HOPE from Europe: @EURightsAgency and Council of Europe @CoE launch handbook on #ChildRights

No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!

15 11 25 EU HandbookVienna/Strasbourg, 20 November 2015

Child rights in European law: new practical guide from the EU Fundamental Rights Agency and the Council of Europe

On the occasion of Universal Children’s Day, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), the Council of Europe, and the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), launch a handbook on European law relating to rights of the child.

”The promotion and protection of rights of the child is one of the EU’s objectives. However, legal practitioners are not always familiar with European law and jurisprudence in this area,” says FRA interim Director Constantinos Manolopoulos. ”We are glad to offer this useful guide to assist practitioners better protect children so they can effectively enjoy their rights.”

Council of Europe Director General for Democracy Snežana Samardžić-Marković  says: ”Legislation and policy promoting the rights of the child would have little impact without them being directly implemented through national…

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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2 Responses to HOPE from Europe: @EURightsAgency and Council of Europe @CoE launch handbook on #ChildRights

  1. The babies and children who have been force adopted and fostered both now and historically have undiagniosed and untreated vitamin b12 deficiencies and pernicious anemia . Child Protection is based on policies used by Adolf Hitler who had babies , children , Jews , Indo Europeans (PIE ) and those made disabled form the use of nitrous oxide gas , taken into “protective Custody ” where Nazi doctors justified experimenting on them and their torture and murder by saying that they were ” weak ” and ” unhealthy ” . They had pernicious anemia caused by the use of nitrous oxide gas . This gas switches off vitamin B12 synthesis , which can be permanently causing pernicious anemia and it causes neurological damage to the developing brains of babies , causing neural connections to get cross wired , effecting sexual development . People with Scandinavian , Indo European and African ancestral DNA have a genetic mutation which prevents them from producing intrinsic factor which is needed for the absorption of vitamin b12 . Fair haired , blue eyed people are particularly vulnerable . The Nazis said that the blonde blue eyed women were the superior race but not for the reasons people have been lead to believe but was entirely for the purposes of the ritual sexual abuse of babies and children . They even had a breeding program using blonde blue eyed women to produce babies to abuse .
    Vitamin b12 deficient mothers tend to have pre term or premature babies and are more likely to be induced leading to low birth weight . Children who had a low birth weight have a precocious puberty ( unnaturally early ) which can cause three year olds to have precocious puberty events and can cause six month old babies to have false puberty events . Forceps used during birth damages the optic nerve causing optic nerve neuropathy / atrophy and optic nerve hypoplasia which effects the hypothalamic function of the brain which controls temperature and effects the pituitary gland ( master gland ) which controls sex hormone and behaviour . An imbalance in sex hormone causes precocious puberty . The x-raying of babies heads causes learning difficulties and precocious puberty . Nitrous oxide gas ( entonox ) switches off vitamin b12 synthesis , which can be permanently causing pernicious anemia and this gas , which the American Vetenary Association says is not suitable for use on mammals , causes neurological damage to the developing brains of babies , causing neural connections to get cross wired , effecting sexual development .
    Over many generations , the use of nitrous oxide gas ( entonox ) and vitamin b12 lowering pharma drugs such as proton pump inhibitors , anti biotics , metformin , anti depressants , pain killers , ant acids and a host of others has caused a genetic mutation which has resulted in babies being born with inborn errors of metabolism . This also means that they have been genetically altered for the purpose of ritual sexual abuse . The Nazi geneticist Joseph Mengele , who himself had a precocious puberty , when he wasn`t cutting twin babies and sewing them together to make them look like Siamese twins and when he wasn`t throwing babies and children whilst still alive into furnaces , was chemically altering eye colour to make it blue . After the war , he escaped to Argentina and Brazil with the help of the British Red Cross , where he spent the rest of his neurologically damaged life experimenting on others , turning whole villages of peoples eye colour blue . He was interested in the third generations .
