Celebrating the Fact-Finding Visit of MEPs in Europe House and Theatro Technis, London on 05/06 Nov + Follow-up

15 10 31 PETI Fact Finding picFollow-up in the Petitions Committee on Thursday 12 November:

While UK Authorities visited MEPs in Europe House, we created a parallel event in the Theatro Technis in Camden, near King’s Cross, on

Our event is now online on the multi-media producer’s website http://bit.ly/1lfq8px

Tweets about the official event are on  https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=%23PETIFactFindingForcedAdoptionsUK

These photos were published by UK MEP Jude Kirton-Darling.

The MEPs met representatives of

  • CAFCASS – the organisation supposedly ‘representing’ children:
    • Anthony Douglas, Head of Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service
    • Sheila Pankhania-Collins, Children’s Guardian
  • great Belgian journalist Florence Bellone
  • Family Rights Group: Cathy Ashley and Bridget Lindley
  • Police:
    • Steve Williams, Detective Superintendent in Sexual Ofences, Exploitaton and Child Abuse Command
    • Inspector Jim Cook, Emergency Response Policing Team
    • Anthony McKeown, Detective Inspector in charge of the Camden & Islington Child Abuse Investigation Team, Sexual Offences, Exploitation & Child Abuse Command (SOECA), Metropolitan Police Service
  • Judiciary:
    • Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division
  • Embassy of Latvia in the UK
    • Mrs Solveiga Silkalna, Chargé d’afaires
    • Ms Inga Sergeiceva, Third Secretary
  • Consulate of Bulgaria in the UK
    • Ms Maria Anguelieva-Koleva, Head of the Consular Office
    • Todor Krastev, Head of the Labour and Social Afairs Office
  • Law Society:
    • Naomi Angell, private practice solicitor for the Law Society
    • Dorothy Simon, local authority solicitor
  • Association of Lawyers for Children
    • Martha Cover, barrister
  • British Association of Social Workers
    • Bridget Robb, Chief Executive
  • Islington Social Services
    • Susannah Daus
  • MPs

Here is their final Agenda published by the Petitions Committee on Twitter!

Here are the questions that MEPs will be asking on our behalf:


This PACE report on Social Services in Europe lists the following ‘abusive practices’ in section 5.4:

  1. unwarranted complete severing of family ties –
  1. frequent recourse to removing children from parental care at birth –
  1. basing placement decisions on the effluxion of time –
    • “makes a mockery of both children’s and parents’ rights”, the author writes!
  1. frequent recourse to adoptions without parental consent
  1. para 74: miscarriages of justice have been carried out, because a flaw in the English/Welsh legal system means that adoption orders cannot be reversed in any circumstances – in a misunderstanding of the “best interest of the child” who actually has a right to return to his/her birth family.

Further questions from the veteran of all McKenzie Friends, Ian Josephs, publisher of www.Forced-Adoption.com who has a law degree from Oxford and has been helping parents for over 50 years. He still gets 6 – 10 phone calls a day!

1: Can it ever be right to take thousands of babies at birth  from sane law abiding mothers for « risk of emotional abuse”? If so, when?

2: Research shows that Open Adoption works better than Closed. So why do British Family Courts never permit Open adoptions that could allow children at least some contact with birth parents?

  • This practice is also listed as ‘abusive’.

3: Why are law abiding citizens in UK deprived of their children for risks of things that may never happen? Surely babies should only be taken from those who break the laws not those who keep them?


4: Only from UK do hundreds of pregnant mothers flee  to  Ireland, France, Spain and N.Cyprus etc to give birth in safety from UK Social Services. Surely this mass flight of pregnant mothers that happens nowhere else in the world indicates that something is badly wrong?

5: When UK mothers do flee to other countries and to give birth or to avoid UK Court proceedings for care orders on their children; why do Social Services pursue them and take proceedings in those other countries to retrieve the children for care in UK instead of leaving the foreign local social services to deal with the situation?


6: When children are taken into care in UK their lap tops and mobile phones are usually immediately confiscated, so that they cannot phone or email family or friends – unlike murderers in prison who can do both. How can this limitation on children’s freedom to communicate be right?

7: When children in care see their parents at contact centres they and their parents are forbidden to cry, to discuss their case, to report abuse in care, or to discuss returning home; unlike murderers in prison who can discuss anything they like with their visitors. How can crushing freedom of speech be right?


8: Why do squads of up to 9 uniformed police arrive so frequently to take screaming frightened children from parents at around 7am from their beds and cart them off to isolation from family and friends?


