BATTLE NEWS – Christmas 2013

13 12 24 Battle Christmas

Dear All

Apologies that Battle News is late, according to my schedule for sending out these mailings and that it’s now entangled with Christmas of which I rather wished to steer clear. In the past two weeks I’ve been struggling to come to terms with the death of a close friend and fellow-warrior in the Truth Movement who was with me in London for most of the latter part of 2013, battling the cancer which then took him shortly after his return to his own country in November. Some on this list will know to whom I’m referring and I’m sure you’ve been grieving too – this was a very special and widely-loved person with an incredibly important mission to fulfil at this time in history on Planet Earth. Fortunately most of my friend’s groundbreaking work was done years before the cancer struck but how sad he hasn’t lived to witness the fruits of his considerable labours and be celebrated for helping bring about a much happier, more enlightened and peaceful society in this world, as is coming very soon now, thanks exactly to courageous and dedicated people like him.  

In the meantime Christmas 2013 has crept up, delivering the usual bunch of familiar emotions that I know my dear late friend shared – dislike of ‘priest-craft’ in any shape or form and of consumerism, mild dread at having to mingle with more closed-minded members of one’s immediate family for the festival, etc. And I know that although not a parent himself my late friend was well aware of and beginning to share my burning concern about what’s happening to the children of our by now global society under the New World Order – google NWO if you’re not aware, the NWO initiated in 1776 is basically global Nazism. What under the directives of the NWO are my own grandchildren being exposed to at school which may be destroying their innocence and joy at merely being physically alive on this fascinating planet?

Then, Christmas is supposed to be the children’s festival and a happy time for children and families but try telling that to the 22,000 mums and dads who’ve had their children removed by the UK state this year! Or to the 100,000+ children in UK care themselves, who’ve lost not only their real mums and dads but their grans and granddads, siblings, aunties, uncles, cousins, their whole genetic identity. Then, as notices all over the London tube tell us, 80,000 UK children will be homeless this Christmas while anything up to a million UK families will be having to make the choice between ‘eating and heating’ [their homes]. Yet £2.6 million per minute is being expended by our fundamentally wealthy population on last-minute Christmas shopping! Then who this Christmas will be listening out for the ‘children screaming to be heard’, the 800-900 fleeing abuse in state-care this month as every month? Since Jack Straw gagged them in 2009 they are not allowed to complain, hence they run away, only to be rounded up by the police and returned to their tormentors. And what of the 146,00 children reported as missing this month as every month, of whom only some will eventually be found? As for Christmas for ritually-abused children, the less said the better about what goes on around the winter solstice…

No more of these horrors, next year is Battle Year, the turning-point. With all anti-child abuse campaigns uniting (this is going to be carried forward by the sheer power of collective protest) WE are going to change the culture of our nation, starting with Parliament in the lead-up to the General Election in 2015. We will identify who in that Place are the genuine children’s champions and who should most definitely not be returned in 2015, on the basis that not only will they not lift a finger to protect children and safeguard family life, they have actually placed children in harm’s way over the years. These sub-humans I don’t mind calling them are not fit to be law-makers or in charge of national administration.

One thing has become clearer than ever in just the past 12 months of my campaigning life – the power of the local authorities of this country and in particular what passes locally as Children’s Services and that of their by now armed agents, the local police-force needs curbing. The current top Family Judge Sir James Munby (whom I’d really like to hug this Christmas! having greeted him twice on the street passing to his place of lunch over the road from the Royal Courts of Justice during October) has since his appointment in February 2013 to President of the Family Division of the RCJ been speaking out sternly against LA Social Workers who abuse and degrade the court process/justice system.  Only last week I was alongside a father and mother in court whose 2 year-old had already been taken from them and now their baby had been snatched within a day of birth by a retinue of 20 police officers and social workers – yes 20, the father filmed the whole operation on his mobile!

Everyone’s help is needed to make this turnabout in our world happen, so for the nth time, if you haven’t done so already please let me know who your MP is or if you don’t know just send me your postcode and I can find the MP from that. All you will be doing is relaying him or her emails at periodic intervals throughout the year (although feel very free to do more than just that!). Provided enough people participate in this exercise, by the time we reach the 2015 Election every existing MP or new candidate should be well aware that the protection of children is an issue to be ignored at their electoral peril and they must expect continuing scrutiny and challenge on this issue once they’ve taken their seats.

This, the beginning of a new era of protecting our young as a priority doubles as a quiet revolution against the freemasonic New World Order agenda on Planet Earth. Once this revolution spreads from UK to all other countries of this planet wars, violence, greed, depravity of all kinds will cease. Babylon will fall and Isaiah’s vision of Peace on Earth with a little child leading all nations will be fulfilled.

This is the last edition of Battle News as such. From January I will be communicating via a website/blog or privately to individuals regarding your MP.

Have a wonderful Christmas full of hope for the future! and let’s make 2014 the best year ever!

Belinda x



Sid Hingerty & Ardjuna Clearwater/Walk for Justice: Sid was given a rousing welcome outside the Royal Courts of Justice on Friday 13th December at the end of his 530-mile trek from Aberdeen to London in the cause of protecting children from abuse and delivered letters and a petition to Sir James Munby and David Cameron respectively. Sid says he will be setting off from Dunblane to Brussels this time on Mother’s Day 2014.

Empowerment Monday group: We wound up our campaigning year on Monday 16th December in Tunbridge Wells, outside the offices of BBC Radio Kent who had been complicit in the cover-up of a case of dire medical negligence suffered by a young member of the group whilst growing up. A journalist called Colin Campbell was most concerned that we were also accusing the BBC of complicity in the cover-up of high-level paedophilia – he himself had been busy exposing abuse in the diocese of Chichester over 4 years, he said. Well good on you Mr Campbell but a scatter-gun approach is no good – this infestation must be tackled in its entirety, as a national issue, with ALL the paedophile rings being flushed out and dealt with no matter who their regulars are, priests, politicians, celebs, they ALL need exposing, shaming and demoting from their public positions.

Maggie! She’s been at Cameron again, don’t stop Maggie!


50 MPs have signed an Early Day Motion calling for a National Debate on the issue of child–protection – great start to 2014! If your MP is one of those listed please congratulate him or her and please let me know


The least we can do for suffering children this Christmas and resolve to have improved all their lives by next Christmas



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