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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is

Dafydd, I don’t Like This a Little

Originally posted on Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police:
I like it, rather a lot: Did you forget some one that started all this for me in Wales?

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#Civil #Criminal or #Family – Roads to #Justice or #Courts for #Treason? @UKHomeOffice @MoJGovUK

Originally posted on Victims Unite!:
The above video is one of the many exhibits that Dafydd Morgan put together as evidence for his experiences with Dyfed Powys Police and other ‘professionals’. He wrote his 36-page report for Thames Valley Police,…

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ALERT: #Whistleblower in Danger! Boots on Ground Needed @royalcourts

Originally posted on Victims Unite!:
Victims and Survivors, Whistleblowers and Campaigners, Rescuers and McKenzie Friends, Public Interest Advocates and Social Media Activists, you all know whether:- you or someone you know has suffered individual or institutional abuse; you’ve suffered, because…

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Invitation to Working Party on Apr 12 @BCS British Computer Society to Respond to Official Secrets Act

Originally posted on Victims Unite!:
The British Computer Society is committed to making IT good for society! In that spirit, the Specialist Law Group has organised a Working Party Event to respond to the Public Consultation into the Protection of…

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How do you define #Corruption? Grand, Petty, Political. @anticorruption @MoJGovUK @UKHomeOffice

Originally posted on Victims Unite!:
Transparency International: a fabulous organisation with an excellent definition of corruption and an admirable antidote: We each have to find out how we suffer from corruption, before we learn how to stand up to…

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Have Your Say: Consultation the Protection of Public Data [Official Secrets Acts], Freedom of Expression and Public Interest @MoJGovUK

Originally posted on Victims Unite!:
Thanks to my experiences as McKenzie Friend in my life as a computer scientist, I have become a member of the Committee of the Law Group of the British Computer Society which specialises in IT and…

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McKenzie Friends Could Be Integrated Into Family Courts Under New Guidelines

Originally posted on Researching Reform:
A newly published report looking at ways to protect vulnerable witnesses in private family law proceedings suggests closer collaboration between judges and McKenzie friends could offer a solution to the current problems. The document, which…

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Whom do you trust: solicitors, barristers, judges or #McKenzieFriends? @MoJGovUK

Should McKenzie Friends be more questionable and less trustworthy than solicitors, barristers and judges? Especially when they work pro bono as we do? It’s all about money, isn’t it: for he who pays the piper plays the tune! Does the … Continue reading

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From #AusterityJustice to Access to #ProsperityJustice? #HLEThinkTank @MoJGovUK @JoshuaRozenbergQC

The future of Legal Aid and Litigants in Person: can we Safeguard Access to Justice? was an excellent event chaired by Joshua Rozenberg and organised by the Halsbury Law Exchange last night 22.09.2016. One of the four panellists was Steve Hynes, … Continue reading

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@educationgov #Children and #SocialWork Bill @UKHouseofLords: paving the way for predators?

Lord WARNER, as a former Director of Social Services, feels strongly about the need for protecting children in care from predatory adults. If you click on the image, you get to Parliament Live. The next reading will be on Wednesday … Continue reading

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