McKenzie Angels

Is it a matter of ‘branding’ or of ‘spiritual positioning’ or both?

Paulette Cooper RIP and I came up with the idea of an ‘army of angels’ in public galleries. We got the t-shirt.

When I wore it on one occasion, the judge commented I should come back in ‘proper attire’.

Co-Founder of the Association of McKenzie Friends (lay legal advisors with recognition in the UK Judiciary) Belinda McKenzie (her first husband’s name) and I are due in court in the wake of having assisted US mother Melissa Laird in her fight against Barnet Council to get her son back. 

We are supposed to pay for the cost of the private barrister, the then Treasury Solicitor’s Office hired in their defence against us. They call themselves now the Government Legal Department. Lawyers employed to help the government govern better. We actually won that case!

Belinda had such high blood pressure due to the harassment of the secret family courts relating to the Whistleblower Kids aka the Hampstead Scandal, that the case was adjourned for six weeks.

Meanwhile we became McKenzie Angels in the Theatro Technis, when we celebrated the visit of eight MEPs who came from Brussels for a fact-finding visit, following our petition to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent.

In the wake of this event, this petition was launched to ask the UK Ministry of Justice for

So, having helped voluntarily as McKenzie Friends against Barnet Council in one case, we have now found a good barrister to help us from being punished financially.

In the Hampstead Case, against the same Council, I have a good solicitor helping me in protesting my innocence against Barnet Council keeping me out of jail…

Re-branding or standing our ground as people of faith, honesty, integrity and truth, acting as McKenzie Friends?

The Association is registered in the Transparency Register of the EU Parliament since we submitted the petition to

Since then, Belinda McKenzie, a McKenzie Friend by name and by nature, is rebranding her foundation into the Knights and Angels Foundation.