Audio file, photos and follow-up: BEST INTERESTS of #Children. Have they been well Served in #Europe? Round Table in #EUParliament – June 2nd

15 06 02 BRXThis event is a critical new beginning: a young Czech MEP takes the lead, after Latvian Tatjana Zdanoka MEP got us where we are in the EU Parliament.

Latvian Laila Brice who has been fighting Merton Council for her daughter for years presented her petition on the same day as I did in March last year. Since then, Latvia and Lithuania have followed Slovakia to question the UK Government.

Now the issue is being recognised as a pan-European one.

Tomas Zdechovsky MEP has over 500 cases on file about Norway and traces the finances back to the City of London. He was part of a Europe-wide demo against the Norwegian system on 30 May covering 12 cities.

Due to my computer and emails being seriously hacked, I had not seen the detailed program sooner. He invited two panels of speakers to alert European Parliamentarians to the issues of child removal:

15 06 02 2I EU Response to protection of children’s rights

  1. Tomas Zdechovsky MEP – the host
  2. Mairead McGuinness MEP is a Vice-President of the EU Parliament, has been a member of the Petitions Committee and supports Missing Children Europe
  3. Cecilia Wikstrom MEP is the current Chair of the Petitions Committee and was a priest before her political career in Sweden and Brussels
  4. Tatjana Zdanoka MEP has experience with cases from seven countries and set up for Russian speakers

II. Consequences and impact of the current system on children

  1. 15 06 02JUDr Marica Pirosikova is a pan-European agent of the Slovak Government at the European Court of Human Rights and got Slovakia to join the proceedings in the case of the Boor boys who were returned after 920 days in ‘care’.
  2. Ruby Harrold-Claesson is a Swedish solicitor and Chair of the Nordic Committee on Human Rights whom I met at the first International Conference in Prague last year.
  3. 15 06 02 3Stina Toft, children and family councillor, Denmark.
  4. Marius Reikeras, human rights lawyer, Norway.

I am on the second panel, speaking as

Here are the slides I showed: Forced Adoptions or as pdf file: Forced Adoptions

Here’s the sound file of the complete event. It’s been cut into the 10-minute speeches on this report as part of my book on the European Dimension of Forced Adoptions.

May the tide be turning at long last?

  • Vice-President Mairead McGuiness MEP said: “The issue is above the radar.”

I am now in touch with solicitors from the Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia and Sweden.

I’ve also been given a link to this Christian Fellowship of lawyers in the UK:


This document sets out probable cause IMHO of high level secret intervention in the case of the Hampstead UK whistleblower children Alisa & Gabriel to cause unlawful coverup of the true facts of a wide-spread pedophiles and ritual child sacrifice network operating in Hampstead schools, enabled by municipal services such as police and social services.

Why is the EU Commission not effective in enforcing EU law such as the EU Directive 2011/92 that the UK has violated and been served with an Infringement Notice?

Why are the national MPs in the Council of Europe not effective with their Reports and Resolutions?

Why are international treaties routinely ignored?

  • the UN Convention of Child Rights
  • the EU Convention on Human Rights
  • the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations
  • the Brussels IIa Regulation.

The answer, my friend, may be blowing in the wind… We may live in a lawless society where criminals rule the world… Hence we MUST do THE BEST about what we know, once we learn about crimes against humanity.

Tania Petrova asks similarly pertinent questions relating to Norway on Tomas Zdechovsky’s Facebook page.

I am sending them to Margaret Tuite who refused Ruby Harrold-Claesson and me to attend the Commission’s Annual Forum on Child Rights. What do they have to hide??? We will analyse the list of participants to find out.

15 06 03 Annual Forum NationalitiesFor it seems as if this annual forum is critical for organising child snatching and forced adoptions across Europe…

Isn’t it strange how the UK is ever so dominant in terms of ‘geographical representation’ of ‘stakeholders’?

No wonder, we as victims and ‘rescuers’ are not considered ‘stakeholders’…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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13 Responses to Audio file, photos and follow-up: BEST INTERESTS of #Children. Have they been well Served in #Europe? Round Table in #EUParliament – June 2nd

  1. l8in says:

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  2. Ian MacLeod says:

    Perhaps you in Britain and elsewhere could introduce a law that requires IMMEDIATE suspicion and investigation of ANY law enforcer, judge, teacher or other official who discounts such stories from children.or a parent. When parents report such things, and especially when the children confirm it by testimony and medical exam, I’d say it was an excellent indication that INSTANT action must be taken to protect that child! Meanwhile,I’d say that there needs to be some investigation on the qt of social services, police and others who HAVE been involved in any of this and have taken action to destroy the family! One parent being involved does NOT mean the other is, either! It’s high time that the perpetrators of these heinous acts were found and held accountable instead of penalizing the innocent parent, and in Hampstead Britain clearly has a serious problem!

    I understand that children institutionalized for lack of immediate or other family to care for them are also easy victims, especially for the “nobility”. Well, “noble” or not, such allegations, whatever their source, MUST be investigated! Guard the children – they are the only real future we have, and of us all they have done NOTHING to deserve such abuse! As long as such creatures are suffered to exit and permitted to continue free and at large, this NO civilization; it’s just a playground for monsters – REAL monsters.

