Institutional Corruption

It takes hundreds of ‘cases’ and years of analysis and the attempts to ‘make sense’ of what is going on.

In 2012 we put together

2015 focussed on the Whistleblower Kids and more reports followed.

Hence we now know better:

  1. Police ‘run the criminal show’, as found out by the Royal Commission into New South Wales with their conclusion of Corruption, Reform, Paedophilia and Satanic Ritual Abuse in 1997;
  2. HM Prison Services perpetuate all inhuman and degrading behaviour;
  3. HM Court Services are complicit by falsifying court records or making them disappear;
  4. Judges make up the law as they go along and it’s hard to challenge them;
  5. the legal profession ‘plays’ along, whether paid or not; but once paid by legal aid, it’s virtually guaranteed that they won’t work in the interest of children;
  6. Secret Family Courts legitimise wrong-doings and hand over custody of children to abusive parents;
  7. the Court of Protection is the most secret of all ‘justice institution’ with poisoned pilot Len Lawrence as the most vociferous victim turned starfighter.

Money is the carrot and the stick.

The whole system is a ‘people processing industry’ in which ‘professionals’ (employed with money) rule – without accountability:

  • who polices the police?
  • who judges the judges?
  • who controls the media?

When he was President of the Family Courts, Sir Nicholas Wall claimed that professionals don’t lie. Unfortunately, that’s far from true in our experience.