BULGARIAN Petition with over 5,500 signatures to stop #ForcedAdoption

15 01 24 Help Megan returnThis petition “Help Megan return to her mother” does not even have an English text and yet gathered over 5,500 signatures online since February 2014!

Megan was born on 11 April 2012. But Peterborough City Council wanted to make money with her. Remember:

  • £400 per week for the foster carer from the national government.
  • Social Services “only follow policy”. Austin Mitchell MP told me he has it in writing.
  • I don’t know the current bonus for adoptions, but I know that Local Authorities get paid for making adoptions happen, thus destroying families systematically. No wonder www.SaveTheFamily.eu has been set up – so far only in Russian though…

She was adopted on 13 March 2014. The reasons:

future emotional harm and mother’s assessment from Risk Solutions where she was labelled to have “maladaptive sexual scripts” by a non PHD expert of behavioural analysis.

The Bulgarian mother asked me to assist her next Tuesday after she saw my 6 minutes of passion in March 2014. She had sent this to the Petitions Committee in Brussels in February last year:

Dear members of the Committee,

We urge you to order the return of Megan Saint Clare Pavey (DOB 11/04/2012) (citizen of the United Kingdom and Bulgaria) to her family – her birth mother Elisaveta Popova and her grandparents Gancho Popov and Mariyka Popova, citizens of Republic of Bulgaria.

Every child has the right to live and grow up with his/her closest relatives and to be given quiet and secure environment for living and developing. UK Authorities violated that right, the way they violated our human rights and rights of EU citizens.

We, the grandparents of Megan submitted a declaration before the court in UK, that we have the sincere desire to take care of our granddaughter. We also submitted an application to adopt her through the Ministry of Justice in London. Both documents have not been reviewed by the relevant authorities nor have we been informed about their status. In the meantime our granddaughter has been placed with another family. We haven’t seen her since!!!

Here you have the facts in support of our petition and in support of the argument that the UK authorities violated our human rights:

1. UK Authorities violated Art. 6 and Art. 24 of the Charter of Fundamental rights of EU by placing us – Elisaveta and Mariyka, together with the newborn Megan in the household of a potentially aggressive person, exposing us to a clear threat.

2. UK Authorities violated Art. 6 of the Charter of Fundamental rights of EU by obliging me, the grandmother of Megan, to sign an agreement, that I will not leave the boundaries of UK, while I take care of Megan and depriving me from my basic right of mobility and freedom.

3. UK Authorities violated Art. 6 and Art. 47 of the Charter of Fundamental rights of EU, by placing my granddaughter Megan Saint Clair Pavey in the household of a potentially aggressive person and by preparing a social assessment for me, her grandmother, where I am appointed as a person responsible for her protection, without conducting all relevant checks necessary to prove, that I am trustworthy and capable of protecting Megan and by presenting this assessment before the court authorities in the UK.

4. UK Authorities violated Art. 21 of the Charter of Fundamental rights of EU, by not settling the rights of personal relationship between Megan and us, her family, during the entire period of the court proceedings and after that.

5. UK Authorities violated Art. 20 and Art.47 of the Charter of Fundamental rights of EU, by preparing an unlawful social assessment for our family in Bulgaria, without the consent of the Bulgarian authorities and without informing us of its content and conclusions and by not providing translation and a legal adviser/ lawyer for me during the court hearings in January 2013 the UK authorities violated my right to fair trial.

6. UK Authorities violated Art. 21 of the Charter of Fundamental rights of EU by limiting our contact with Megan from January to August 2013 in such a way to deprive her from keeping her national and ethnical identity.

7. UK Authorities violated Art. 20 and Art.47 of the Charter of Fundamental rights of EU, by not informing us that I, Megan’s mother have the right to prepare and submit an independent plan to take care of Megan.

8. Article 8: The right to respect for private and family life, for home and correspondence from Children and the Human Rights Act 1998 is in breach. – ‘You should not be taken away from your family unless it is for your own good – if, for example, your family is hurting you.’ Megan’s mother and her grandparents have never hurt Megan, or exposed her to any harm. We believe that Megan is likely to suffer due to mother’s and family’s absence in her life.

We request to be invited to the hearing of our petition, before the Petition Committee within the European Union. We request for our petition to be reviewed together with the petitions of Laila Brice and McKenzie Friends scheduled for March 19/03/2014.

Nearly a year later, the mother will be heard in Brussels:

  • Will that embarrass both Peterborough City Council and the national government sufficiently to return Bulgarian Megan?
  • Will it mean that other children will be returned such as Latvian Laila Brice‘s daughter taken by Merton Council?

My only explanation is that sadists are parading as judges: having been separated from their families in order to attend boarding schools for private education, their ‘inner child’ gets hurt and their bodies are likely to be abused by older boys and teachers… That’s how it goes: from generation to generation…




About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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  2. Dahlia cudworth says:

    They stole my babies too x

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