BATTLE NEWS – 21 Oct 2013

Dear All 

Coincidentally, in only a month since launching the Battle for Britain’s Children 2014-15 things seem to be moving in the right direction:

  • The reopened investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann which featured in a Crimewatch programme on Monday 14 October attracted a huge response with some 600 calling in to the Metropolitan Police’s special unit with information or suggestions;

Meanwhile, our own work goes on:

Hollie & Anne:  Despite the HDJ website being even quieter than usual recently, no one need worry, both ladies are very well and in good spirits. Shropshire Council appears to be in no hurry to get them back into court – it may be struggling to find a way of extricating itself from an increasingly embarrassing situation. A propos the re-opened Madeleine investigation, I asked Anne, would she be reminding the new Met Police team that a certain notorious Scottish paedophile and his likewise paedophile son are known to have been at a location not far from Praia de Luz in May 2007? Anne reported this all-important fact as soon as Madeleine went missing, yet as she found on checking up a couple of years later no attempt had been made to contact her ex-husband and son.

Well now is maybe not the moment for Anne to get entangled in the Madeleine saga but the question does have to be asked as to why the Portuguese police/investigators ignored the tip-off re. the Mackies when they must be aware that these birds-of-a-feather (paedophiles & worse) tend to flock together – catch one and you’ll catch ‘em all! Which seems to be exactly the problem – to have arrested the Mackies in 2007 or for that matter to start hunting them down now in 2013 would risk exposing what I call Paedophilia UK or Paedophilia International as a ‘joined up’ entity, contradicting the carefully-crafted public deception that incidents of child abduction/abuse/murder are a one-off, anomalous kind of horror that crops up only here and there or from time-to-time. IN REALITY WE’RE LOOKING AT A HIGHLY-ORGANISED NETWORK OF INTERCONNECTING RINGS WHOSE MEMBERS HAVE WAYS OF RECOGNISING EACH OTHER AND WHO INCLUDE PEOPLE IN VERY HIGH PLACES – google Paedophile Information Exchange P.I.E. for starters. These peculiar types are well aware that the vast majority of their compatriots or fellow human beings on the planet who are normal people would find their barbaric secret activity totally abhorrent and repulsive, hence the huge effort + huge expenditure including of public money to keep it hidden. And as Hollie and Anne are only too aware, these people think nothing of killing to cover their tracks. Nevertheless the truth is coming out and will come out fully, thanks to the bravery of survivors like Hollie;

‘Empowerment Mondays’: Our weekly demos in central London under the banner of the Campaign for Truth & Justice are proving both popular and indeed empowering! and will be ongoing so BRING YOUR ISSUE and we’ll big that up via our banners & megaphone! After 2 Mondays 7th & 14th October outside the BBC in Portland Place (which made this national institution very jittery, barricades, police vans in attendance, everyone going in and out of the building required to show a security pass etc. ) today the group have been at Camberwell Magistrates Court in support of one of our regulars Joseph who has been in court. Monday 28th October we’ll be back outside the Royal Courts of (in)Justice in support of Kellie Cottam who has had her children taken from her by Flintshire Social Services and faces committal to prison. Kellie who has worked in the media happens to be a powerful speaker – here she is telling her story which she wants as many people as possible to hear ahead of her case in a week’s time so please tune in then circulate the link:

If you’re thinking to join us some coming Monday CHECK WITH ME where we’re going to be – use this email address or call or text me on my mobile 07770 927734;

‘Children’s Live-Aid Concert’ at Wembley, 2014: Well done Maggie! I’ve known for a while Maggie has been planning a big event for 2014 to help the least fortunate children of our country but was asked not to say anything about it – yet – so great news that it’s now ‘public/official’ – there’s going to be a Celebrity Concert at the O2 Arena to raise funds for the ‘safe houses’ in 2014, highlighting the scandal of 10,000 children who run away from the care-system every year because of being raped in their beds who need SAFE HOUSES/a refuge as these children have nowhere safe to run to SO LET’S START BUILDING SAFE HOUSES FOR THE CHILDREN  Date yet to be announced but the concert will be sometime in the spring.

Maggie is asking for donations Please HELP and show your SUPPORT by donating what you can. Also if you know any celebrity/celebrities who might be happy to participate in a cause to help protect vulnerable children from abuse please let them know about this forthcoming event – if they give permission for Maggie to contact them she will be delighted to brief them on the proposed format for the concert and other details.

