USING the #Secrecy of #UKFamilyCourts to Cover-Up Criminal Activities #WhistleblowerKids

Article 2 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights...

Article 2 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since the submission of this document in March 2015, it has been appended to the petition to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent which is kept open before the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament. I introduced it for the first time with these six minutes of passion.


By Sabine Kurjo McNeill (German), on behalf of Association of McKenzie Friends, on

Using the Secrecy of UK Family Courts to Cover-Up Criminal Activities

with the Support of over 14,000 online Signatures


  1. I Sabine K McNeill am spokesperson and publisher of petition 1707/2013 to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent which is still open in the Petitions Committee.
  2. I have acted as principal McKenzie Friend for a Russian mother since November 2014 and need to bring to your attention a matter of utmost urgency regarding the protection, safety and return, of her two children. There may be countless other children who, according to evidence thus far presented, remain at very serious risk.
  3. This petition is being triggered by the exceptional severity of the case of a Russian mother whose two children made seemingly unbelievable accusations against their British father: the organisation of child sexual abuse and the murder of babies in a school, church and other public places, involving some 20 children and 70 adults.
  4. Secret court proceedings resulted in the sustained removal of the children from the mother’s care since 11 September 2014.
  5. Furthermore, the mother and her McKenzie Friend left the UK jurisdiction for fear of imprisonment around 12 February 2015.
  6. Current fact finding hearings are hoped to result in the transfer of the children to their Russian grandparents via the Russian Consul. Based on past experiences and patterns, however, custody is expected to be given to the abusive father.

The Context of the Petition

  1. This petition is filed in the wake of petition 1707/2013 on the Systemic Patterns of Child Snatching and Forced Adoptions in the UK
  2. Channel IV publishes that a child is taken every 20 minutes as part of their film on forced adoptions: 15,000 kids and counting.
  3. Hence there are many parents who hope for a Fact Finding Mission of MEPs as an avenue for having their children returned to them, whether from care or after an adoption against their will.
  4. It is based on the experience of some fifty cases where this one is distinctly the worst, with respect to the levels of criminality, evidence and cover-ups.
  5. Online, the petition Return the Whistleblower Kids and Abuse Survivors to their Russian Family has gained over 14,000 signatures since 01.02.15.
  6. This email to the Home Secretary Theresa May MP caused an internet explosion that was accompanied by internet cover-ups exercised by YouTube and Facebook.

Violations of EU Directive, UN Convention and EU Charter

  1. On the systemic level, this case is an example of the violation of EU Directive 2011/92 on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography.
  2. An Infringement Notice had been served on the UK on 27.01.14.
  3. Furthermore, this case comprises the serious violation of
  • the UN Convention of Child Rights:
    • the 8-year-old boy and 9-year-old sister are not being believed or heard, let alone taken seriously;
    • instead they were forced to retract their allegations;
  • EU Convention Rights:
    • Article 6 (fair trial), 8 (family life) and 10 (freedom of expression);
  • and the Charter of Fundamental Rights:

16. The engagement and support of PETI member Tatjana Zdanoka MEP resulted in the Local Authority backing away from their court case.

The above 2-page version is included in this 6-page document to accompany the petition text.

Videos can’t be uploaded to the portal. Hence I put this document together:


Following the submission of the Position Statement to the Court the petition

Signatures grew as follows, reaching over 14,300 in one month.

The ‘internet explosion’ was caused by the publication of my email to the Home Secretary Theresa May MP:

  • Children describe Satanic murders they were forced to take part in.l Video.

It contained a link to 21 privately recorded videos of the children. Three of them were published by TapNewsWire. The rest is uncontrollable internet history. One analysis says: The most popular one is

The videos were circulating, Facebook group formed, tweeters used the hashtag #WhistleblowerKids, new videos were produced, I was asked for interviews. Blogs informed their audiences. Videos attracted oodles of comments. Articles appeared in online, but not mainstream media.

Cover-Ups stem from

  • Barnet Police
    • Metropolitain Police in their response to our Judicial Review filed on 22 December 2014.
  • Barnet Court
    • Giving weekly contact to the father and fortnightly to the mother.
  • The High Court

Cover-Ups prove the veracity of the children’s allegations, so does the internet cover-up by YouTube, Facebook and Google demonstrate the guilt, influence and power of the abusers.

Their online presence gives a lot away about their questionable activities.

The most significant videos in support of the petition analyse the alleged abusers:

And then the backlash began: YouTube deleted videos, Facebook deleted my three accounts and banned other users. Google also took steps to ‘question’ the videos I stored on my Drive.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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68 Responses to USING the #Secrecy of #UKFamilyCourts to Cover-Up Criminal Activities #WhistleblowerKids

  1. l8in says:

    Reblogged this on L8in.

