BATTLE NEWS – 23 Oct 2013

An addendum to my mailing of Monday – some more essential viewing plus a call to help defend our campaigning freedoms

High-level paedophilia:  UK Column Live on Monday 21st October discussed Elm Guest House paedophile brothel naming a few of its ‘regulars’ and also reported on Robert’s hearing last Friday etc.. Tune in 30 mins into the show (although it’s all well worth viewing as always)

A propos  Elm Guest House, here is  Bill Maloney interviewing whistleblower Chris Fay, also a must-watch

Maggie’s O2 Event:  I’ve been put right that the O2 arena is at Greenwich not Wembley!

Gagging Bill’:  It begins its passage through the House of Lords this week, having passed muster in the Commons.  There is still time to influence their Lordships to reject the Bill which under the guise of restricting the influence of corporate interests in political life by the same token threatens to curb charities’ and other campaigning groups’ power to influence the political process. Here’s an email from Robin, Blanche, David and the 38 Degrees team on how to register your objections (if indeed you have any, hope so!)


Dear friend,

The House of Lords have started to debate the controversial gagging law.  It’s a law that would mean ordinary people, campaigning groups and charities would be severely restricted in how they can campaign in the year before an election.

The bill was rushed through the House of Commons at breakneck speed, without any of the normal public consultation, and although there was a big rebellion, it wasn’t enough to stop it.  Everyone from the Royal British Legion to Oxfam has called for the government to stop and rethink the bill.

With this in mind dozens of charities and campaign organisations set up an independent commission to do the research that the government should have done in the first place.

It’s called ‘The Commission on Civil Society and Democratic Engagement’ and it has been holding evidence sessions up and down the country listening to how the gagging law will affect a huge range of campaign organisations and charities.  Now they want to hear from you too.

Can you take 3 minutes to fill out a short survey telling the commissioners what you think about freedom of speech and campaigning:

You don’t have to be an expert to answer any of the questions. You just need to tell the commission what you think.

Thank you,

e  groups in the lead-up to the election


Power to the people!  Thanks to the feisty Irish leading the way, the power of the banks could soon be broken. Enjoy this immensely cheering video!

STOP PRESS: If by any chance anyone in London is free tomorrow morning Vittoria di Franco rape-victim who’s had 2 children removed by Ipswich Council will be at the Royal Courts of Justice before HHJ Finnerty in Court 45, it will be closed court but Rape Against Women will be petitioning outside the court room and journalists from Daily Mail & Guardian will be there



PS  The gent immediately below needs no introduction but guess who’s the other one – couple of clues, his initials are DM and he’s originally from Aberdeen but has mainly been living in Portugal for the past 8 years…

Note both of them are signalling with their forefinger up to their face, I’m informed this means “sshh, don’t tell (or else…)” in paedo-speak…


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