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@EU #EU Safeguarding Children’s Right across Europe: from Petitioning EU Parliament to Voting on a Resolution

I guess it can be called citizen’s democracy in action. Here’s the chronological development: PETITIONING UK  Our petition to the UK Parliament regarding Children Placed in Foster Care, put forward by former MP John Hemming yielded no response. Instead, I … Continue reading

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@ITVNews Investigation launched into new claims of #PoliceCorruption linked to child sex #CSA #PaedoUK #ChildSnatchUK #PaedoBritain

Originally posted on Victims Unite!:
Sacrifice of a Christian Child (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Let us expand on this excellent article by ITV News with the title Investigation launched into new claims of  Police Corruption linked to child sex. How many…

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Towards a Debate on Protecting the Child’s Best Interest on 07 Sep in #EUParliament and 15 Oct Heads of State in #EUCouncil

Dear Parents, Grandparents, Supporters, Activists, Campaigners and All Conscious Human Beings with a Heart, Morals, Ethics and a Conscience, I can’t stress strongly enough how important it is to sign this petition that is targeted at Members of the European Parliament … Continue reading

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#ITV #EXPOSURE and #BBC: #forcedadoption – on the agenda in Brussels on 11/11

Originally posted on No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!:
These two videos are thanks to veteran McKenzie Friend and helper of mums and families from Monaco, Ian Josephs who publishes 1) ITV Exposure: 2) Inside Out was broadcast…

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