Petition for a national MONUMENT/MEMORIAL to abused children: As I’ve reported before, Maggie also wants to set up a national monument, similar to the war-memorials that grace most town-squares and public parks, to all the CHILDREN WHO HAVE DIED IN STATE CARE yes died – the current Minister for Children & Families Ed Timpson says it’s “only 50 a year.” ONLY 50 A YEAR – what planet is the Minister on?! As Maggie says “Please sign the petition and send far and wide to whoever and wherever, it is a disgrace that in the world there are monuments for whatever and yet no memorial for thousand or is it millions of children who have been abused in the care system past and present,  the reason Governments will not recognise a monument is because our children worldwide are a multibillion pound industry if the world people knew the truth of the abused kids past and present there would be a third world war against all Governments.”

David Cameron Prime Minster of the UK has declined to sign, as has the BBC. Please can all of us do better, if you haven’t signed yet please do so and please as said forward on this message, thank you.

She Who Cannot Be Named (SWCBN) v. Robert Green & Rusty: Forgive my continued squeamishness about naming her but I can’t risk going to prison or even spending 3-4 days in the cells in Aberdeen, I have a mentally-disabled daughter dependent on me plus 2 cats, one of which is very elderly and incontinent… So I salute Robert Green who went down in defence of Hollie in 2012 and brilliant satirical blogger Rusty/Tim Rustige who could be due for the same treatment in 2013, having been arrested and hauled off to Aberdeen for ‘harassing & [cyber] stalking’ SWCBN.

Rusty’s trial is at Aberdeen Sheriff Court on 4th & 5th November and once again ‘she’ has been called as a witness but it is anyone’s guess as to whether she will actually appear. Meanwhile, two days ago, Friday 18th October her application for a ‘perpetual interdict’ against Robert for defaming her was heard at the Court of Session in Edinburgh with top-flight barrister Roddy Dunlop of Balfour & Manson representing her but Robert forced to defend himself, legal aid having been refused by the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB) –  probably, as he pointed out to the court, because of SLAB director Douglas Haggerty’s own involvement with paedophilia. Judge Lord Bannatyne however chose to ignore Robert’s plea of inequality of arms or lack of equity as it’s called in Scotland and to proceed with the case. Dunlop duly delivered an hour-long exposition of case-law relating to defamation which Robert declared “incomprehensible” to him. He then put forward his own argument that someone whose public reputation is already as bad as SWCBN’s per se cannot be defamed. Somewhat to his surprise he was permitted to read out a letter along these lines which he’d sent in to the court a few days previously – it appeared that for some reason the judge didn’t have this letter to hand or he might well have stopped Robert reading it out! Nevertheless once again he brushed everything Robert had said aside as he hadn’t addressed any of the ‘legal’ points put forward by the barrister. He would base his judgment therefore only on what he’d heard from Dunlop and would deliver that a few weeks hence.

Robert was delighted that so many Hollie supporters had come from all parts of the realm to support him, especially as a little gaggle from the Hollie Greig Hoax camp had also come along, for a bit of sport? They made a point of cheerfully saying hallo to us this time. Might they at last be coming round to my several times repeated suggestion to them that they would benefit from a proper investigation of Hollie’s allegations as much as Hollie herself, which would clear their names if they are innocent? Unlikely – in an echo of the Appeal Court London March 2011 scenario, Sylvia Major shot into the courtroom first in line in order to position herself right behind Robert. He was happy therefore to have been given the chance to name her in the course of his defence with reference to the medical expert reports supporting Hollie’s allegations.

Coincidentally the Court of Session is itself under a cloud at the moment, a senior clerk having just been found with child porn imagery on his computer

Tim Minogue’s Scottish masons petition: Apologies that many couldn’t open the link in my last mailing, here is the corrected link and please do sign this important petition, it remains open till 29th October.

‘McKenzie Enemies’: They continue to snipe at me from here and there and most of what they throw out is lies & fabrication but if their criticism has any substance I take that in and learn from it. Also if necessary I apologise for giving offence. One such recent apology has been ignored and the sniping continues from that quarter so to that person/those people I say carry on by all means if you find it enjoyable/have no motivation to bring the quarrel to an end but a) I shan’t repeat the apology b) it will become increasingly plain the longer you carry on  that YOU have the problem, not me. However in the most recent attack on me from the quarter in question the allegation was made that I do not do any proper research into any of the causes I support, with direct reference to Hollie’s quest for justice. That’s going one step too far so I’m going to zone straight in on this and ask this individual (who is on this mailing-list along with several other ‘McKenzie Enemies’) what research have you done on Hollie’s story, to be able to claim that I have not properly researched it? What have I got wrong and you have got right and exactly how did you source this information? It will be interesting to see what if anything the party in question comes up with!