    In the UK , after the war , the NHS was launched . and a survey was conducted to see how many people had pernicious anemia . Only seven were tested but all had it . The symptoms of pernicious anemia were then separated into different illnesses . Generation after generation of fair haired , blue eyed babies and pre teenage children were taken into care in Magdalne laundries , Catholic Children`s homes , Local Authority Children`s Homes and were force adopted and fostered where they were were raped , tortured and even murdered . by priests and other clergy , doctors , dentists , teachers , police , social services employees and members of the public they handed the children to for the purpose of sexual abuse , MP`s , celebrities , and even Lords and other dignitaries .
    IN the UK , the normal b12 serum level has been set unusually low at between 150 and 200 , compared to other countries who are not using this deficiency to groom babies and children for sexual abuse , who have set the levels much higher . A patient in the UK has to be nearly dead before their GP will treat with vitamin b12 and even then will only use hydroxycobalamin , which is an inactive form and needs the patient to be able to convert it . For those who have had their vitamin b12 synthesis switched off with nitrous oxide gas or who have an inborn error of metabolism , hydroxycobalamin will not work . These patients need the active form of vitamin b12 , methylcobalamin , which is not available on the NHS and has been reserved for the private sector by the Child Protection group .
    Most of the babies and children who have been medically kidnapped by social services and the Child Protection process have blonde hair and blue eyes . They have vitamin b12 deficiency and pernicious anemia symptoms which have not been diagnosed or treated . This deficiency causes depression , self harming and suicidal tendency . many children have committed suicide while in care .
    After Jimmy Saville died , Chris Grayling went to the BBC and paid off all the old bosses . He then joined the “Justice Department ” , took away legal aid from children and gave it to ” people who are having trouble working with or around children ” instead .
    The person responsible for coming up with the Child protection report is Lord Laming , a psychiatric social worker , who took over from Jimmy Saville as head of Broadmoor Hospital which houses some of the most dangerous people in the country . His group pay funds to the Justice Department . His report was endorsed by the BBC , Ed Balls and Andy Burnham , among others who had been heads of the health department and were heavily involved in the NHS . . Jimmy Saville was able to sexually molest post operative children in children`s hospitals , with nurses telling the children to pretend to be asleep , over many many years and must have been given assistance to do so .
    The Child Protection process has been designed to be as disturbing as is humanly possible in order to induce the appearance of trauma and fear in children who have undiagnosed vitamin b12 deficiencies and pernicious anemia so that doctors working in children`s mental health services can misdiagnose them with mental illnesses they do not have . It is also very likely that these doctors are using auto suggestive techniques to encourage depressed vitamin deficient children to commit suicide . Many children who have been taken into care have killed themselves already , as have some parents .
    The British government has given billions to mental health services for children and for adults . George Osbornes brother, who is a psychiatrist has been suspended for the second time for inappropriate behaviour with patients . The children in care need methylcobalamin active vitamin b12 , which is available in many countries world wide including Europe and India but is not easily purchased by the public in the UK .
    My own daughter was taken into care after asking me to make a complaint to Alder hey Children`s Hospital about the way she was treated there at several appointments . We were bullied , threatened and Liverpool LA social workers and CP social workers compiled documents full of lies and misinformation about us . I was coerced into going to see a psychiatrist who apparently diagnosed me with a ” tentative delusional disorder ” due to my belief that my daughter has a vitamin b12 deficiency . When I went to the care order case , I showed the court a letter from Martyn Hooper , Chairman of the Pernicious Anaemia Society who raised concerns that my daughter had the symptoms of pernicious anemia and was also concerned about the tingling and burning sensations she complained about for many years and which was noted in clinic notes . I also presented a copy of the NHS Choices web page which listed some of the symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency , which included the yellowing of skin and photographs showing my daughters skin which had turned bright yellow plus all the clinic notes to show that she had every indication of vitamin b12 deficiency , from birth . I showed teh court a letter from A.v.M.A ( Action for the victims of Medical Accidents ) who wrote to say that we had been treated dreadfully over many years trying to understand what was wrong with her and who apologised for the involvement of social services plus a letter from a senior case worker (PHSO ) who said that my daughter had indications of birth trauma and all the symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency .
