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16 02 20 ChiefDear All


Just to let you know, in case any within orbit might be interested to come along, that Sabine and I/the Association of McKenzie Friends are up in front of Mrs Justice Simler in the ROYAL COURTS OF JUSTICE, ADMIN COURT, THURSDAY 25 FEBRUARY. 2 hours have been allocated to the hearing but we don’t as yet know the time (the usual ploy to minimise the number of supporters in the courtroom, no doubt).

The issue basically is whether McKenzie Friends should be charged costs for assisting in litigants’ cases. The Treasury Solicitor is trying to get £2000 out of us for helping Melissa Laird, our US mum marooned in HMP Holloway alongside Gloria Musa in 2011-13, pursue a Judicial Review and avoid deportation back to the US while her then 5 year-old boy remained in the care of Barnet Council. (Yes, that Council and that judge yet again…).

She/we were unsuccessful and she was summarily put on a Virgin Atlantic flight on the morning of 12 September 2013 and dumped in Washington Dulles Airport in her wheelchair (she’d been roughed up in Holloway) without money or documents. The $200 I rushed over to Heathrow for her on the morning of her flight of course hardly went anywhere and had to be topped up several times over the following weeks. She was still living in the airport in by now freezing temperatures in December…

Terrible story, but Melissa is a great fighter (she sent the above image) and has long since rehabilitated herself; she got herself back onto her legs (by painful persistence), found a job as a long-distance truck-driver and now has a small house somewhere in the Virginia backwoods. She remains determined to return to the UK to retrieve her son and this is where we are now at – the final chapter in Melissa’s case has to be a happy one, reunion of mother and son, nothing less will do.

It would be massively unfair for us to be made to pay up, especially as we have always worked for free/as a public service and of course it would set a very dangerous precedent for all McKenzie Friends from henceforth. Therefore, we’ve engaged the best ‘costs’ barrister in London to fight for us on Thursday. He says it’s going to be a ‘fun day in court’ and could make legal history!

At the same time he has prudently warned us that in the worst-case scenario, that we lose, we/I could be stung for massive costs, enough to lose me my house… (Sabine is OK because she’s penniless). He well knows that there are many in high places who would like to clear us pesky McKenzies out of the court system altogether – we may not/cannot win cases but we can be witness to all the skulduggery going on and report that outwards to the world, which is exactly what we in the Association of McKenzie Friends have been doing, as ‘voluntary public interest advocates’, as we call ourselves.

16 02 21 Sabine mailingWhat goes on in ‘Gulag UK’ particularly involving families and children is now well-known in the EU and across the world, thanks to Sabine’s marvellous reporting and networking skills – see the pic of her latest mailing to various parties in Brussels & London:

If you’re thinking to join us on Thursday PLEASE REPLY TO THIS EMAIL and I’ll let you know the time & court as soon as we have it, or, please check the listings tomorrow.


Another story beginning to come good? As hopefully everyone has heard by now, the 2 children have still not yet been handed to their father, as originally planned for August last summer then again for February this year; I firmly believe we the public can take some of the credit for helping avert this ultimate disaster. But, there is still a long way to go with the case as a whole; the chief suspect is still at large, over 60 children are still in care/at risk, there has been no proper investigation and what of all those other children and very likely babies also still in terrible danger??

In the meantime proceedings designed to put Neelu and Sabine in prison over their prominent part in the affair grind on in the courts. The latest charges, ever-changing according to what will ‘stick’ in court, are now in both cases ‘Intimidation of Witnesses’, the witnesses being a group of 4 out of the original 6 from Christchurch Hampstead (the head priest named by the children as a key abuser failed to turn up to court in October and now resides in Spain…).

In Neelu’s case a trial date has tentatively been set, 11 & 12 July but on FRIDAY 26 FEBRUARY she goes back to BLACKFRIARS CROWN COURT on an application for DISMISSAL of the case, please check the listings for the time.

Sabine having only just ‘graduated’ from the Magistrates Court at Highbury has her first Plea & Case Management hearing at BLACKFRIARS CROWN COURT on MONDAY 7 MARCH at 9.30am – but – if Neelu’s case is dismissed on Friday Sabine will also apply for a DISMISSAL on 7 March.

(Sabine’s bail conditions are that she must not communicate either with the witnesses or with Neelu – certain types are clearly worried!!)


Our next event is on MONDAY 21 MARCH at the Theatro Technis in Crowndale Road, Camden (Kings Cross or Mornington Crescent tube) so please keep that afternoon & evening free – details to follow.


‘Children Screaming To Be Heard’ Conference SATURDAY 23 APRIL at the HOLLOWAY ROAD RESOURCE CENTRE LONDON(Holloway Road tube) – again, details to follow.


Our national hero hits 70 on 27 March 2016 and he has already been presented with a Roberts Radio but a little shower of cards around 27th of next month would be much welcomed, make sure they are funny cards please! He told me yesterday he is now singing in French on YouTube – check this out!!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbogjf6Vu5Y      Robert has never made any secret of his address which is  4 Birchdale Road, Appleton, Warrington, Cheshire WA4 5AR

Best to all


PS In the contingency that McKenzie Friends have our earthly wings clipped on Thursday we have already re-branded ourselves as McKenzie Angels!  https://mckenzieangels.wordpress.com/


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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