9: The number of children taken from parents for physical or sexual abuse has dropped, whilst the numbers taken for undefined emotional abuse has nearly doubled in the last five years as a percentage of the whole (judicial statistics). Could that be because children sexually or physically abused make poor adoption material?


10: Can it be right that social workers who all have adoption scorecards are named and shamed within their own organisations, if they do not achieve adoption targets? Surely this gives them an incentive to recommend forced adoptions when other solutions are possible and more desirable?

11: “Innocent until proved guilty” has been replaced in the UK family courts by “guilty if their guilt (smacking or injuring their child etc) is more probable (51%) than their innocence”; and as judges usually consider the allegations of social workers to be probably more reliable than the denials of parents, the result is that parents once accused are usually found to have neglected or abused their own children.-Surely “innocent until proven guilty” is a fairer standard of proof?


12: There are many cases in the UK where law abiding parents have been imprisoned for breaching “no contact orders” made by the family courts by waving at their children in the street, sending a birthday card, speaking to them at a chance meeting and even for posting “happy 21st birthday” on the internet.(yes 21st !). Surely such orders should be made illegal when such parents have never been convicted of harming their children?

The Theatro Technis is the home of the Cypriot immigrant community, produced a play on a forced adoption in the 80s, on an abuse survivor’s experience earlier this year and now promotes our event here.

Initiated by Cypriot / Russian immigrant David Edmond Efthyvolou, our parallel ‘cyber event’ facilitates conversations on a number of levels:

  • sharing this Facebook event that David Edmond Efthyvolou has created as the video master of Theatro Technis;
  • contacting the event via skype by adding sabine.kurjo.mcneill as Contact;
  • adding to the ‘social stream’ on http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/76701476 – the URL for the day – starting at 2.30 GMT until 8.30 GMT – i.e. you can ‘chat’ as you watch what’s happening in the theatre and on Skype…

One fine day, nobody will be able to hide anything from anybody any more – let alone any of our five issues:

  1. Child Snatching
  2. Secrecy of Family Courts
  3. Forced Adoptions
  4. Child Sexual Abuse
  5. Ritual Sexual Abuse

Due to ‘typical’ techno-glitches on the day, our contributors comprised:


  1. George Eugeniou, Founder of Theatro Technis
  2. Deborah Mahmoudieh, EU Law Specialist and Video Publisher
  3. Maggie Tuttle, Founder
  4. Dr Rainer Kurz, Clinical Psychologist & Victim Advocate
  5. Neelu Berry, Child Rights Activist and Victim of ‘Hampstead Scandal’

Skype Speakers:

  1. Ian Josephs, publisher Forced-Adoption.com and ‘Veteran McKenzie Friend’
    with law degree from Oxford, having helped parents for over 50 years
  2. Klaus Zinser, German EU Petitioner without access to his son
    due to failures of UK Courts and the EU Commission


David Edmond Efthyvolouo, Video Archivist and Web Publisher

Sabine K McNeill, EU Petitioner and Web Publisher

Belinda McKenzie, Human Rights Activist since 1997


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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13 Responses to Celebrating the Fact-Finding Visit of MEPs in Europe House and Theatro Technis, London on 05/06 Nov + Follow-up

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Read the followings judgement of the ECHR. It condemns Italy for the wrong removal of three children and made eligible for adoption before all efforts to reunite the children to the mother had been implemented. It is in French.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thats the better link:
    Unfortunately only in French language

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is the EU charter of fundamental rights. Partially its said, its not valid in Poland and UK. This seems to be wrong. Its valid in UK but a legal person should read the document under the following link very careful. (This paper could be important):
    Government response to the House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee Report
    43rd Report, 2013–14, HC979,
    The application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in the UK: a state of confusion

    Max Schrems managed to go to Luxembourg Court referred from the High Court in Ireland without even requesting this from the Judge. This was based on the charter on fundamental rights (It was about data protection, Safe Harbor but Max also mentioned the failures of the EU commission). The Irish High Court Judge Hogan asked the CJEU for a preliminary ruling on the interpretation of the fundamental rights: https://archive.org/details/201510211700MaxSchremsJanAlbrechtEUFundamentalRightsCJEUC36214SafeHarborEPBrussels

    (2000/C 364/01)

  5. Anonymous says:

    On Twitter you will find information about both events under: #PETIFactFindingForcedAdoptionsUK or: https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=%23PETIFactFindingForcedAdoptionsUK&src=typd

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