    H.H.Judge Lyon ignored all the evidence and said that she would have my daughter isolated in a house with one carer and have a psychiatrist come in and ” alter her mind ” into thinking that she did not have a vitamin b12 deficiency . My daughter was taken into care screaming and traumatised by people she was terrified of and has been abused in care ever since .
    I appealed the care order and received an order from Lord Justice Mcfarlane who said that the case was factually interesting and that the mother had offered a positive diagnosis for the mother which Liverpool Local Authority had challenged and a conspiracy by the LA to take her child into care for the purposes of sexual abuse . He referred the case back to Liverpool family court for a re hearing of the final hearing in front of a different judge , which will take place from the 7th of December for five days . He said that H.H.Judge Lyon had merely cut and pasted documents submitted by the LA when it was essential that she base her opinions entirely independently of the LA . The same people who were selected by the original judge are still involved .
    When I saw my daughter on the 5th of November 2015 at the one hour per month contact session at Toxteth Annexe on Aigburth Road , Liverpool , she had no hair on her head and had head wounds . She has severe weight loss and was covered in bruises . I asked her what had happened to her head . The social worker Cheryl Clarke whose name does not seem to register on the HCPC list , was staring menacingly at my daughter and she covered the wounds on her head and said panicking ” it`s ok , it`s fine , it`s ok , it`s ok ” . I asked my daughter about the strange claims in the L.A.C report compiled by Avril Jones , I.R.O which said that I ” inject cocaine with the neighbours ” amongst other things . My daughter was clearly afraid of the grimacing , snarling social worker and looked down and said quietly ” that`s not right ” . I saw the social worker snarling at my daughter and saw her gesture with her head for my daughter to get out of the room . I asked the women in the room which included the court guardian selected by HHJudge Lyon , Catherine Fargin ( Cafcass ) , Julie Bennett ( nee Cashin ) who told me that she was a children`s rights representative and Cheryl Clarke who was the social worker from Brougham Terrace , Liverpool , what happened to my daughter and asked them about the severe weight loss , bruising , hair loss and head wounds . They talked among each other saying things like ” she looks fine to me , her hair looks fine , does it look fine to you ?” They all agreed that her head looked fine even though it clearly did not . I asked Catherine Fargin , Cafcass court guardian to come over and take a look at her head . She refused , saying that her hair looked fine . I got up and went to the door and called to the Special Educational Needs reception and asked someone to come and witness my daughters injuries . A woman stood up and came to the door but by this time , Cheryl Clarke had taken my daughter away so that no one could witness her injuries . The woman from the reception area said that she was not allowed to see her . Two police appeared from the other side of the building and said that they had seen her and that she was fine . They then grabbed me by the arm and started pushing me out of the door .
    Since then it seems that the women in the room have concocted a story that I grabbed the woman from the reception and they had to rescue her from my clutches , that they had me isolated in a room and that I was screaming in Cheryl Clarkes face threatening to kill everyone . They also say that I was grappling with my daughters hair and that she was begging me to stop .Cheryl Clarke says that my daughter was begging them not to let me in and that she was taken into the next room . The two versions given by Cheryl Clarke and Julie Bennett do not tally in any case . The social workers claim that the bruising was because of my behaviour and that my daughter was slapping herself . The LA then made an application to suspend contact with me , obviously to prevent anyone seeing her condition .
    I have been reporting to Children`s Services for months about my daughter self harming since being in care and they have failed to investigate . I have recordings where she reports self harming and witnesses who saw her being abused at the Active 8 contact centre by contact staff , who locked her in a room were present . I have recordings of contact sessions , one where she said that the contact staff were vicious and refused to get back in the car with them . Another contact recording I have was with Cheryl Clarke and her colleague where my daughter referred to them as demons .

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