ALERT: #Whistleblower in Danger! Boots on Ground Needed @royalcourts

Victims Unite!

Victims and Survivors, Whistleblowers and Campaigners, Rescuers and McKenzie Friends, Public Interest Advocates and Social Media Activists, you all know whether:-

  • you or someone you know has suffered individual or institutional abuse;
  • you’ve suffered, because you tried to help;
  • you’ve become not just victimised and traumatised, but even criminalised;
  • you’ve been treated as a ‘criminal suspect’ [by Police] which is very different from being treated as a citizen with human rights who is ‘innocent until proven guilty’ [in Courts];
  • you were falsely accused, arrested and imprisoned;
  • your children were taken from you under false pretences, resulting in cover-ups and stitch-ups;
  • your parents were falsely put into ‘care’ homes, resulting in unbearable damages…

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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3 Responses to ALERT: #Whistleblower in Danger! Boots on Ground Needed @royalcourts

  1. Keshav Sorathia says:

    Sad story we all have to tell and most fall into one category. Destruction of many lives because one person get bad treatment, rest of the human being around that person suffers. yes Human Rights is been abuse so if people not going to unite, they will continue to abuse their power and do as they wants to. How one unite is the big question, Yes through democracy law one ,must take to court of law to all those who are guilty if abusing human right to one who is been targeted. If bad one is removed from it post he/she or they are holding than good one got the chance so this is the beginning.

  2. English Court need to take action against misleading dishonest civil lawyers. Currently, the system is justice by money with the lawyers remaining the only winners- lawyers destroying lives.
    I cannot emphasize how proud I am of my son who did law only to become disillusioned by the disgusting harpy practitioners set out only to make people’s lives miserable. He now creates the best food and coffee anywhere to put smiles on faces

  3. QC barrister over charging suicide complaint field court chambers

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