Russian and the children had a very full refined life in her care, learning musical instruments, judo, tennis, swimming, speaking both English and Russian. Since being in foster care they have had very little mental stimulation, playing computer games, watching TV and even say they are forgetting their Russian language.

The mother has her parents visiting from Russia at the moment, they have been allowed to have contact with the children a few times during their visit. They would be prepared to have custody of the children and take them back to Russia so that this whole British mess could go away. All in all the children’s welfare understandably is all that the mother is concerned about.

These crimes are all happening in primary schools Hampstead & Highgate. The children say that some other 5 to 7 schools are involved as well as the one that they attended. With all that is in the press regarding child abuse at this time, this case is indeed the epitome of it all. At this point in time the evidence is overwhelming, but if this is allowed to be eroded which seems to be happening with the children’s stories changing while in foster care, we can resign ourselves to another decade of cover ups and suffering of Survivors.

You can’t make it up, can you!?… But you can sign our petition: Return the ‘Whistleblower Children’ and Abuse Survivors of London School to their Russian Family!

Before this case, the Nigerian Musas were the worst. But this one is definitely worse in terms of depth of corruption, collusion, cover-ups as well as number of abusers and victims, besides atrocity of crimes.

Breathe deeply and be prepared for shock therapy!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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76 Responses to WHY IAN JOSEPHS advises mothers NOT to report the crimes of abusive fathers: you lose your children!

  1. pippakin says:

    Reblogged this on Thinking Out Loud and commented:
    Absolutely dreadful.

  2. John Allman says:

    “the children withdrew their allegations”

    With respect, Sabine, your reporting of this seems to be based entirely upon the assumption that the children told the truth when they made the allegations, and that they were lying when they withdrew the allegations.

    Try writing a differently-biased account of exactly the same objective events, but making the alternative assumption that the children were lying when they made the allegations, and were telling the truth when they withdrew the allegations.

    When a child has an alienating parent, it is not unusual for that child to make allegations that are so outlandish that it becomes obvious that the alienating parent has coached them. For example, a child has been known to say that he hates his dad, because his dad tried to kill him before he was born, by stabbing his mother’s abdomen. “How do you know?” “I was there. I saw the knife as it entered mummy’s womb, and had to swim out of the way to save my life.” That is the sort of thing that enables experts like Karen Woodall to distinguish between a child who is abused by the parent whom the other wants to lose contact, and a child who is being abused, by being recruited as a foot-soldier of a vendetta of the alienating parent, against the alienated parent.

    Children respond compliantly towards alienating parents, and express hostility towards the alienated parent that is unflinching, and far in excess of that which genuinely abused children express towards abusive parents. That is a tell-tale sign of parental alienation too.

    Alienated children have to be taken away from the alienating parent, so that they feel *safe* telling the truth, *admitting* that they were making false allegations, because that is what the alienating parent *told* them to do.

    Of the two possibilities is more likely? That the children, removed from the mother, felt safe from her at last, and told the foster carers the truth? Or that the foster carers were recruited to cover up a massive conspiracy of widespread child sex abuse, which took place in a school, with a parent present, by intimidating the children into lying to the effect that they had been pressured by the mother into making the false allegations?

    Option A requires one villain, a ruthless contact-denier (hardly an endangered species), the mother, and many heroes, professionals who (for a pleasant chance) understood the psycho-dynamics of parental alienation.

    Option B requires a huge number of professional villains plus one parent villain who all get their kicks injecting with drugs and buggering primary school children, and only one heroine, the mother who tried to expose this massive conspiracy, only to lose contact with her children for a couple of months.

    So, why are 100% convinced that the truth must be Option B?

    I am at loggerheads with social services, because round here, they wouldn’t spot a classic case of parental alienation if it jumped up and bit them on the nose. They are that stupid. Hence my video

    and a certain court case brought under the Human Rights Act that is also mentioned on my blog.

    You are at loggerheads with the SS, when I feel that, for once, they may actually have got it right for a pleasant change, because you believe that Option B is the only possible truth. I find that disturbing.

    • Right says:

      The mother brought the children to the police to investigate alleged sexual abuse by the father. The police had them medically examined and it was found to be consistent with the allegations of sexual abuse (sodomy). The father didn’t bring the children to the police. The children accused their father (and others) of sexual abuse. The children withdraw their accusations. So no one abused them even though they have scarred anuses? Hmm.