  3. Tim Veater says:

    “Why are international treaties routinely ignored?” Because nation/states are sovereign and cannot be compelled to keep their word. Mind you, find me a government that ADMITS to breaking them. There is a deep and persistent hypocrisy in international affairs, mirroring the societies in which we live. perhaps even our individual lives. How many could cope with absolute transparency without blushing at least? Like the words of Jack Nicholson in ‘A Few Good Men’, based it said on factual events, “You couldn’t COPE with the truth.”

    In relation to Britain at least, and it clearly is not the only country at fault, it has over the years, attempted to address the societal problems of poverty, inadequate parenting, child abuse and abandonment. At first this was almost exclusively the province of charities, that increasingly developed into a state function as a result of measures passed by parliament. I think the intention was good but the practice was far from perfect, resulting in many children desperately requiring protection being failed, whilst others were removed from parent(s) needlessly and thus subjecting them to greater harm, when a modicum of practical or financial assistance may have prevented it.

    A state may have its emblems and ritual (as we have recently been reminded in the State Opening of Parliament) but it has no corporeal existence other than buildings, employees and policies. Government in practice cannot be friendly, helpful or empathetic. Only people do this and we have to accept that true philanthropy is a very rare commodity.

    We are all primarily, and sadly, selfish which as Richard Dawkins claimed some years ago is actually biologically programmed. (‘The Selfish Gene’ see: . However we must set against this all the heroic examples of people that have devoted their lives selflessly to a good cause or actually sacrificed themselves for compatriots or the greater good in war and peace. For a relevant example I give you the McMillan sisters here: still a shining example of what true philanthropy looks like.

    Unfortunately it was/is not always easy to identify those who pretend to philanthropy and selflessness as ‘sheepskin’ to cover their true character and intent or of distinguishing between between the fraud and genuine article. The people charged with the job of deciding, were far too often easily fooled by manipulative and plausible individuals and more concerned with their own pension and career, or worse refused to see what was staring them in the face. As we have seen with Hampstead it is often far easier to ‘blame the victim’ and shut them up, than it is to face the enormity of the problem of dealing with the implications.

    So states are by definition unfeeling and even dangerous – far more dangerous in fact than the ‘terrorist’ we are constantly told to fear. Institutions are intrinsically, in whatever form they appear, given to abuse. Whilst being appreciative of those carrying out roles we place on them because we have failed ourselves, we have to recognise a significant proportion may seek out the occupations that allow them to take advantage of their position to implement their base passions for sex and domination. And finally, whilst being realistic about the abysmal treatment of children by some parents, often linked to home violence, drink, drugs, prostitution, mental problems or dire poverty, that requires intervention (by the State as what else is there?) we also have to accept that families, even inadequate ones, may be better than the alternative. And that the only real protection from gross injustice is public awareness achieved by as transparent a process as possible, commensurate with the best result for the children.

    The British Government is clearly anxious to avoid the reputational damage consequent upon the truth getting out about the parlous state of child care and particularly in respect of high level involvement in the most extreme acts imaginable. This is not supposition. The government has proved it by failing to act in many cases, the latest being Hampstead; by losing, not releasing, disbanding, subjecting to D Notices and long term secrecy records and relevant information; by locking up and/or subjecting to gagging orders those who have attempted to reveal the truth; as in the case of Ella and Sabine, driving them out of the country on pain of detention; attempting to certifying as mentally incapable as with Holly Grieg’s mother; creating inquiries with such ludicrous terms of reference that will require “eight years investigation”; intentionally delaying it by suggesting chair-persons they must have known would be unacceptable; timetabling the issue so that it wouldn’t impinge on the general election – indeed if the ‘UK Column’ is correct there was a tacit agreement between the parties to keep it quiet; and statements by Cameron and Gove that it was “time to move on”. How else can we interpret the legislation passed by our ‘Justice Secretary’ Jack Straw, making it ILLEGAL for children in care to speak out publicly even about their mistreatment?

    However I am not sure they counted on the world-wide impact of, for the first time, two small children telling their story in all its grim reality. It cannot be ‘retracted’. It is out there and can never be retrieved or covered up on a ‘bad news day’ – or ‘spun’. It is the ‘elephant in the room’. It is the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ that happens to be the oncoming express! It is ‘terror in the night and the arrow that flies by day’.

    Mr Cameron must choose: either take the part of the children or be condemned by them. Hampstead is literally and metaphorically on his ‘doorstep’. It will not go away. He cannot claim to be ignorant of it and it will define his reputation if he doesn’t act decisively and honourably.

    What’s that Jesus said? “I tell you, if there is silence, the very stones will cry out!”END.

  4. jacquifarmer1984 says:

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    Sabine is off to Brussels:

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    Good news that more people are giving these matters more attention. The more, the merrier.

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  12. with regards to children in care and speaking of being abused when they are ALLOWED Contact with their family which can be once a month or 3 times a year those children are told what to say and what not to say on contact with them knowing if they speak out they are sent back into the fear where they have come from, all contacts are supervised with all what is spoken written down so how can any child speak out, then we have many parents who are FORCED to sign a contract for contact with their child and one has to read these contracts to know of the more cover ups, until the social services are investigated then child abuse will go on and on, and what of the social workers as proven by the media working on false passports and names how many children have they taken illegally into care or for a back hander, nothing what so ever I have informed 2 MPs for Thurrock to investigate 2 illegal social workers to-date nothing, and as I have a help line for families and here comes the truth of what is really happening in this so called Britian, and boy they now have all of the children coming in from French borders I wonder what they will do with those kids, yes sell them into the system and abuse them as the British has done for years and used used the kids as toys The silent witnesses here lies the truth

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