@coe @MoJGovUK STOP the FORCED REMOVAL of CHILDREN from their PARENTS: Rising Trends in Care Statistics in UK, Germany and Sweden

16 06 08 Children in Foster CareThis is the Executive Summary of a report I’ve called a ‘petition’. For I sent the 11-page text to the Petitions Secretariat and MEPs in Brussels.

I also submitted it to my constituency MP Tulip Siddiq – for her to put into the petition ‘bag’ – thus following former MP John Hemming who did so with Children Placed in Foster Care in September 2013.

I’ll obviously send it to other MPs who hopefully will make a difference. Maybe you can send it to yours? And ask your Local Council for their statistics on ‘Looked After Children’?

The Executive Summary says:

This petition requests the STOPPING of all forced removals of children from their parents as this crime against humanity emerges, not only in the UK but across Europe, not only recently, but with a rising trend since the 1990’s.

Based on official statistics from the UK, Germany and Sweden, this petition presents activities that are unacceptable in any democratic society; let alone one that claims to subscribe to the Fundamental Charter of Human Rights, the European Convention of Human Rights and the UN Convention on Child Rights.

Removing children from their families under false pretences is as criminal as stealing property. Police brutality and cruelty are covered up by shields of secrecy and pseudo-legitimisation in ‘family courts’. Forced adoptions are only a small percentage of forced removals which have resulted in 90,000 children in care in the UK, 50,000 in Germany and over 30,000 in Sweden. Tomas Zdechovsky MEP publishes that Norway had 46,000 children in care in 2014[1].

However, official UK statistics about Looked After Children[2] do not seem to take into account all Local Authorities: when trying to compare the population of local authorities with the number of children removed, it appeared that data from only 152 of 326 Local Authorities got recorded.

In 2012 the Council of Europe report on Human Rights and Family Courts[3] addressed its “concerns about cases where children are taken away against the will of their parents and in violation of the right to respect for family life and the principle of a fair trial.”

In 2015 its report on Social Services in Europe[4] examined the legislation and removal of children calling a number of practices “abusive.” Further studies are compiled on International Reports[5].

This petition asks the EU Commission to act as a truly democratic law proposing body, genuinely implementing the European Convention of Human Rights and the UN Convention on Child Rights and, in the interest of future generations, to verily listen to Children Screaming to be Heard.[6]

[1] http://tomaszdechovskymep.tumblr.com/post/139103872277/children-removed-without-advance-warning

[2] https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/statistics-looked-after-children

[3] http://assembly.coe.int/nw/xml/XRef/Xref-XML2HTML-en.asp?fileid=19220&lang=EN

[4] http://bit.ly/21mZF90

[5] https://punishmentwithoutcrime.wordpress.com/4-recommended/background-reports/

[6] https://mcknews.com/videos/london-conference/


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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5 Responses to @coe @MoJGovUK STOP the FORCED REMOVAL of CHILDREN from their PARENTS: Rising Trends in Care Statistics in UK, Germany and Sweden

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  2. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    Politicians play at democracy while voters get played for fools.

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  4. Dawn Lock says:

    We had our granddaughter go off to school and never return home, Social Services turned up at our home with the police and we were arrested – our crime we had locked our granddaughter in her bedroom over night as we were worried about her burning herself on the cooker as she wanted to cook me chucky eggs as I was ill in bed and that is what I use to make for her when she was poorly(a new one with knobs that didn’t light automatically when turned on was being delivered the next morning). We trusted in solicitors & barrister who lied to us and misled us and bullied me into signing a form (which I didn’t know or realise was handing her over to Walsall Social Services). We didn’t even get a judgement from Judge Bush and now we can not even try to discharge the care order as we have no line drawn, that we have to meet to base the discharge order on.

    So we want an end to forced removal of children from their parents. We want an end to forced adoptions. We want a panel/board that we can go to when we feel and injustice has taken place. We want family courts to be less secretive. We want judges to publish their judgements as a Government requirement. We want an overall of the family court process whereby litigants can obtain their own professional reports and witnesses as its one sided with the professional reports and expert witnesses all paid for by social services/local authorities. We want Cafcas replaced and we want barrister and solicitors made to tell litigants if there is a conflict of interest. We want some barristers/solicitors that only work for litigants and never to work for local authorities. We want judges to make adoption/fostering as a LAST resort not the FIRST resort – which it is at the moment.

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