      • Right says:

        Let me make this simple. Why didn’t the children feel comfortable with the father to reveal the abuse to him (if he had nothing to do with it)? Why would the mother (if she had something to do with the sexual abuse) take the children to the police? That makes no sense at all. No pedophile ( or one protecting a pedophile) would take a chance like that. Children under pressure will change their testimonies under fear. It is disturbing that the father has any contact at this point. Judge Mayer’s actions are also very disturbing. Why the cowardice? Is this another Monster of Belgium (Marc Dutroux) situation and the judge is protecting herself?

      • I do like your logic!

        I feel that the ‘portfolio of cover-ups’ now adds to the evidence of culpability!

      • It’s all down to ‘constipation’…

      • John Allman says:

        “Why didn’t the children feel comfortable with the father to reveal the abuse to him (if he had nothing to do with it)? Why would the mother (if she had something to do with the sexual abuse) take the children to the police? That makes no sense at all. No pedophile ( or one protecting a pedophile) would take a chance like that. Children under pressure will change their testimonies under fear. It is disturbing that the father has any contact at this point.”

        You are ASSUMING a conclusion. You then proceed to interpret the evidence to fit the conclusion.

        The mother, the step father, and the helper from Northern Ireland, are not paedophiles. The only abuse of the children of which they are guilty, is pressuring them to tell made-up tales, making them more sexually aware than is age-appropriate, a small amount of classic parental alienation on the part of the controlling mother, and (in the case of the step father) hitting the children with a spoon when they fluffed their lines, requiring a re-shoot of a video. Oh yes, and allowing the children to watch horror films. The father is merely guilty of the “child abuse” of allowing the children to eat “unhealthy” McDonald’s food, which they enjoyed, when their vegan mother wasn’t impeding contact between father and children.

        Everything I have come across in the way of evidence in this case, is consistent with the children having been pressured into making false allegations and then, when removed from the mother and step father who put that pressure on them, telling the truth, at last, admitting that they had made up the abuse, because that is what was expected of them, by a parent and a step parent with an emotional need to which the children were sensitive, and compliant, especially as corporal punishment was administered whenever their performance on video wasn’t good enough.

        What happened doesn’t “make no sense at all”, as you claim. This pattern of behaviour is very commonplace, and makes perfect sense to me and to thousands of alienated parents. Parents who want (for their own pathological reasons) to alienate their children from their other natural parent TYPICALLY put pressure on the children to make false allegations against the other parent. The children TYPICALLY make outlandish, far-fetched allegations that simply don’t add up, as in this situation. What is mind-boggling is that the mother, step-father and the helper from Northern Ireland, seem still not to realise that THEY are the authors of the children’s fantasies themselves, and that the children simply did what was EXPECTED of them, by these adults.

        The healed evidence of former minor trauma to the anus caused by past constipation, and that following penetration with “plastic willies”, would be indistinguishable – equally consistent with the innocent and the sinister explanations, of constipation and anal penetration.

        The children’s narratives were easily refuted. No secret rooms were found. No babies’ skulls. None of the equipment used for the blood collection and ceremonies of drinking babies’ blood. Nor the factory for all shapes, sizes and colours of the plastic willies. Parts of the alleged abuse were cribbed directly from a horror movie plot!

        A boys child the son’s age would not, as he claimed, have ejaculated what he called “the white stuff” (his own semen, an entire coffee cup or so of this “white stuff” that his mother warned, when he was in the bath with his sister when only about six years old, could make his sister pregnant, leading to a blind or deformed baby being born to he, he told the police). He had clearly never seen or touched semen in his life. He did not, when questioned gently, and could not, describe the ejaculation he claimed to have experienced, which he compared to urination. He simply had no concept of what it was like to experience an orgasm. He narrated that about fifty different people, school teachers, parents and other children, had crowded into a single disabled toilet, on on occasion. There would not have been room for all those abusers and their child victims, in one disabled toilet.

        The coaching of the children by the step father, the mother, and the fellow from Northern Ireland, was truly cringe-worthy.

        I have watched simply hours of the video evidence in this case.

      • Everybody has the right to their own interpretations. I have also watched 3 hours of police interviews that have been made part of the court proceedings and have been ‘confiscated’: on 5 and 11 September and 6 days after having been in care.

        These interviews as well as the Police reports have been criticised by a former constable of the Met. She has now been taken to court by Haringey Council for mentioning the name of a sibling of Baby P in her text that she downloaded.

        I’m afraid that COVER-UPS add to the veracity of what the children say, consistently and independently.

    • Ivett says:

      It is a well known fact that abused children are well programmed by their abusers….Why are you defending a possible pedophile anyways?

