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  1. Steven Barry says:

    can you help, my sons wife has told him the marriage is over, she is in hospital on section3 he wants to go for custody but the social worker is telling him they would be better with his estranged wifes mother also the social worker (26 female no children) calls at the house without notice to check on his ability to care for child, they let her come to the house and just watch while she screams abuse at him, the child and 7yr old from previous marriage are afraid of these visits. my point is she is getting all the legal and emotional support and putting pressure on my son who is caring for 2 children and has nobody advising him of his rights. she has stopped the bank card and we have been helping him financially. she has told him see you in court and that the hospital is giving her a solicitor to fight him and he wont see his son when she wins. can you help please.

    • Thank You for your sad account, Steven!

      Fathers 4 Justice is an excellent organisation that can help hopefully better than we can.

      From our experience it is important:

      1. to stand your ground against intrusive Social Workers:

  2. Dani says:

    Unfortunately sadly, Fathers 4 Justice is a spent & disrobed (by government(s)) force & disunited, upon my making a past call to their solicitor she refused to except my factual aspects that the Police were complicit & corrupt within my issues. Hillsborough Panel Report, Saville Inquiry highlighting the police/social services as corrupt, Stephen Lawrence Inquiry findings have proved otherwise & just how corrupt the U.K. system is. The paradox is that PM-Mr. David Cameron recently went on world-wide television to preach to Liberia on their turf about their corrupt judicial/police/public system & how they needed to reverse this but should not PM-Cameron first practise what he preaches before he has his sound/tv-bites & preaches to others?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi sabine I got a room with help at confort inn in sterling VA room 101

  4. Anonymous says:

    I will be here until 12 noon on Friday and then back to the airport. angels are about!! Melissa

  5. wakemanclare says:

    to be honest the system needs the biggest shake up ever and believe me im going to give it them im fighting for my children but you wouldnt believr the lies and there deviass ways of what they do

  6. Sigmoond says:

    Justice Fairness


    Transparency Publicity

    – is such lie on the name of Love , and God.
    In time of people suffer 50000 of them or more and you delet my letter .This one –

    To : Europe parliament .

    I do not want to be some original in exaltation person to say something .But please notice not many people can reveal real situation in front of aftereffects and some times over effects ( National security want to be pleasant for Europe in this way because salary .( Have experience .))
    To be exact and not take important time , I can for example open this ;
    During 25 years the problem of hepatitis-C (blood only transmitted infection) infected people instead to be cured was accelerated .
    Under not competent administrations of government control or not control.
    For example :
    1. People by law who had status of unemployed had right for redaction to some extent for the cost of medicine .Each month it costed 170 Lat . if people have no special status of unemployed .
    2. This status people had right to have 6( now it is only 3 ) month . Then brake off for one moth . And after one month they have right to have this status again .
    3. The time of curing infection is 9 month day by day( injections and pills ) .No gap can be if it is the medicine start to be not efficient because of adaptation of stamps of infection .
    4. One month people who have no work and no money and by consequence had no option for the medicine .
    5. This brake turning infection in chronically not cure able condition after . And after this acceleration is going on for each individual who have this killing infection. People toning in dead condition more faster than before if have this infection . Only by statistic it is 50000 people who have this infection . Statistic is false and too optimistic . (New generating of mankind keep it longer with no notice because stronger by nature .)
    6. With not food the medicine work too aggressive to keep it too long .
    7. People have need for special pension for food during 9 month .From medicine side of staff it must to be more stronger care do individuals take medicine or not .
    8. In prison people have no access not to doctors not to medicine at all ,as doctors told me(I was been infected) . I do believe you have not time for my explaining what a horror it is to be inside .

    1. It is intentional or not hide kill of people in prison or not.
    2 . If not to say spreading of problem around the Europe . Please notice it is not local because transparency of borders .
    Question: Do people who did problem to be hide have right to stay in Europe parliament ? For what reason if it is evident for specialist what they did ?
    May be to send them to prison to look exact what they did to be great after ?
    Sorry for my aggressive style of letters but problem look exactly like this .
    Please notice it is not politics and not some distortion of my nature it is reality which have very
    dangerous progressive extension for Europe as a whole . It is special and main first problem from my point of view .
    With kind regard .