Last but not least ‘THE PARENTS WALK OF JUSTICE’:  A new name for Sid Hingerty and Sam Edwards’ proposed walk from Scotland to Westminster during November, to highlight the national scandal of local authority child-stealing and abuse of children in the care-system. They hope to gather 100,000 signatures on a petition to Cameron to be handed in at Downing Street on 30th November. They will be setting off from Aberdeen on 1st November and are being joined by 2 more noble & deeply aggrieved souls, Ardjuna and Cornel. See attached their publicity and here is their Press Release which please lift from this email and forward on:


On the 1st of November 2013, Sid Hingerty, Ardjuna Clearwater, Cornel Brown and Sam Edwards will set off on their epic adventure to walk from Aberdeen to 10 Downing Street to rid our country of the criminals that are abusing children in the care system.

Sid Hingerty, aged 72, started his own walk from Dunblane to Downing Street via Brussels but, had to stop as he realised he had no-one to support him. A few days in to his walk, he found out about another walk was being planned by One voice for the kids and he got in contact with them asking if he could tag along. Sid’s own reasons for doing this walk are plausible but at the same time, embarrassing. It is considered embarrassing because anyone who feels that they must take such action to get its own government to listen is embarrassing. Sid’s reason for doing this is; “walking for justice because there is far too many child abuse cover ups protected by immunity. Too many families are having their children illegally stolen. Children, families, the elderly and vulnerable are all having their Human Rights totally ignored and violated by our Government and High Court laws”.

Ardjuna Clearwater, is a Grandmother who, like Sid, has had five grandchildren effected by the corrupt care system and is campaigning for all grandparents who are watching their own children’s lives being ruined by a system that is meant to protect families and young people. Ardjuna has worked in system long enough now to see first hand the injustice, corruption and greed that are bringing the vulnerable people of this country to their knees and into early graves. She is a real fighter with the zest to win.

Cornel Brown is a Father that has been stripped of his rights to be the best Father he could be. On who’s authority? Who are these people who are more qualified to say how you should bring your children up than you are? In his case, the state and social services used lies in court, presented false medical reports and false evidence in court or sometimes, they did not need to present any evidence. Cornel recently said; “during the Pryce trial, the jury asked if a verdict could be made without evidence/reason being reached. The response in the paper read, yes, the Tory party does it all the time”. Cornel is a man of peace who has had his heart ripped out by people who have no concept of their actions. Now he’s fighting back.

Sam Edwards, one of the key organisers of the walk said; “it doesn’t matter what your cause is, if it matters enough for you to want to go out and make a difference then you should. What’s worth the price is always worth the fight. Planning and training for this epic walk for almost 2 years, Sam and Co are preparing themselves for what most would say is insane but, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – (Albert Einstein). When asked for his reasons for doing this walk, Sam gave the following chilling reply; “Your grievances are my grievances, your pain is my pain but sadly, not all of us think like that. If I saw my neighbour getting beaten up on his driveway, do you think I am going to watch it happen? No, I going to rush to his aid like any of us would. Sadly, I cannot just open my front door on to the worlds poor and help them like I can my neighbour. Perhaps what is lost is the zest and the heart to fight back because the country feels disempowered to do so. The power that was taken from the people, is being returned to the people and people are meeting in groups across the country to form a much wider network that is getting ready to remove that cancer that sits within our country’s establishment and unlike most other cancers, this is one that can be treated and removed which in turn will save the lives of millions.”

The organisers of this high-profile event are urging anyone who has been a victim of this vile government and social services to get in touch. They are set to not send anyone away wishing to walk with them to London as they would like to see the whole country come out and pledge their support. Although the main essence of this walk is to help raise awareness in to the irrevocable affects of childhood abuse, the state stealing children, forced adoptions and the secrecy within the family courts, the group also say that they will address all and any issues ranging from childhood abuse to rising fuel prices, freezing pensioners not the prices, cutting vital accident and emergency departments, making someone with terminal cancer go out to work, cut vital benefits that so many need to live on.

You can contact the One voice for the kids organisation by logging on to their website: and click on events to find out more information or you can contact their press and media office on: (07976) 785627. Anyone wanting to participate or would like to help in organising, you are urged to contact them through their website.

We would appreciate if you could distribute far and wide and include this in any other email you send out.

Yours sincerely

Sam Edwards (CEO)
One voice for the kids
2, Viewfield Road
AB43 9LN
Tel: (01346) 512670 During normal office hours 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri

Mobile: (07976) 785627

Thank you for reading down this far and I hope you can see that things are definitely on the move – there WILL be justice and proper protection for all the children of this country very soon, and hopefully for children everywhere in the world. Which will also mean beginning to permanently end war and poverty.

Best wishes


NOTE: These mailings represent only my own views, not those of Hollie & Anne, HDJ or of any other organisations or campaigners I may mention. The mailing-list is a compilation of signatories to several campaigns in which I have participated over the years. I am making the assumption that most if not all who have responded positively to my efforts to date on a range of ‘public interest’ issues share my overriding concern to see children protected from abuse. However if you would prefer not to receive these mailings from now on please let me know and I will remove you from the list. 

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