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16 02 20 ChiefIt is hard to put into words: feelings of pain and suffering and the understanding of unconsciousness vs the evil intent of sadists and satanists. At the end of the week, this is therefore just a roundup. Links give you more insights, should you be willing to follow our journey of ‘gradual shock therapy’ until we oppose deception:

  1. the clerk of the Admin Court was used to hound Belinda and me – just as I’ve seen the Legal Services of Barnet Council hound the mother of the whistleblower kidsAre professionals ‘just doing their job’ to be nasty?
  2. Belinda McKenzie and I will be in the Royal Courts of Justice before Justice Simler on Thursday February 25th to defend
    • on behalf of ‘victims’: the right to have representation;
    • on behalf of McKenzie Friends: the right to act voluntarily without being charged ‘costs’ that Public Servants incur by hiring private barristers;
    • on behalf of Litigants in Person: the right to have a witness and Friend of the Court and not just ‘professionals’ who may turn out to be rogue and corrupt.
    • If you want to join us in the Public Gallery, hopefully making legal history, please check for the court number and time the day before on this link.
    • Why bother to drag us into court, when we fill an ever widening gap between those who pay for Legal Services and those who can’t get them for whatever reason?
  3. In our efforts to put Children’s Rights First, it helps to have spoken with Jeremy Corbyn MP. He said clearly that he is “very interested” and brought in his caseworker who not only knew about the child ‘protection’ racket, but even satanist ritual abuse!
    • It helps when I talk to my local MP and when McKenzie Friends and Angels talk to their local Labour MPs or candidates.
    • Is it time for TRUE Labour at long last, even though paedophilia cuts across all classes and parties?
  4. Sarah Champion MP tries to help not only her constituents in Rotherham but generally prevent child abuse by having set up Dare2Care.
  5. The EU Parliament will debate forced adoptions and hopefully come together around a Resolution for the EU Council in March or April.

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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2 Responses to @SarahChampionMP @Dare2CareUK 4 #Children #Victims #McKenzieFriends #LitigantsInPerson

  1. peter oakes says:

    I do not believe there is any Rule that ” Mckenzie Friends” are liable for Court Cost !
    It is corrupt judges, court personnel, lawyers dreaming up scams to protect their monopoly
    on legal thefts & frauds.

    Contact the Ministry of Justice for confirmation that ” McKenzie friends are liable for costs
    “when you are volunteering support for Victims of Paedophiles? ” Because if McKenzies
    are liable for costs then the Courts are Accessories _ Accomplices in a Joint Venture
    in Satanic Ritual Abuse as reported in the Responce to Office of the Children,s
    Commissioner Inquiry into Child Exploitation in Gangs & Groups ( CSEGG)
    January 2012. Dr. Linda Stalley. BM,BS. MRCP, DROG.
    on behalf of the Maranatha Community. 102, Irlam Rd. Flixton Manchester M41- 6JT
    Tel. 0161 748 4858.

    Joe Public cannot “get his head around” Satanic Child Abuse. SRA. He does not understand
    eating babies, drinking their blood, sexual intercourse of male and female babies
    18 Months Old and the Establishment,s Courts the crown, police, judges, teachers,
    lawyers are all aware these rituals are shared with freemasons, catholic priest, Cof E vicars
    etc. and this was established in

    The Royal Commission Inquiry NSW Police Paedophiles. Vol.4 Chap. 5

    Police protection of Paedophiles Satanic Ritual Abuse, Murder, Cannibalism,
    sexual abuse It,s on Google :

    To take you to Court is for the purposes of a Malicious Bankruptcy, the
    costs fraudulently awarded against you are intended to destroy you
    and to impoverish you

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