#Judge #Jury or #Internet: who delivers #justice in #PublicCourts of #PublicInterest? @MoJGovUK @SWPolice

In the UK, McKenzie Friends were born in 1970, out of the need to help pro bono as ‘litigation friend’, when a ‘Litigant in Person’ could not afford to pay a lawyer.

Since then, they emerged mainly from victims of white collar crimes who were learning by doing – generally after bad experiences with the legal profession, e.g.:

And a book as well as mainstream media articles:

And so it goes: judges, lawyers, Police get away with murder, physical, emotional, mental, financial, because they can, aided and abetted by CPS who mislead juries and court staff who redact transcripts or lose court records.

Does it come as a surprise when Maurice J Kirk BVSc, McKenzie Friend extraordinaire, has been using his website as as last resort?

  • he won more cases than anybody else I know,
  • has been to the Privy Council more often than anybody else I know,
  • has not only seen crimes and Police cover-ups but has been victimised soo badly that one wonders who on earth benefits…
  • his answer was: freemasons… hence this post with him on video in the House of Lords, a video on freemasons and one on psychiatry…
  • with his IQ, he is in the top 5% of the population, which we know thanks to Caswell Clinic, a mental hospital that should have been the last step before worse – as psychiatry is the gulag card or the Kalashnikov of the 21st century…

Is it surprising that the Metropolitan Police is using the same tactics against me as South Wales Police have been using against him, when they:-

  • get courts to hand down or pretend to have handed down Restraining Orders to prevent us from exercising our freedom of speech on the world wide web?
  • instigate ‘harassment’ proceedings without a Complainant?
  • are afraid of the internet and its digital culture of openness and transparency rather than wigs, robes and desperate attempts to avoid ‘disclosure’?

Strange, these experiences of déjà vu:

  • books are written about corruption in general;
  • films are made about injustice in individual cases;
  • articles appear in the press about judicial scandals, yet they keep happening…

For the only thing that is at stake are reputation and credibility. Hence libel laws for mainstream media and fear of online exposure. But internet technology moves at 100mph while legislation moves at 2mph.

Meanwhile, the cowboys, trolls, shills and other criminals hide behind false names and Anonymous.

Honest citizens just stick to Truth and hide their digital Self behind their real name. Google says it all when you search for who has to hide what, especially as a public servant, especially in judicial authority. But who cares for the credibility of the system as a whole?

The UK Internet Governance Forum will shape our digital future. Will people become more decent as a result?

The McKenzie battle advocating the Public Interest is full on, and the internet is a much more promising battlefield than court rooms, it seems…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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