BATTLE NEWS – 07 Oct 2013

Battle BusDear All

Welcome to BATTLE NEWS, my new name for these mailings. As I mentioned in my last email I have launched the ‘Battle for Britain’s Children 2014’ as a way of wrapping up all the anti-child abuse/child-stealing campaigns into one hugely compelling issue for the purposes of taking that to the public across the country in the run-up to the General Election. The ultimate aim is to persuade the public to ELECT AN ETHICAL PARLIAMENT in 2015 – a parliament which doesn’t protect CHILDREN as an absolute and overriding priority cannot be ethical.

Justice for Hollie Greig’: Securing Justice for Hollie continues to be a key part of the Battle but the campaign as such is on hold until matters between Shropshire Council and Hollie & Anne are concluded in the Court of Protection. In 2010 Shropshire’s reason for initiating proceedings regarding Hollie’s care was that the campaign was bad for her. OK no problem, the campaign is no more, also Anne has adhered faithfully to the injunction not to appear publicly with Hollie (the odd excursion to court exempted) so now can they please leave the ladies alone? Oh, and mend their house smashed up by council workers and police in 2010– how does that act of official vandalism fit in with Shropshire’s policy of protecting the vulnerable?

Even if “the campaign is dead” as the Hollie Greig Hoax team helpfully trumpeted earlier this year (thanks HGH), the issue itself doesn’t go away. The fact remains that a serious case of the multiple rape of a disabled girl has never been investigated in Scotland where it happened, the chief suspects are still at large and almost certainly still abusing children and a whole lot of people ‘alarmed and distressed’ by having been named as co-perpetrators or accomplices badly need their names clearing.  So, campaign or no campaign, a full-blown inquiry into the affair, including into the suspicious ‘suicide’ of Roy David Greig in a car-fire is ever more urgently required. Grampian police whose responsibility it was to investigate these crimes must be called to account for their inaction to date – I lay all the ensuing ‘alarm and distress’ suffered by so many people squarely at Grampian’s door.

Robert and I have have written a number of times this year to the new Chief Constable for Scotland, Stephen House along the above lines but so far he has not responded. Robert also continues to press the other relevant authorities regarding the many irregularities in the case and in the handling of his trial, as recorded on his excellent blog

STOP PRESS Robert now has a date for the resumption of the former Lord Advocate’s proceedings against him at the Court of Sessions Edinburgh, Friday 18th October. The time is not yet known so please check the blog nearer the day and hopefully as before those within orbit will go along in support of him.

Incidentally, all is not quite well in Hoax-land, or is it? Make of this latest website what you will!

Empty Pushchair Horrors Day:  The London action last Monday 30th September doubling as our ongoing ‘Empowerment Monday’ was very effective. The empty push-chairs & dolls lined up in front of the RCJ certainly turned heads, even if the number of actual mums and dads attending was somewhat on the thin side, reflecting the current syndrome ‘Face Book activism’, ie. people sign up enthusiastically to events on F/B but then fail to show up on the day. I’ve heard from Wakefield it was the same up there, it was a smallish if determined demo, haven’t heard from any of the other 6? 7? venues yet.

My view is we should do these Empty Pushchair Days on a regular basis and involve more and more people in making this very strong and VISIBLE statement all over the country – a Notice on the push-chair explaining why it’s empty/the local authority that did that + photo of the lost child/children is all that’s needed to tell the story, also no one should hold back the tears. People need not just to know about the child-snatching but also to feel how it feels. Remember we’re being not just dumbed down but also numbed down which is even more dangerous – if the process is allowed to continue in a few more generations the UK will have turned into a nation of zombies, a perfect breeding-ground for paedophiles & psychopaths of all stripes;

Empowerment Mondays’: Reminder that anyone can bring along issues of injustice to these weekly demos outside the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London WC2, every Monday 10-4.  I’m just off there this morning!

New Petition for signing, please! I regard this one as potentially hugely damaging to those with a grip on Scotland’s political and ‘justice’ system as well as UK national life generally so please take a moment to sign.

Petitioner Tim Minogue writes:

Secret society membership declaration by decision makers is now open for support signatures/comments. The petition can be summarised as seeking to have our decision makers (judges, juries, tax tribunal members) declare whether they are members of the Masons or similar fraternal societies which demand that their members treat fellow brethren differently from non-brethren. Please read the details here:[1]

If I am successful with my petition this would bring the Scottish judiciary in line with their peers in Norway who already have an obligation to declare membership of the Freemasons LINK [2] If you agree with the petition terms, consider supporting it, and passing on to anyone who might think they have, or could be, disadvantaged by rulings of tribunals that are tainted by the old-boy network.

Thanks for your consideration.  Tom Minogue, petitioner.

A Scottish lady Caroline adds PLEASE SIGN THIS. Scotland is in danger of losing its democracy as there are large loopholes to enable anti-corruption legislation from being enforced and implemented. Many members themselves within the ‘secret’ organisations, which are being used to promote private, concealed conflicts of interest and crime, want it cleaned up. Please help them as well as Scotland by signing this petition.

McKenzie Friends: A ‘cousin’ of the Association of McKenzie Friends called the ‘Society of Friends & Advocates’ has produced a very useful ‘welfare check-list’ based on Article 3 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child which parents and others can use to make councils that have removed children toe the line regarding their care

‘Seven Seconds’: With my ‘9/11 Truth’ hat on I’d like to draw Londoners’ attention to an excellent theatrical production on 9/11 highlighting the as yet unsatisfactorily explained fall of the 3rd WTC Tower, 47-storey Building 7 at freefall speed, very similar to the rapid collapse/disintegration into dust of the first 2 Towers, each 110 stories high…Also highlighted is the extraordinary obtuseness of UK journalists and leading opinion-leaders who refused and still refuse to examine the evidence of their own eyes that 2 planes could not bring 3 buildings down in the way they fell. ’Seven Seconds’ has been playing to full houses at the Etcetera Theatre 265 Camden High Street NW1 (upper floors of the Oxford Arms pub, go right out of Camden tube, Oxford Arms is 100 yds up the road on the left) every evening since 1st October and will continue its run this week, from Tuesday 8th – Sunday 13th October. Performance starts 7.15 sharp weekdays, 6.45 Saturday & Sunday. Admission £12 or £10 concession, phone the Box Office 020 7482 4857 to reserve a seat and avoid disappointment as theatre is small;

When America sneezes – or stops sneezing:

Best to all


NOTE: These mailings do not represent ‘Hollie Demands Justice’/Hollie and Anne. However, as many on my mailing-list signed up in support of Hollie originally, please tell me if you’d prefer to be removed from this list/just to hear about Hollie matters, nothing else. The list is by now so long it would take me a month to weed out all who signed up specifically in support of Hollie or who double-signed a contact-sheet for ‘McKenzie Friends’ or ‘Keep Families Together’/Pro-Child’ or ‘Make Wars History’ or ‘9/11 Truth’, etc. To me you’re all just good people with brains in excellent working order who wish to live in roughly the same world as the one I’m aiming to spend my last years in, certainly not the one we’re in at present!


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