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Allegations of pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse, child stealing and child trafficking are dangerously common amongst the highest ranking members of our society. The recurrence and consistence of allegations involving the powerful elite at the highest levels, coupled with the demonstrably routine suppression of evidence relating to those allegations, raises some difficult yet critical questions. Have the institutions we trust to serve the public’s best interests (including government, technology and media giants) in fact become corrupted, systemically serving more sinister, undisclosed ends?

Join Sonya van Gelder, Kev Baker and the Team from Truth Frequency Radio, for a one hour discussion, linking Hampstead to a global elite trafficking ring HERE

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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  1. Tim Veater says:

    Sabine’s petition site (with 16,000 signatures) was peremptorily removed, numerous Youtube videos taken down and now ‘Hampstead Research’ has joined their number, seriously impinging on the ability of people in the internet community discussing serious issues and sharing information. Meanwhile ‘Hoaxestead’ or similar has been allowed to continue spewing out blatant personal abuse, threats and other obscenities. Those that have bravely sought to uncover or report serious violence and abuse to children, particularly in the ‘care’ sector have either been arrested, threatened with arrest, their children forcibly removed from their care without just cause, gaoled for long periods, served with gagging orders, suffered questionable search and entry operations, had personal documents and possessions seized and never returned, forced to leave the country or go into hiding, subjected to European Arrest Warrants intended for terrorists and serious criminals, otherwise harassed by the police or other government agencies or even succumbed to a suspicious death. Even High Court Judges appear to have forsaken their sworn duty to do justice and condoned these outrageous acts, the only justification for which can be the intimidation of the innocent and the protection of the guilty. Meanwhile well-known perpetrators of rape and other serious crimes have been afforded positions of power at the centre of government and been intimately entertained by Prime Ministers and Royalty. Is there imbalance here? I’ll say there is. We could say it amply demonstrates the adage ‘One rule for the rich; another for the poor’ or ‘One rule for the influential and another for the dispossessed’. We can only conclude that a seam of malignant corruption runs through the present system, from top to bottom and that contrary to what we are being told, it is not an ‘historic’ problem, but a very present one, that no-one in government seems able or willing to address. That is the lesson we draw from the appalling circumstances of the ‘Hampstead Case’ in which both police and courts, presumably with government blessing, have conspired to pervert the truth and justice itself. It has been advertised to the world. Everyone now knows, when it comes to the serious abuse of children, this is how the British State works. All the grand-standing moralising regarding the distracting and contrived evils of ‘Muslim Extremism’, pale in significance to the home-grown evil in our midst, now. We cannot allow it to remain un-cauterised.

    • Hoaxstead were getting to WordPress and persuaded them to take it down. Unfortunately, Jacqui had not seen the ‘warning email’ that WP sent to an email address that Jacqui hadn’t used any more.

      But Hoaxstead prided themselves by sending me a comment. Of course I ban those people and their negativity from commenting.

  2. It is both disturbing and distressing to discover that most of us have been unaware of the catalogue of evil being perpetrated by those whom we have mistakenly believed to be pillars of the society in which we live.

    I feel I have been sleepwalking all my life and only began waking up when I went to live in Cyprus in 1988 where I witnessed the kind of injustice that is all too common in so many places towards migrant workers. I was able to help a little, but only after we, my late husband and I, had been victims of some pretty crooked dealing as greenhorn would-be ex-pat residents in our first year there.

    At the end of that first year, I returned as a widow; bringing the body of my husband for burial with his family in Sussex, but returned permanently in 1997, having completed the house we’d started together in Cyprus, but still believing that I had returned to the safety of the country of my birth. Only then did I start to have my eyes opened to the scale of corruption and sheer evil that was at work among those who were governing the country.

    I admit to feeling ashamed at my ignorance and can only plead that my sheltered life had kept me out of, and away from all the horror of reality – but as a widow, although still cushioned financially, I became involved in and with groups dedicated to helping those less fortunate. My eyes were opened – and have remained so ever since.

    I still think the internet has enabled many, including me, to see a small light at the end of a very long dark tunnel, but as many have discovered, the tentacles of the rich and powerful are far-reaching and affect every area of society. I hope the net will eventually prove too powerful a weapon of communication against the pernicious evil that rules us, but it won’t be anytime soon. We must hope that the increasing awareness and ability to use internet technology of the younger generations will enable more and more to repudiate the current stranglehold of the ruling Establishment. Meantime, thank heaven for people like Sabine.

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