Battle News – 08 Dec 2013

13 12 20 Battle for Britains ChildrenDear All

Well this has been another week where due to a truly shocking story in the news  – that of the pregnant Italian mother robbed whilst unconscious of her baby by Essex ‘womb-raider’ Social Services – the general public will have woken up to the fact that all is very much not well with this country’s family so-called justice system.  I put this week’s moment of ghastly revelation almost on a par with the breaking of the news about Jimmy Savile in the last week of September 2012 and will certainly be utilising it in the coming Battle, the message being this is only the tip of a VERY large iceberg…

BATTLE GRAPHIC FINAL – this is now it, many thanks again to Jeni and Amy for putting it together for me. From January I intend this flag to be fluttering all over the nation!


Christopher Booker cleverly linked this weeks’ shock-horror story with the notorious secrecy of the Family Courts

Down Under is no different from Up Over



Maggie – challenging the politicians to DO something about the ‘forced adoption’ racket

Sabine & Meirion – in court in Lincoln vs Lincolnshire Social Services Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th as McKenzie Friends to the Pedro family, Sabine having managed to save Melissa Laird’s case from ‘disposal’ last Thursday 5th December. The Musa Appeal on Friday 6th was not heard as they had dismissed their legal team.   

Sid & Ardjuna – still Walking for Justice from Aberdeen down to London Downing Street! I was misinformed, they have not given up, Sid is still walking the 530+ mile route every day trailed by Ardjuna with the caravan and they have got as far as Hinkley on the A5. Stand by to be called to their London Reception Party at Downing Street, scheduled for Friday 13th but more likely to be the following week.

Empowerment Mondays activists – in 3 months our ‘Truth, Justice & Child Protection’ group has consolidated to a determined core group of 15-20 London people who turn up every week, rain or shine and mutually ‘empower’ each other, with others joining us from further afield according to what is going on in the building behind us, usually the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand WC2 where we’ll be tomorrow Monday 9th ,11-4, for the last time before Christmas (with one more ‘Special Operation’ planned for next Monday 16th , sshhh). The theme tomorrow will be ‘Children Home for Christmas’ – all children taken from the right parents for the wrong reasons to be back home with their families by next Christmas if not this.


  • 3 ‘Interactive Maps’ of the UK – to go on the Battle website (under construction) with buttons showing
    a) the 649 Parliamentary Constituencies/MPs  so when each button is pressed you get the name & contact details of the MP (in 2015 it will also include the electoral candidates)
    b) the 152 Local Authorities so when each button is pressed you get stats. of children in care and other relevant info
    c) ‘Paedophile Black Spots’ – areas/authorities where Paedophilia UK is particularly active.

Is there anyone super-technical on this list who can help me make these Maps?

  • More MPS/POSTCODES please – so far we have troops in 250 of the 649 constituencies and I’m fully confident of having all 649 covered by the end of 2014 ready for the Election in 2015 but the sooner we fill up the map the more prep-work can be done in each locality (but have no fear, yours truly will be doing the bulk of the donkey-work!). All I need to work with right now is the name of your MP or your postcode if you are unsure who your MP is. NB YOUR OWN IDENTITY WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED IN THE MAP

Happy Christmas Hollie!  A couple of people have apologised for not managing to send Hollie a birthday-card – well no matter, she had plenty of cards and was thrilled but why not send her a Christmas card instead? She’d love that – once again send to Hollie  c/o B. McKenzie  83 Priory Gardens London N6 5QU.

Have a good week everyone



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