@EU_Commission upholding #EU_Law across EU member states and UK family courts? @EP_Petitions @EP_Legal @EP_Justice @EP_HumanRights

EU Law has equal law with national law, says this article of definitions.

EU Law is superior, says this judgement as precedent.

Wikipedia has an article on the Supremacy (or primacy) of EU Law.

The EU Commission has 10 priorities, including Justice and Fundamental Rights.


Yet, the Slovak Embassy organised a meeting with

  • 5 representatives of the EU Parliament
  • Sir James Munby and top judges of the UK system
  • published on Researching Reform – a very influential blog – here.

I heard from EU representatives that the UK acknowledged problems. The question is why do judges not adhere to directives, guidelines and treaties? E.g. Why did Justice Cobb who was present, decide that he had jurisdiction in this case of a 15-year-old boy who was in transit from Switzerland to Zimbabwe and had more problems in care than before???

Here are examples of how we communicated our grievances to the Commission – on behalf of families in the UK, whether EU citizens or other foreigners:

However, the topic will be on the agenda of the EU Parliament, if enough people sign our petition where I changed the title from Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent to

Please note also: the UK was issued

  • an Infringement Notice against EU Directive 2011/92 in January 2014;
  • we have been denied disclosure of this document;
  • EU Directive 2011/92 is about combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography;
  • the Notice was ‘closed’ in July 2015.

Channel IV publishes in their film on forced adoptions that a child is taken every 20 minutes.

The Council of Europe has produced two relevant reports:

  1.  Human rights and family courts – November 2012
  2. Social Services in Europe: legislation and practice of the removal of children from their  families in Council of Europe member States – January 2015

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has criticised the UK in this report:

However, we got this response on behalf of VP Timmermans by the Child Rights Unit:

  • It promises a detailed response regarding UK Family Courts by 15 September 2015.

I also received this response on behalf of President Juncker by the Crime Unit:

  • It cannot inform us about their work:

In the framework of our assessment exercise, we will have a closer look at your document which could prove quite useful.
But please understand that we will not be able to inform you about the outcome of our assessment.

The previous UK Secretary of the Petitions Committee said that the UK can’t have it both ways: be member of a club and not abide by its rules. 

The Petitions Committee has scheduled its fact finding mission for September 2015. I shall welcome them with an electronic tag around my ankle… But I am ‘gagged’ and must not report, if I don’t want to risk prison…

Meanwhile I assisted a Zimbabwean mother trying to get her son returned to her, after he was taken into ‘care’ by LB Sutton. He was in transit from Switzerland to Zimbabwe, but a UK family court judge found in a secret hearing that the UK has jurisdiction, as described here.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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5 Responses to @EU_Commission upholding #EU_Law across EU member states and UK family courts? @EP_Petitions @EP_Legal @EP_Justice @EP_HumanRights

  1. Diana Smith says:

    There is one clear decisive factor common to all cheated of redress and that is being denied crucial information that if one is to believe government legislation , should be available to all. This is the means used to issue control over anyone looking to challenge matters that others do not want revealed to the UK Public. Elizabeth Derrington ( Independent Complaints Reviewer & also now Solicitors Regulation Authorities complaints against solicitors decider), saw fit last year in The House of Commons to propose the model ( system) used by Land Registry regarding complaints processes. On a Financial Statement the CEO of Land Registry for the year 2009-2010 would only admit to one complaint being “in the pipeline” of the complaints system at The Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman against Land Registry. Recently the PHSO has been exposed as “gagging” 20,000 complainants a year for the past decade using bully tactics with little strength to back up any legality of their actions ( according to an obtained senior barristers opinion). It is obvious the games played to asset strip people of property / land / finances with add on’s like with held benefits / pensions and targeting families with children entering into the mix, is a great source of money making projects that government appears to endorce. John Hemmings MP had the right idea with his Early Day Motions (EDM’s) 699 & 700, it is far from scientific to push cases on through court hearings and on towards the involvement of European Courts when not releasing the needed and in many cases lawfully requested information. The failure of the press to release the findings of The Advertising Standards Authority’s “Adjudication” of 25 th July 2007 , against literature that Land Registry potentially targeted to be aimed at 50 % of property / land owners in the UK, was clear and concise proof if it was ever indeed needed , what big business through our Courts and the massive revenues that are created using revolving doors complaints systems to avoid redress of any kind , despite the obvious and much shouted about Human Rights Act. To be clear Land Registry do not function in a manner to which they can be remotely trusted , especially as the goal posts are regularly moved, sometimes especially for individual cases. If you have had dealings with Land Registry that have run smoothly , I would like to congratulate you, but woe betide that you become one of the many targeted , then you will find to your absolute horror, that your property / land being a valuable commodity , makes you a pawn in a game where morals do not exist. I would like to see a Freedom of Information Request made to establish how many unneeded court cases were caused by failure to ensure “all UK Citizens” were of the knowledge of the ASA Adjudication and it’s findings. For those who do not know , Land Registry do not have to make purchasers aware when there are restrictions ( over -riding interests) to do with property / land , making any purchase a case of “buyer beware”.
    Hot on the tail of the failure by Land Registry to instruct over their misleading published advice was failures by The Adjudicator to HM Land Registry , who also sent out misleading literature , which was posted also on their website.
    Forget reporting it to The Information Commissioners Office , as they are well in the pocket of what is happening and appear to condone and enforce same disengagement procedures operated unlawfully by Land Registry and the old AHMLR that Elizabeth Derrington is anxious to see in all agencies to appease the powers that be

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  3. annabel says:

    One person’s definition of secrecy is another’s idea of justified confidentiality. There are cases that benefit from being kept among those best equipped to deal with them and not exposed to the uneducated mob. Otherwise we get witch hunts and the mentally ill rampaging and seeing monsters everywhere and forgetting their medication. The law is not perfect but its a hell of a lot better than the alternative. Did you like your confidentiality being breached Sabine? No, you didn’t and you failed to see the beautiful irony after you had leaked that information and ruined many people’s lives. Respect others and do no harm.

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