  2. Linda Kirby says:

    I agree Family Courts are in our opinion also closed courts to commit fraud. see 91D222 which proves that everything we had worked hard to build up in a very successful family business, was taken out of my father’s hands WITHOUT his or our knowledge, even though he was still paying the same solicitor from 1986-2004.
    The first line of this Court document proves
    “The Judge heard the solicitor for the Petitioner even though the Respondent HAD NOT been given notice of the hearing.
    How can this happen in England? But it obviously does.

  3. truth1now says:

    Secret courts are barbaric, I live in the state of Maine, USA, and trials are supposed to be public. But there are lots of ways to cheat, of course. But honestly, openly allowing secret courts makes the UK pretty primitive and secretive. There is no justification for it in modern “Democracy” doctrine or Western thinking.
    I read an account of the grandparents of the 2 prisoners, I mean children, who visited their grandkids at their prison, I mean foster home, Sorry. I forgot my medication today. The grandparents said things were OK the 1st time, but on the next 2 visits, the children were not allowed to say anything without permission from the foster bitch/whore. Damn, I forgot slut. shame on me. anyway, the children would seem to be held in communique or something like that. I know you are aware of it. The kids could not directly answer anything. this is illegal. The kids are not prisoners nor criminals, nor even suspects of persons of interest. They are victims of rapists and torturers and now courts and gov, too.
    The foster witch from hell, has no right to gag the kids nor interfere with normal conversation. The Grandparents have done nothing, either. So the gov has elected to imprison the kids. I understand they are not in school. Heavens no, they might start talking and other kids might become witnesses.
    so they are under house arrest. who knows who shows up for “visits” or “engagements.” Is it still 50 pounds?

    Sabine, can you tell me if Ricky Demon (from hell) has unsupervised visits or does he have to remain at the house. Can he ask whatever he wants?

    • As far as I know, contacts in ‘contact centres’ are always supervised. But he clearly has friends in the right places!

      • truth1now says:

        Well, I feel a little better. I was afraid he could take them places and you know what that would lead to. The grandparents and mother have the least to be held against them. Rick can be grateful for his buddies covering for him. Thanks for the reply, Sabine. I have not found that article and I am now suspecting it was planted as there is not trace of it in my history of web visits. And as I thought about it, kids in class have both those in on it and those not. Were something like I read, be true, all would have seen and that would not have happened. Facebook had sent out a very small child porn picture with an ad attached back in 2012. I would also get naked chicks of good looks ask to be friends and yet only 1 or two friends themselves and “new in town.” Only problem was I was not in the market for any of that. I was hoping they would continue to send pictures, though. No such luck. the internet is a dangerous place that always deserves caution. That’s why I was checking for the source. Thanks again!

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  13. Tim Veater says:

    The way this case has been handled from the first is a disgrace to the policing, education, social services and justice systems in Britain. The latest judgement is case-study in the mendacious manipulation of facts and opinions, to demonize the innocent and exonerate the guilty. As such it will for ever remain as an indelible stain on the court and judge responsible, akin to the notorious trials by Judge Jeffry in the seventeenth century. Although unable to stop him in his tracks, public opinion recoiled in horror from his methods and judgements. He met an unseemly end and his actions were a significant contribution to the political revolution that followed. We can only hope the same will happen here.
    The judge in this case has broken the most basic of principles both in law and social care: to listen to the children. She says she has watched the videos, has incredibly rubbished them but has failed to propound a convincing explanation as to how or why the mother, with the assistance of her dubious boy friend, was able to implant such a story in the minds of her children, and enable them without difficulty, to supply a myriad of tiny details that not only corroborated one another but also revealed details that could be easily checked and corresponded with information, that children could not possibly have known, were it not true. To suggest that all this, including the testimony that he actually watched his father and a nasty friend in the process of making dildos(!) was gleaned only by watching the ‘Mask of Zorro’ is as outrageous as it is inane.
    She (the judge) was forced to rubbish the children’s testimony, for without doing so her conclusions would have been untenable. She has labelled the mother, the one person in all this, lauded and supported by the children themselves, as the evil party, and the father against whom the children have consistently levelled the most serious charges of abuse, compounded by evidence of violence, threats of death and supported by subsequent carer reports of nightmares and panic attacks, as the more caring and responsible partner, clearing the way presumably to the unconscionable result of affording him more access. Could there be a more perverse or horrific consequence?
    Finally the role of the press in this is nothing short of despicable. Having abided by a blanket gag through out, not even referring to the case in general terms, it now simply replicates the judge’s opinion without questioning any aspect of it. This after all the moral grand-standing over “historic” cases of abuse is simply incredible and very depressing because it proves as a society we have actually learned nothing and are just as gullible as we ever were. Sadly it is as always the innocent victims – the children – that are blamed and made to suffer by a corrupt and inhumane legal system.

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  65. Iri says:

    Every active mother who fights agains injustice in FC. Every journalist, social activists, and female lawyer who defends women’s rights in court – please join us.

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