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  6. Anon says:

    I’m a direct relative to the children and their mother. I’m following these events closely and it heartens me to know that there are people and organisations there to help the mother in this harrowing, traumatic and outright unfair situation. I am glad that this is now in the hands of a higher court and I wish all the best to the mother, children and grandparents who have been unfortunate enough to be involved in this. Keep up the good work and support,
    Thank you

    • Note that we are VOLUNTARY helpers. An unfunded organisation – in the process of setting up a charity to get some costs covered by others than our own minimal abilities…

      Deep sighs and high hopes!!!

    • Ivet says:

      My prayers and love go out to the mom. I feel what she’s going through, as a went through a less severe, but similar experience. My daughters were sexually abused by their dad, grandpa, and others. The system removed them from my care as soon as I reported the crime. Direct her to JW.org. I am not a religious nut, but this is what protected me. Thanks to this my ex-husband was caught, his lawyer prosecuted, and I’m not in prison or dead today. You need the ultimate power to fight Satan worshipers and his system.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    ‘re the recording , a headmistress or master has the right under law to refuse anyone on to a school premises with or without an order from the court , just as a publican can refuse to serve an individual , but the law dose protect a person found guilty of abuse and even thou they are guilty under law they get the right to see there children , which I find wrong and the reason I find that wrong is a person not found guilty dose not get to see there children clearly discrimination

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  27. valtrygstad says:

    It’s very sad to read and very true! How the system does not help these poor children or the parent trying to get out of an abusive relationship!
    I have my husband join the Elim church and it has changed him completely! He has had affairs and does not understand how children should behave! I have been dealing with a lot of mental , emotional and verbal abuse and a lot sexual abuse and the children physical! I have tried to ask for help but it didnot go my way!
    The pastor from this Elim church group here in Brighton has been charged with assault! His son was charged with indecent touching of small children . They own nurseries here in Brighton and Hove! I did say I did not like the nursery but at the time I was told I was mentally unstable ! The nursery has been closed down now!
    I found emails of this Peter Dennent asking my husband to be a character witness for his son and then for himself! Of course my husband was keeping all this secret from me!
    I went to these church services to see what they did there! I actually saw at the end of their services them hugging and then at times some would fall down convulsing?! I told my husband that is not normal! I suffer from seizures and had to be hospitalised! Why are they doing it on purpose????
    Peter Dennent has had to step down from being the head of the church because of his charges and his son s charges!
    I do feel there something wrong with this church! Elim group!

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  30. Anon says:

    A vegan/vegetarian diet would not cause constipation in normal circumstance if this was their main source or food and eating habits… The Horror movie referred to was Mask of Zorro a family movie rated P G with no reference to any of these children’s claims.. Regardless of these kids embellished stories for I would say they were in some way elaborated .. There are many many discrepancies in the way the Met Police investigated the claim.. If this was someone who confessed to a murder and said the bodies were buried in their back yard say for instance Fred West and then retracted his statement the next day we an assume from what you are saying that the investigation should cease… If there is even a tiny shred of evidence in these Childrens stories then there should be no stone unturned there should be medical examinations of Private parts or at least if I was a teacher.head I would offer to have a medical examination to clear my name..Also I have watched all Vids I am particularly touched by the one where Gabrielle is asking Alecia to tell the truth… I do not believe for one second the mother or her Partner inflicted pain on these kids for a video testimony I have been an abused child there were not scared of the Mother or her friends//A point I would raise is if you think the Mother and her Partner coached these kids to make these Vids you would think that they would make them more believable and edit stuff that is discrediting to them, bt they did not they released everything… I do think that the Children relayed their stories without being on video and then the Mother/Partner thought in their Nievety to get it on tape and then prompted as apposed to coached the bits the children were forgetting to say again.. I as a member of the public and also I live in the area am not happy with what I have read about the way this has been conducted by the Police.. Mothers should only be separated from their children if the Children are in Danger in their presence .. I do not believe they were.. I am at a loss as to why the Father is allowed near them when they have expressed fear of him… These children are sussed it took alot for Alecia to confide to the cameras if they are exposing a satanic cult then they know they have to retract their statements and lie…

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  33. Anonymous says:

    I lost my children on the grounds that I ‘could not recognise abuse’ and probably wouldn’t do so in the future even though I fled with the kids and reported him to social services and CAMHS. He has custody of one child given by the court and one of the other’s refused to return to him when offered the placement. My eldest developed severe mental illness are visiting him (30 minutes supervised) and this dragged the whole family down, resulting in them being taken from me. Mental health services classed any contact with him as a risk, as soon as they were in care, social services changed this and swung it the other way. Bruises on my son who lives with him and poor behaviour at school; result is that my contact with him prevents him from building a relationship with his father so I rarely see him even though he says the opposite. One child just changed foster placement because male foster carer has been arrested and charged over some sort of inappropriate sexual activity (child asked if she had been sexually abused but wasn’t thankfully) took social services two months to move her. When my child told me, I was threatened by social services for making others aware. So – mother leaves father for abusing kids and herself = mother loses kids and father is given a pat on the back for ‘coping’ even though he is an alcoholic and custody. DO NOT TRUST THIS COUNTRY!

