MOBILISING Bulgaria in the #EP_Petitions Committee of EU Parliament

Help Megan Return are eight slides that fit her particular experience into the Systemic Pattern of child snatching and forced adoptions in the UK. The slides formed the background while mother, grandmother and I contributed to the debate around the story of a little girl who was taken away from her mother when she was a little over a year.

The reasons:

  • future emotional harm
  • mother’s assessment where she was labelled to have “maladaptive sexual scripts” by a non PHD expert of behavioural analysis.

Ellie’s Bulgarian petition has gathered over 5,500 signatures so far!

You can’t make it up, but you can follow how this third mention of our petition will have repercussions across the UK. After all, there were quite a few ‘remedies’ that MEPs have been proposing:

  1. Emil Radev MEP for Bulgaria points out that Brussels II has been violated
  2. Mariya Gabriel MEP for Bulgaria “is it fair to deny a mother custody? What can we do that EU legislation is respected to the letter? Is it possible to fast track proceedings in Strasbourg?”
  3. Svetoslav Hristov Malinov MEP for Bulgaria quotes the UN Convention of Child Rights: “The British authorities have behaved in an unacceptable fashion. We must now seek the advice of the Legal Affairs Committee. This is a clear case of discrimination.”
  4. Mairead McGuinness MEP, Vice-President of Parliament and Children’s Rights Mediator: “Are member states taking full account of the best interests of the child? I thought that adoptions without parental consent were a thing of the past!”
  5. Pal Csaky MEP for Slovakia, “There is something rotten in the state of the UK.”
  6. Peter Jahr MEP for Germany: “One of the conditions of Brussels II is the duty to co-operate.”
  7. Kostadinka Kuneva MEP for Greece: “There is something wrong with European Child Protection Policy.”
  8. Julia Pitera MEP for Poland: “Maybe we would check how the proceedings run in the courts in the UK!? Are they treated as full blown citizens of democratic countries?”

Chair Cecilia Wikstrom MEP for Sweden: “No MEP from the UK is here. They were all aware of it. — Let’s sit together with the Commission and find a way forward. Let’s take stock of the instruments we have and try to elaborate a way forward.”


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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