Launch Event

Tuesday 6th March: World Wide Peaceful Protest against Child Abuse[i]

An opportunity to join Forces in Westminster

Building on the tradition of meeting under the auspices of Austin Mitchell MP and Lord Ahmed, I’m proposing to support the protest in the following way:

  1. 9.30am: networking in the Jubilee Café, off Westminster Hall in the House of Commons
  2. 11am – 1pm: Committee room meeting with Austin Mitchell MP as host, especially with ‘victims turned starfighters’
    • to develop McKenzie Friends as Public Interest Advocates with Belinda McKenzie[iii] as Public Interest Campaigner
    • to share news and experiences and discuss what’s worth doing
  3. 1pm –  2pm: Lunch in the Jubilee Cafe
  4. 2pm – 4pm: Demo against Child Abuse on the Parliamentary Green
  5. 4pm – 5.30pm: Tea in the Jubilee Cafe
  6. 5.30 for 6.30pm: X-Files in the Family Courts – a presentation of cases about parents whose children were kidnapped – for a panel that could make a difference – under the Chairmanship of John Hemming MP.

The meeting is open to people who want to campaign and lobby more effectively by knowing each other personally, before sharing online tools with each other. Please email sabine AT if you’d like to participate.

Please note Anonymous UK vs Social Services[viii] – a demo on Saturday 3rd March 1 – 4pm, Haringey Council – organised by Anonymous UK[ix].


12 Responses to Launch Event

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  6. john malcolm says:

    I wish I could join you personally, but I am in Stavanger at the moment
    What the Stavanger local “authorities” did was to take away the two children of an Indian geophysicist and his wife on a charge completely made up load of old cobblers. The Indian ambassador and embassy staff were amazed first, then outraged, as was Indian public opinion. The parents were so distressed by it. Needless to say, no criminal action was brought against them in court for the unstated (but obvious) reason that there was no criminal evidence!
    It was all in the spirit of Salem 1696 and that Zosiologisk hero, Cotton Mather!

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