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  38. Clark Kent says:

    I find it hard to believe that some still doubt these events could have taken place , they obviously know very little about the Sex Abuse Ritual Murderers that have been praying on innocents for a long time ,Britian is a Disgrace as far as Paedophiles Go , Look at Saville Harris ,and the Riyal Family for Starters then you will find an Alarming amount of Paedophilia within the British Parliament , with so many doubters ,it easy to see why there are so many Paedophiles ,You know the Gutless Cowards that pray on innocent children ,Wake up People this is just the Tip of the Iceberg , Do you know the real meaning of the word Holocaust ? ever Studied Jewish Ritual Murder ?

  39. Clark Kent says:

    I’d also like to add the Real Headline for the death of Nicole Kidman’s father was “Antonio Kidman Dies amidst Paedophile Allegations” ,He was reportedly a Member of the Satanic 9th circle Paedophile cult ,and I believe he raped Fiona Barnett when She was 7 yrs old , it is alleged that 2 former Australian Prime Ministers are involved along with at least one Governor General and one Police Commissioner ,So called Aussies ? Funny How the Police Commissioner was The Head Freemason in NSW ??????? They Run the UK Parliament Don’t they ?

    Then we have the Whistle Blowing of Reina Michaelson , young Australian of the year 1999? who disclosed the story of the Ordo Templis Oriunis ? whatever ? and the big cover up of Paedophilia that was and still is going on with those sleez bag Thelemites and the Victorian Police . Not to mention the Heiner Affair in Queensland , and of course the good old Paedophile Police from the Kings cross of the 80’s now enjoying their cushy jobs and Promotions , and we are now,… not enjoying yet another Royal Commission With totally Inadequate Terms of Reference into Paedophilia , Child Abuse Paedophilia Ritual Murder a World Wide Epidemic !

    All the while the Children of the world are Calling out for help ,but those with ears Don’t listen ,and those with eyes Cant see , and of course because its not happening to their child they really don’t care that much at all . And people wonder why they lace vaccines with toxic poisons and give us Fluoride ? Do you know the truth yet ? Do you really care ? …I Do and I’m doing something about it

    Did I tell you about the Charges against Pope Francis Justin Welby Aldolfo Poncho ? Very similar story here actually , anyway I wont bore you with to many Allegations , does 800 babies ring a bell ? Canada ? Kevin Annett Whistleblower ? Just the Facts People the Children and the Facts , not the whistleblowers .

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  41. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    A venerable voice speaks with the wisdom of fifty years of experience. The truth he speaks is not for the squeamish, but it offers a beacon of hope for those seeking justice.

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  51. vivicom4 says:

    Reblogged this on vivicom4 Blog and commented:
    My mind is just so discombobulated through reading all these articles. We trust our children’s safety in care (although I have never trusted social workers) and I am so overwhelmed with confusion as to why this has been allowed to go on for so long and why the bloody hell are all these people covering up for these monsters? Do they have any kind of human thoughts or feelings at all? How can so many teachers be part of this? These people chose and studied to be teachers of young children and totally abused that situation and the children that were in their care God knows how these children will cope as adults. I feel like taking a machine gun and just wasting them all. For every person that’s ever covered up child abuse cases whether involuntary or voluntary. Because this sounds as though it could be only the tip of the ice berg. This is first degree level of corruption. It puts this country in such a bad light. If this is only what we know about, how many more cases are there that we don’t know about? It’s extremely worrying to think that there are probably more child abusers in this country than anywhere else in the world. That is so shamefull that Britain is a breeding ground for pedophiles.

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  64. A Friend says:

    I agree. It happened to me. I reported my ex and his father sexually abusing my daughters, and the system gave my ex full custody – even after he admitted to having sexual fantasies about my then 6-yr old. If anyone finds out their child is being abuse, first file a restraining order for unrelated accusations or begin divorce proceedings asking full custody for reasons other than sexual abuse. Use loopholes. Get informed. But, do NOT go out with allegations of child sexual abuse and expect justice. Ensure the Children’s custody is with you FIRST. The system is more likely to give you custody if you say your ex is depriving financial support and you make yourself look like one of them – A cheater, a materialist gold digger woman…Get informed!

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