  7. Sigmoond says:

    Thank you not delete it again.
    Viva Britannia
    Justice Fairness
    Transparency Publicity .

  8. Miss Joe says:


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  10. Jason Atkins says:

    Can you help as I have had a midwife change my partners address while in hospital without her consent from her home address to no fixed abode and it was all done on the say of a social work team? Is that legal to change official data without consent?

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    know now trues .

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  13. My advice to everyone. Take yourself and your children and renounce from the 1801 UK Regime. This “society” has become an evil, tyrannical cult. It’s 750 statute ‘rules’ unlawful, unjust and even inhumane. As a FREE British subject you can afford any society you choose the privilege of serving and defending you. Via an Act of Union and a Royal Stamp you’re away. You are governed by 2 rule books, the British Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta Charter. Although you may have to remind Police that they’re in Oath to Queen, not the Regime.

    • robbie says:

      My friend you are so right and one of the few people that realises that, no matter who you go to all ,persons will be blocked by the same symbol I have had my children burnt by boiling kettle and boiling soup poured onto my child,( the police i London says ” it is not a crime to burn a child in this and lie ” Acton police London and Ealing police,recorded, ) taken to another country ,,and admitted in court she” I signed the papers to illegally take the children out of the country “,the case for abductions was and is clear ,,but it was then assisted by the HAGUE ambassador for Sweden who is the judge in this case ,,also England ICACU and the Swedish minister Deputy/ Director Central Authority on the Civil aspects of International Child Abduction Department for Consular Affairs and Civil Law,The Ministry for Foreign Affairs in this icacu talks with the supreme courts Sweden and assist the abductions when they are to send the files to the courts he blocks my case (saying the case is closed illegally )then the supreme courts seeing that i have on records 20 swedsih officials lying and aiding the harms to my children in Sweden (with showing videos of them in prisoned in the house and hit by the mother )they refuse to hear the case ,, EU STATES “Everyone” one has the right to a fair trial” , these are only words it is hard to find out why I am not classified within the same fair capacity,but it is clear this treatment is for al lot of peoples but we are not connected or speaking the truths to each other to know ,, questions is ,,,why do i pay my dues in this country uk if the ones i am paying are abusing me and assisting this evil they make monies from ,,children blood and torture,, a famous lawyer said “We must all be slaves to the law if we are to be free” but it is clear now this make no sense to the ones who creates these laws and override them ..a crime is a crime but not when a father or an man stands and say look ,,just saying look becomes his crime…to finish ,,i called international social sevices to help ,the lady there was honest a t least ,,she said “speaking of social services in england sweden and other countries ,,,WE ARE ALL THE SAME ” and when you look at it it is true as all the people involved are paid by the same parliaments or kings,queens,,or a realm,,, all these replies are used for is to read our problems flush us out and then they find ways to cover up thier actions ,,,,after A while YOU SEE THE PATTERNS RE EMERGING,, YOU SAY FATHER FOR JUSTICE AND SO YOU GO TO THEM FOR HELP THEN THE TERM MONIES AND PAYMENTS COMES OUT ,,NOTHING CHANGES ,,NOR WILL THE TRUTHS TO ALL THESE HARMS.

  14. emma says:

    hi i would like to make a petition to stop my child’s forced adoption but i am having trouble in finding the application form to start a petition .

  15. Share Our International Survivors Forced Adoptions Conference

    Hello it is great to start interacting with others in the promotion of our conference. I have a good feeling about this one guys.

    I have attached a copy of the conference poster and media press release.
    Please feel free to share on social media networks as well as on websites if possible spread the word as far and wide as we can.

    We invite you to check out this website join the child protection task force and watch the conference live.

    Join The CPTF Child Protection Task Force.

    Thank you all for your participation in our conference we really appreciate all you are doing.

    Keep up the good work folks.

    Speak soon


    +44 1444 390270
    Skype freedomtalkradio1

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